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Deströyer 666 -- Los Angeles, CA -- July 16th, 2016
Arizmenda -- Los Angeles, CA -- July 1st, 2016
The Electric Hellfire Club -- Tampa, FL -- December 2nd, 2016
Ulcerate -- Detroit, MI -- November 26th, 2016
Steve Vai -- Birmingham, AL -- November 30th, 2016

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Age of Ultron
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Love or Death Tour

Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills
Death Rattle
This Love
Suicide Note Pt. 1
Suicide Note Pt. 2
Message in Blood
Psycho Holiday
No Good (Attack the Radical)
The Great Southern Trendkill
The Art of Shredding
I'm Broken
Fucking Hostile
Mouth For War
Cemetery Gates
Revolution is my Name
Cowboys From Hell

Avenged Sevenfold
Tonight the World Dies
Chapter Four
Brompton Cocktail
Warmness on The Soul
Unholy Confessions
Dear God
A Little Piece of Heaven
Critical Acclaim
Burn it Down(extended Breakdown)
God Hates Us
The Wicked End
Welcome to The Family
Beast and The Harlot

Five Finger Death Punch
No one Gets Left Behind
Far From Home
Death Before Dishonor
Meet The Monster
Never Enough
Bad Company
The Devil's Own
War is The Answer
White Knuckles
The Bleeding

All That Remains
The Last Time
Become The Catalyst
Before The Damned
Forever in Your Hands
This Darkened Heart
Tattered on My Sleeve
Hold On
Focus Shall Not Fail
Two Weeks
This Calling Master
Age of Ultron
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We are the roadcrew
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Couldn't find another thread so:

  1. Hell ain't a bad place to be
  2. Girls got rhythm
  3. Back in black
  4. What's next to the moon
  5. Thunderstruck
  6. Let's get it up
  7. High voltage
  8. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
  9. Shoot to thrill
  10. Jailbreak
  11. If you want blood - you've got it
  12. Hells bells
  13. The jack
  14. Gone shootin'
  15. War machine
  16. Whole lotta rosie
  17. You shook me all night long
  18. Let there be rock
  19. TNT
  20. Highway to hell
  21. For those about to rock (we salute you)

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The <_> Badge of Honor
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The Haunted:

The Premonition/The Flood
Moronic Colossus
Little Cage
Demon Eyes
The Medication
The Reflection
The Prosecution
All Against All
Who Will Decide
The Fallout
Imperial Death March
Dark Intentions/Bury Your Dead
Hate Song
6/21 - Weapon/Withered
6/22 - The Cult/Against Me!
6/25 - Six Feet Under/Dying Fetus/Revocation
6/28 - Warped Tour
6/30 - Puscifer
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Happy birthday, darling. We love you very very very very very very much
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Relevant, seeing as Dave played the worst set I've ever seen at a show.


Wake Up Dead

Hangar #18

Return to Hangar

Head Crusher

Kill the King

Skin O' My Teeth

Tornado of Souls


Rust in Peace... Polaris

In My Darkest Hour

Angry Again

Set the World Afire

Sweating Bullets

Take No Prisoners

Kick the Chair


Dawn Patrol Intro --> Trust

A Tout Le Monde

Symphony of Destruction


Holy Wars... The Punishment Due



Devil's Island

Peace Sells... But Who's Buying
9/24 Beirut
10/18 Opeth
10/19 The Tallest Man on Earth
11/5 Titus Andronicus
11/22 The Vaccines
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Printemps Emeraude
Ecailles De Lune pt. 1
Sur L'autre Rive Je T'attendrai
Percees De Lumiere
Les Iris
Le Secret
Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde
Solar Song
Ecailles De Lune pt.2

Spirit Crusher
Flattening of Emotions
Mentally Blind
Open Casket
Defensive Personalities
Trapped in a Corner
Sacred Serenity
Together As One
Story to Tell
Vacant Planets
Lack of Comprehension
Scream Bloody Gore

Den Frusna Munnen
Korpens Saga
Midnattens Widunder
Den Hornkrönte Konungen (Rivfaders Tron)
Ur Djupet
Grottans Barn
Ett Norrskensdåd
Under Två Runor
Jaktens Tid
Maktens Spira

Battle Metal
Fields of Gold
A Portage To The Unknown
One More
Stand Up and Fight
As Torches Rise
To Holmgard and Beyond
Among Ancestors
In The Court of Jarisleif

Stone Cold Metal
Into Battle
Token of Time
Deathbringer From the Sky
Twilight Tavern
One More Magic Potion
Sword Chant
Lai Lai Hei
Blood is the Price of Glory
Battle Song
Tale of Revenge
Victory Song
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Born Again In Blasphemy
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Fleshgod Apocalypse

1. Tempation (Intro)
2. The Hypocrisy
3. Thru Our Scars
4. Abyssal
(With the seamless transition intact between 4 and 5)
5. Conspiracy of Silence
6. The Deceit
7. The Violation
8. In Honour of Reason
9. Post-Enlightenment Executor
10. The Egoism
11. As Tyrants Fall
12. Sophistic Demise
13. Requiem in Si Minore
14.The Betrayal
15. Retrieving My Carcass
1/9 Municipal Waste/Repulsion/Terrorizer LA/Ghoul

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Altars of Radness
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I'm pretty bored at the moment, so I put these together.

  1. Inpropagation
  2. Corporal Jigsore Quandary
  3. Buried Dreams
  4. Crepitating Bowel Erosion
  5. Symposium of Sickness
  6. Keep on Rotting In the Free World
  7. Arbeit Macht Fleisch
  8. Fermenting Innards
  9. Empathological Necroticism
  10. Death Certificate
  11. Regurgitation of Giblets
  12. Microwaved Uterogestation
  13. Maggot Colony
  14. Embodiment
  15. Incarnated Solvent Abuse
  16. Ruptured In Purulence
  17. Reek of Putrefaction
  18. Heartwork

Death Angel
  1. Relentless Revolution
  2. Truce
  3. The Organization
  4. Prophecy
  5. Why You Do This
  6. Land of Blood
  7. Evil Priest
  8. Sonic Beatdown
  9. Guilty of Innocence
  10. This Hate
  11. Mistress of Pain
    -- drum solo --
  12. Discontinued
  13. Stagnant
  14. Where They Lay
  15. Voracious Souls
  16. Kill as One

  1. Curse the Gods
  2. Life Without Sense
  3. Hate Is My Fuel
  4. Armageddonizer
  5. Mad Butcher
  6. Nailed to the Cross
  7. Bullets from Hell
  8. Confound Games
  9. The Ritual
  10. Metal Discharge
  11. Devil’s Advocate
  12. Invincible Force
  13. Bestial Invasion
  14. Unconscious Ruins (w/ Harry Wilkens)
  15. Dissatisfied Existence (w/ Harry Wilkens)
  16. Release from Agony (w/ Harry Wilkens)

  1. Grand Gathas of Baal Sin
  2. Rebirth of the Nemesis
  3. Defeating the Giants
  4. Deluge of Delusional Dreams
  5. Covering the Sun
  6. Purifier of the Stars
  7. Secrets of Sumerian Sphynxology
  8. Ladders to Sumeria
  9. The Sorcerers of Melechesh
  10. Genies, Sorcerers and Mesopotamian Nights
  11. Ghouls of Nineveh
  12. Triangular Tattvic Fire

Rotting Christ
  1. Aealo
  2. Eon Aenaos
  3. Χαος Γενετο (The Sign of Prime Creation)
  4. Archon
  5. Phobos' Synagogue
  6. The Fifth Illusion
  7. His Sleeping Majesty
  8. Sorrowfull Farewell
  9. The Opposite Bank
  10. Exiled Archangels
  11. ...Pir Threontai
  12. Keravnos Kivernitos
  13. Snowing Still
  14. The Sign of Evil Existence
12.1 Profanatica
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Altars of Radness
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If Revocation does a headlining tour:
  1. Cradle Robber
  2. Dissolution Ritual
  3. Alliance in Tyranny
  4. Dismantle the Dictator
  5. Pestilence Reigns
  6. Dethroned
  7. Chaos of Forms
  8. Fields of Predation
  9. Reprogrammed
  10. Anthem of the Betrayed
  11. Leviathan Awaits
  12. Exhumed Identity
12.1 Profanatica
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Aerosmith during the Nine Lives-tour:
  1. Nine lives
  2. Love in an elevator
  3. Falling in love (is hard on the knees)
  4. Same old song & dance
  5. Crying
  6. The other side
  7. Pink
  8. Janie's got a gun
  9. Mama kin
  10. Sick as a dog
  11. Kiss your past good-bye
  12. Uncle salty
  13. Last child
  14. Living on the edge
  15. Walk this way
  16. Dream on
  17. Back in the saddle
  18. Draw the line
  19. Sweet emotion

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We are the roadcrew
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Aerosmith with a new album and some rarities:
  1. Let the music do the talking
  2. Chip away the stone
  3. Toys in the attic
  4. Love in an elevator
  5. Lightning strikes
  6. New song
  7. Same old song & dance
  8. New song
  9. Cryin'
  10. Livin' on the edge
  11. New song
  12. Kings & queens
  13. SOS (too bad)
  14. Seasons of wither
  15. Back in the saddle
  16. Mama kin
  17. Dream on

  18. Walk this way
  19. Draw the line
  20. Sweet emotion

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