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Deströyer 666 -- Los Angeles, CA -- July 16th, 2016
Arizmenda -- Los Angeles, CA -- July 1st, 2016
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Ulcerate -- Detroit, MI -- November 26th, 2016
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Old 11-12-2008, 11:44 PM
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Iced Earth -- Kansas City, MO -- November 12th, 2008

Just gotta say: Wow.

I walked into the venue (after paying 5 bucks to park?~#$!?@#) as the first local band was playing. I forget their name unfortunately, but they were doing a pretty mean cover of Ace Of Spades. I'd say they sounded kind of like Down: Redneck Metal. Sure.

Troglodyte AKA The best local band in or around Kansas City came out next. Divine Heresy dropped from this bill, so Trog got about 40 minutes and played through what seemed like their entire demo. They also threw in a cover of GG Allin's "Bite It, You Scum" at the end to cap off another fantastic, even longer this time, set of deathgrind. I will always look forward to Trog. 8/10

Early Man was a bit disappointing at first, but they pretty much saved themselves once they kicked in the speed and forgot about the "stoner" part of their stoner/thrash. I think their sound is basically a mash-up of Overkill and Megadeth with the same solos but sometimes half the speed. One of their roadies had a shirt on of the band The Sword. That's pretty much what Early Man was, with more thrash elements. 7/10

Iced Earth. Wow. It's all I can really say. I've never really listened to them before, but I'll start now. Matt Barlow was spot on and hit notes I didn't even know existed. The sound was great and the solos were insane. More often than not, the crowd drowned out the band in most of their songs. It was such a fun crowd to be in. Every single song was just made for headbanging and singing along with. The crowd was very loud for such a small attendance, but we made sure that Iced Earth knew they were welcome. And I'm eager for them to return. 9/10

In Sacred Flames (intro)
Behold The Wicked Child
Invasion (intro)
The Motivation Of Man
Setian Massacre
Burning Times
Declaration Day
Vengeance Is Mine
Ten Thousand Strong
Pure Evil
Watching Over Me
Coming Curse
High Water Mark
My Own Savior
Iced Earth


Trog 1
Trog 2
Trog 3
Trog 4
Trog 5

Early Man

Early Man 1
Early Man 2

Iced Earth

Iced Earth 1
Iced Earth 2
Iced Earth 3
Iced Earth 4
Iced Earth 5
Iced Earth 6
Iced Earth 7
Iced Earth 8
Iced Earth 9
Iced Earth 10
Iced Earth 11
Iced Earth 12
Iced Earth 13
Iced Earth 14
Iced Earth 15
Iced Earth 16
Iced Earth 17
Iced Earth 18
Iced Earth 19
Iced Earth 20
Iced Earth 21
Iced Earth 22
Iced Earth 23
Iced Earth 24
Iced Earth 25
Iced Earth Setlist
11/5 - Wayfarer
11/9 - Black Dahlia Murder & Napalm Death
11/17 - NOFX
11/25 - Henry Rollins
12/1 - Extinction A.D.
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Old 11-13-2008, 01:13 PM
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Sounds like a pretty solid set from IE. If I didn't have tons of others shows I was going to I totally would have went. How long ago did Divine Heresey drop off the bill? I would have been interested in seeing them as well. Oh well.....
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iced earth, trogolodyte

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