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Dekapitator -- Berkeley, CA -- July 21st, 2007

Misleading thread title due to the fact that I didn't even get to see Dekapitator play, but we're supposed to title the threads after the headliner of the gig so there ya go It was their record release show at the historic 924 Gilman Street venue in Berkeley, featuring some of the best bands of the New Wave Of West Coast Thrash Metal (you read it here first!). Lineup included the likes of Malicious Assault, Warbringer, Devastator, and Hatchet along with of course Dekapitator. Supporting the release of their new album 'The Storm Before The Calm' on Relapse Records, Dekapitator had a shitload of killer merch that I'm still pissed I didn't get my hands on, but hopefully I can score some of it in the near future (especially the awesome shirts they had......"Thrash To Live, Live To Thrash" ). Anyways, this was my first time to the 924 Gilman venue, and it was a damn cool place, had a great old school punk rock vibe to it with all the walls just covered in graffiti and stickers and shit, neat little place and conveniently located I took my 2 friends who aren't really big metalheads but wanted something to do on a Saturday night, they stuck out like sore thumbs amidst the throngs of denim 'n leather clad metalheads, it was pretty great to witness I recognized a good 75% of the people there too, the same people who always go to the same shows in the Bay Area, good times.

As for the gig itself, we only got to catch the first two bands since I didn't want to risk breaking my driving curfew and we were in kind of an unfamiliar area anyways, but it was a damn good time. Malicious Assault were like these kids no older than me and most of them younger from Los Angeles who played generic super fast thrash metal in the vein of the early German thrash records, with of course a West Coast feel. They weren't that great really, all the songs sounded similar and they didn't have a lot of tempo shifts and really headbanger riffs, but it was still funny and awesome seeing these young dudes in skin tight black jeans, the big black boots, old school underground metal shirts, those spikey fucking armband things, fucking fantastic I tell you, thrash is 100% back, and I'm not talking about bullshit mallcore shit that the magazines wanna call thrash; the feel here has got to be close to that of glory years of the 80's, from what I can only imagine it must have been like, and I really feel lucky to be a part of this cuz its infectious. The lifestyle, the clothes, the imagery, everything is straight retro past the point of parody to pretty much sheer worship, and its a ridiculous, goofy, funner than fuck good time, and the good thing is everyone is all about the music and whole package that comes with it. So while bands like Malicious Assault might not even make it to be a footnote on the scene in the coming years, just the fact that they are around says a lot. Setlist:

Malicious Assault
Ripping Death
Holy Slaughter
Malice Torture
Global Destruction

However, the next group Warbringer definitely have something to bring to the table, something heavy, catchy, and fun. These dudes landed an opening slot on the San Francisco date of the Suffocation/Immolation/Skinless tour this fall; if I can I will definitely catch their slot because having never heard their stuff before, I was very impressed by both their stage performance and the music. Their lead singer fronts the band really well with a lot of enthusiasm, and though he's not in the league of the frontman from Hatchet, he still has a good thrash voice and a good charisma to go with it. The rest of the bands deliver a crushing onslaught of heavy riffs mixed with killer thrash breaks and wild leads, the full package. They got the pit going well for their set, good friendly violent fun all the way around. This is a partial list of what they played from what I can remember being introduced:

Total War
Shoot To Kill
Hell On Earth
Beneath The Waves

Good shit, can't wait for more thrash

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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
As for the gig itself, we only got to catch the first two bands since I didn't want to risk breaking my driving curfew and we were in kind of an unfamiliar area anyways
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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
Ehh, we still partied afterwards
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malicious assault, warbringer

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