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Old 03-30-2008, 09:55 PM
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The Expendables -- San Francisco, CA -- March 28th, 2008

Hell, if Teegan and Sara can get on here, no question about the Expendables.
They're starting to get semi-popular at my school at least and they sold out the Fillmore. Who knows, they could end up getting bigger.

We made our way in, got t-shirts and ended up on the rail at 7:30. The opener, Outlaw Nation played from 8-8:30. Basically sounded like a watered down version of Slightly Stoopid, but they weren't bad. Nothing to write home about.
Rebelution, who I was also excited to see, went on from about 8:45-9:30.
They were pretty good, I was only dissapointed that they didn't play a couple songs that I wanted to hear, but oh well.
Setlist- Includes 2 new songs that I can't name in the middle somewhere

Green to Black
Attention Span
Feeling Alright
Safe and Sound

The Expendables went on closer to 10, ending around 11:30. Great set with only a couple omissions from their 4 albums. One of the bouncers was spraying water bottles into the first few rows, which cooled everybody off a bit. My friend ended up with a setlist, I ended up with a pick and a picture with the Geoff, the lead singer/guitarist. Great Night.
Setlist, as taken from the stage list

Take A Ticket
Down, Down, Down
War Cry
Surf Song
Set Me Off
Ganja Smugglin'
Bridges Burned
Keep Up/STD
One Night Stand
Paper Chains
Other NEW Song
Drift Away
My Way Out

Burning Up
Bowl For 2

Also, the extended guitar solo in Firestarter included a break where the drummer said, "you know what the only thing that can make this shit better is? MORE COWBELL!", and the band broke into the opening of Don't Fear the Reaper. Good shit.
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Old 03-31-2008, 10:57 PM
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I thought about hitting it up, but I've seen the Expendables and I'm not that big a fan and Rebelution comes back with SOJA in a month.

The Rebelution set looks standard and disappointing. It sucks to no end that Matt quit and they don't play any of his songs anymore, and they're a one guitar/singer band now.

Expendables set looks pretty clean, and they rock the shit out of it live. Thats cool you got a pick, I managed to meet Geoff and Adam when I saw them with Pepper, pretty chill guys. I got my ticket signed too, but I promptly lost it somehow.
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rebelution, the expendables

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