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Old 03-03-2005, 11:27 AM
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Danzig -- Philadelphia, PA -- March 2nd, 2005

After an awful Eyes of Fire set, a good Trivium set, and an amazing Kataklysm set, we waited eager to see the man we came to see....GLEN DANZIG!! It took them forever to set up the stage and shit. Then finaly to lights go out, and "Wotan's Procession" plays over the PA. Towards the end of it, Johnny Kelly makes his way up to this drum set. Then the rest of the band comes out and begins to play "SkinCarver". Then the man himself, dressed in regular black jeans, a black shirt, and a biker jacket (and of course his signiture belt buckle) comes onto stage!! Let me tell you, that motherfucker can still sing!! After about a half hour or so Danzig says "Well let's go back a long fucking time now....but I need someone special
on stage for that..." with that, Doyle gallups onto the stage. He just stands there for a few minutes and then blows a bubble with his gum and then starts playing old Misfits tunes. That guy is a monster!! He hasn't aged since the 80s!! He changed guitars after every song, probably cuz he beats the shit out of them. After they play "We Are 138", he leaves the stage and the regular guitarist Tommy Victor starts playing "Twist of Cain". Then they do "Mother" and they leave the stage.

When they came back for an encore I figured they were going to do "She Rides" or "Dirty Black Summer", but NO....Doyle comes back on stage!! Then Danzig comes, well this last song, Metallica really FUCKED up!" and they start playing "Die, Die My Darling"!!! It was amazing!!! Here is the setlist (Misfits list isnt 100%)

Intro - Wotan's Procession
Skin Carver
Satan's Child
I Luciferi
Black Mass
Circle of Snakes
1000 Devils Reign
How the Gods Kill
Her Black Wings

----Doyle enters stage---
20 Eyes
Mommy, Can I go Out & Kill Tonight
Earth A.D.
We Are 138
---- Doyle leaves----
Twist of Cain

Die, Die My Darling (w/ Doyle)
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