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Isis -- San Francisco, CA -- November 18th, 2007

Home nice and early from the ISIS gig at Slim's for their 10th Anniversary tour, second time seeing 'em live after watching them essentially blow TOOL off the stage over a year ago in an opening slot. I took my dad to this one cuz he likes ISIS and I don't get to go to a lot of shows with him anymore so I thought that'd be cool.

We made it up to Slim's at around 8:30-ish, and thankfully since its a Sunday parking was a breeze (compared with last weekend's WITCHCRAFT gig parking fiasco). As we waited in line for tickets we heard a little of 27, the first band. It's like mellow post-rock stuff with female vocals, sounded alright. When we got inside they were breaking down their stuff, so my dad and I kicked it for a while before BIG BUSINESS came on.

I'd heard a lot of good things about these guys live, especially about the drummer, and while they were still good they didn't really blow me away like I expected. Drummer was definitely top notch, he was wearing these weird kinda surgical gloves though while he was playing, dunno what's up with that. I don't think the sound was particularly right for their set, too much of the distorted bass (which sounded massive but kinda drowned everything out) and not enough guitar and vocals. I got into them more as their set went on, they played the best songs off the new album and some older cuts too (no order here except for the opener).

Another Fourth of July....Ruined
Grounds for Divorce
White Pizazz
Focus Pocus
Just as the Day was Dawning
Start Your Digging
Hands Up

Finally after a pretty brief turnover it came time for ISIS to take the stage. A while back I was majorly trippin' on these guys, and while that kinda wore off I still love them and I definitely count them among my favorite bands ever. For this 10th Anniversary tour they decided to play songs from all era's of their history, which meant that finally some rare songs from the first EP's and stuff would be brought out. They wasted no time with that by launching straight into "Hive Destruction" off The Mosquito Control EP, and during it I squeezed my way up right in front of guitarist Mike Gallagher, same position I was when they opened for TOOL. It was nice because there was plenty of space and breathing room over there, whereas towards the middle of the room it was pretty crowded. The rest of their set was just great, watching Aaron Turner live is both awesome and horrifying because of the way he seems to go into convulsions while playing, as he and the whole band were reaaaaaaaaaally getting into it the whole night. One cool thing about ISIS live is between songs there's always this continuous spacey ambient soundscape running from the keyboards, makes the show seem to flow together as one long piece almost. Crowd was solid too, not as many posers as I thought there would be, and the songs that seemed to get the biggest reaction were actually the old ones. I'm really thankful they busted out those heavy numbers like "Gentle Time" and my personal favorite tune of the night "The Red Sea" because it really adds a nice change of pace to your typical ISIS show. All the psychedelic, proggy post-Celestial material is amazing of course and totally defines who ISIS are, but interspersed with the raw early NEUROSIS-like sludge metal stuff makes it even better. Another highlight was when they did "Weight" with the girl singer/guitarist from 27 doing some awesome vocals. Really happy with the song selection in regards to both length and representing the breadth of their catalog as well.

1.) Hive Destruction
2.) So Did We
3.) Not In Rivers, But In Drops
4.) Gentle Time
5.) In Fiction
6.) Holy Tears
7.) Weight


8.) The Red Sea
9.) Carry

ISIS totally owned it, congrats on the 10 years as a band, and here's to 10 more Can't wait to see them again soon.

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