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Raw Radar War -- Double Equals

RAW RADAR WAR- Double Equals (Shifty Records)

Boston hardcore has always been where the real deal is at, so it's no surprise that RAW RADAR WAR deliver the true gritty, nihilistic punk thrash on their debut Double Equals. This music isn't the type of whirlwind, chaotic, frenzied hardcore dripping with technicality, nor is it the stupidly simple, overtly abrasive style that was somewhat of an underground trend in the 80's. RAW RADAR WAR take the gnarled street vibe of crusty hardcore and thrash and mix it with some elements of sludge to reinforce the tar-black urban feel of this album. Unrestrained shouting, bulldozing riffs, and pummeling drums drive Double Equals through its psychopathic journey, leaving no hope in sight even at the end. I've always loved really primal, aggressive music without frills, and that's the epitome of what this about is about. It's also a perfect length at roughly 26 minutes, so it doesn't overstay its welcome while at the same time providing plenty of material to enjoy. RAW RADAR WAR's Double Equals is a sure-fire winner for anyone seeking some solid ugly music in the vein of old hardcore.

The first three tracks on the album, all less than a minute long, pummel without abandon in pure heavy fashion, before "Crucify Me" kicks in with shit-storming riffs that utilize classic punk chord progressions and an awesome shouting chorus. Before exploding into another raging thrasher, "Lack of Fire Discipline" briefly introduces some of the doom influences of the album, expanded upon later with songs like "Rupture", "Process", and the 8-minute closer "Truckloads of Ammunition". Other highlights include the memorable "Your Prime Directive" and the beastly metal romp of "Vampire Command."

Highly recommended, despite the strangely awkward band name.
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