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Helloween -- Atlanta, GA -- Septemer 25th, 2008

So Thursday I made the 7 hour trek up to see Helloween, Gamma Ray, and Manticora in Atlanta. It was probably the best show I've ever seen. At least since I first saw Maiden. Anyway, I got to Atlanta around 11:00 and met up with my buddy and we were in front of the venue at 12:45. Doors didn't open 'til 6:00, but that just proves how tr00 we actually are. Anyway, we got pretty discouraged because we found out then even though we were the first people there, everyone who has a ProgPower Gold Pass, which is around 200; gets to go in before us. But when we got to go in, I grabbed a Gambling With The Devil shirt and was still able to get a rail spot right in the center. After a while Manticora, who I was looking forward to immensely took the stage.

The first that that struck me as odd was that one of their guitar players; Martin Arendal was missing. After a few songs Lars announced that this was for many reasons and if anyone cared, he would tell them about it at the bar after the show. These guys were really in top shape though, everyone played their instruments flawlessly. The only problem I had was the short, and somewhat weak setlist. I was really hoping for some of the better tracks from The Black Circus parts I and II, and they didn't play " Shadows With Tales To Tell " which I thought they always closed with. Anyway, they were great regardless and here is the setlist.


Intro: Enter The Carnival
01. Cantos
02. Creator Of Failure
03. On A Sea Of Grass - Day
04. Gypsies' Dance Pt. I
05. Gypsies' Dance Pt. II
06. Playing God

After Manticora left the stage, and around 30 minutes of waiting, Gamma Ray finally came out. They absolutely blew me away. Everyone played fantasic, the setlist was great, and the band really looked like they were having a great time. They even did " Fight ", which I was really hoping for. Also, the super extended version of " Somewhere Out In Space " was just . I really thought afterwards that Helloween was gonna have a hard time following Gamma Ray, but they did. Here's Gamma Ray's setlist.


Intro: Welcome
01. Into The Storm
02. Heaven Can Wait
03. New World Order
04. Fight
05. Empress
06. Valley Of The Kings
07. Rebellion In Dreamland
08. Heavy Metal Universe
09. Ride The Sky
10. Somewhere Out In Space
11. Send Me A Sign

So after Gamma Ray were done, the LOTF II back drop fell and the bad ass Gambling With The Devil backdrop was raised. After what seemed like forever, Walls Of Jericho started playing over the PA and the lights went out. Needless to say, seeing my second favorite band from the rail was just fucking incredible. As with Gamma Ray, the band just looked like they were having a fantastic time and really interacting with the crowd. Seeing " Halloween " was probably one of the best single songs I've ever seen live. Completely awesome from start to finish. And when Gamma Ray came out for the encores, they threw out all these inflatable pumpkins and they were flying and bouncing around the venue it was epic as all get-out. Just fantastic, can't really describe the show any other way.


Intro: Walls Of Jericho / Crack The Riddle
01. Halloween
02. Sole Survivor
03. March Of Time
04. As Long As I Fall
05. A Tale That Wasn't Right
06. Drum Solo
07. Mr. Torture
08. Eagle Fly Free
09. If I Could Fly
10. Paint A New World
11. Dr. Stein
12. Medley:
- I Can
- Where The Rain Grows
- Perfect Gentleman
- Power
- Keeper Of The Seven Keys
13. Future World ( w/ Gamma Ray )
14. I Want Out ( w/ Gamma Ray )
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It would be a horrible mistake on anyone's part to miss this tour.
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