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AC/DC-Black Ice

AC/DC has always been a loud, dirty, hard rock band and have been that since they started in 1973. I have been an AC/DC fan since I was introduced by Back in Black when I was high school. That album helped sparked a love for not only their music making them my all time favorite band. But for hard rock and heavy metal as well. It is their first album since the release of Stiff Upper Lip in 2000, the longest gap between two AC/DC studio albums to date. Their age does show a bit but in positive way. Their age has helped them experimented a lot with the bluesier side to their music. Songs such as “Stormy May Day,” “Decibel,” and the title track “Black Ice” are all great examples that show their growth as a band since Stiff Upper Lip. Of course and even though “Rock ‘n’ Roll Train” is a good single. It doesn’t compare to the rest of the songs that get you by the shorts such as “War Machine,” “Spoilin' for a Fight,” and possibly my favorite track on the album, “Big Jack,” which made me realize that there is still a strong Bon Scott influence in the band. The only issue I had with the album was that four songs contain "rock" in their titles ("Rock 'N' Roll Train," "She Likes Rock 'N' Roll," "Rock 'N' Roll Dream" and "Rocking All The Way"), while five others reference "rock" in lyrics like "rockin' rollin' soldier," "got a taste of a rocking band" and "decibel/that's the story of rock 'n' roll.", however, those minor problems don’t the overall presentation of the album. Black Ice was worth the wait and is a solid AC/DC record. The more I listen to it. The better the album gets. An honorable mention also goes to their producer, Mr. Brendan O'Brien and mixer, Mike Fraser because there have been some compression issues regarding lots of new “loud rock” releases. Metallica, Death Magnetic, Buckcherry, Black Butterfly, and Tesla, Forever More are good examples of what happens when an album sounds over modulated. I am really glad to see bands such as AC/DC making and putting out new music in this day and age. Now all that is left is for me to see them live and meet Angus Young but I think hell will freeze over before that happens.
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