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Angry Judas Priest --Oslo, Norway -- March 8th, 2005

Screaming for Penance
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Oslo review... Ummmmhhhh... fucking incredible....

.....thats all you need to know....

.... really.....




Well, since you asked so nicely....

Came a bit before the doors opened at 18:30. Not to much crowd outside, but there are multiple entrances, and the tickets stated wrongly that the doors opened at 19:30.

Managed to secure a a place at the very front for my sister, a friend of hers, and me, and I had a single-use-camera ready.
We even managed to keep that place all through the In Flames show, which by the way was very kick-ass indeed. They played really well, and got huge applauses for saying that it was a dream come true for them to stand at the same stage as Priest.
They played a couple of song of the Clayman album, but mostly newer stuff. By the end of the set they had the crowd pumping.

After they finished, the arena was starting to fill, and we started feeling the pressure a little. Then the blankets were pulled from the Priest walkways(The same as last year, it seems), the Electric Eye banner appeared in the background, and the Hellion started, and all hell broke loose.

It was evident from the first moment that KK, Glenn and Ian were on fire. They just seemed thrilled to be there, and played marvelously.

Rob had his usual slow start, and seemed a bit distant during Electric Eye and Metal Gods, but when his shades came off after Metal Gods, you could see that this was going to be.... well... fucking amazing.

And it was.

Worth mentioning here is one of the few detractors: The sound wasn't all that hot. Lot's of noise on the guitars, and the volume on the vocals were a bit too low. But no biggie.

Riding on the wind was great, and the Ripper too. And yes, he did the scream in the beginning.

Halfords screams sounded a lot more growling and vicous than at Sweden Rock, but that might have been due to sound problems. All in all, his voice was incredible. He did all sorts of stuff, from low growls, to sustaining his operatic voice even longer than he uses, and adding little twists and turns wherever he could. He did a lot of small things I haven't heard him do on any live bootleg. Awesome stuff.

Judas Rising and Revolution were both cool, and it was nice to hear that a lot of the crowd knew the words, but neither of the songs really did a lot for me, but that might have been because of the sound and the fact that we by that time were being pushed around further and further back, and I was worrying a bit about my sister and her friend.

Diamonds and Rust nearly brought me to tears. Halford sang his ass off, and really put his heart into it. A highpoint for me.

A bit after Diamonds and Rust we had to give up trying to be at the front, and make our way to calmer areas(And me and my sister had survived being at the second row at Sweden Rock with 20 000 in our back last year). In the process we lost the camera, and a jacket. We found the jacket, but no camera, so if anyone found a camera then feel free to post the pictures.

Unfortunatly, we placed ourselves near a drunken fucking degenerate that bothered either fell asleep on peoples shoulder, or just bothered everyone. He went too far when he groped my sister, and I pushed him far off and told him to go fuck himself. He came back a couple of times, and I pushed him of and yelled at him some more. I was this close to starting a fight and getting myself kicked out of there. And no, I wasn't overreacting. If anything I was fucking underreacting. He was disgusting. Too bad a true Priest fan can be like that, because when he wasn't sleeping or bothering people, he seemed to be one of the few people there that knew the words to all the songs.
Which brings me to another thing.... There were alot of kids there. Really. A lot. I recon that almost half the people there were under 20. So it seems Priest are gathering news fans. But they didn't know how to sing "Fall to your knees and repent if you please!!".

Oh, Exciter was cool. No high-pitched vocals to speak off, but I don't think anyone missed them.

Turbo Lover was also very good, the crowd loved it.

And Beyond the Realms of death was amazing. Another song Halford really put his heart into.

Deal with the Devil was to me the definitive best song from the new album. Halford screwed up the intro though, saying it was from "The Album of Retribution", then he started to laugh and corrected himself, but he couldn't stop laughing all though introducing the song "Deal... hahah.... with... hehehe.... the Devihihihihhil!!"

Another fuck up was at Glenns solo on one of the songs(Touch of Evil, I think), but it seemed that it might have been a techinicians fault, not his. But it sounded awfull still. No biggie though.

Victim of Changes was amazing. The crowd really loved Glenns lone solo, and he kept at it for a long long, and KK also did the longest version of his Solo that I've ever heard. Halford was amazing, doing a few roars, and the falsetto on "She was mine", and a fantastic scream after the solos, going from crystal clear to hellish growl.

All the time the crowd a bit dull as far back as where we stood now, only occassionally jumping, banging, or doing metalfists. But at Green Manalishi that all changed. From then on, through Painkiller, and then the encores, Hell Bent for Leather, Living After Midnight, and You've got another thing coming, the crowd just exploded more and more and more. It was just unbelievable towards the end.

Halford did the usual "Oh yeah"s before You've got Another Thing Coming, but he expanded it a lot from anything I've ever seen or heard, and he seemed genuinly impressed, making hilarious faces after each roar from the crowd. During one of the roars, the we all managed to probably make the absolutly highest sound all of the concert, and my ears are still ringing from it. Did I mention Halford was just hilarious?

Towards the end, or maybe during the solo, of You've got another thing Coming, Halfords started spinning around like a maniac. All the band just seemed like they were having the time of their life, and they couldn't contain their joy.

After the show ended, and all the guys had left stage, Halford was still there for a good couple of minutes waving his arms and enticing the crowd to roar even more. Fabulous.

When it was all over, everyone seemed as though they had reached nirvana or something. We were all just blown away.

Even with being squished half to death, and having to worry about that drunken fuckhead, I still had the time of my life.


.... that's it....





... If you want more, then...

.... well....

Go fuck yourself.

I AM A ....


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