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After The Burial -- Pontiac, MI -- November 24th, 2015
Machine Head -- Grand Rapids, MI -- November 20th, 2015
Blind Guardian -- Atlanta, GA -- November 27th, 2015
Ondskapt -- Brooklyn, NY -- November 27th, 2015
Lita Ford -- Uncasville, CT -- November 27th, 2015

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In Flames
The Mirror's Truth
Pinball Map
Ordinary Story
Embody the Invisible
Take This Life
Only for the Weak
Behind Space
Artifacts of the Black Rain
Man Made God
Come Clarity
My Sweet Shadow
Bullet Ride
Episode 666

All That Remains
And Death in My Arms
We Stand
Empty Inside
It Dwells in Me
Focus Shall Not Fail
This Darkened Heart
One Belief
For Salvation
This Calling
Tattered on my Sleeve
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Just typing this here because I don't like noob under my name....
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dream ozzy

shot in the dark
flying high again
no more tears
bark at the moooooooooooooooon
mr crowley
time after time
crazy train
black rain
countdowns begun
over the mountain
the almighty dollar
diary of a madman
war pigs
iron man
miracle man
close my eyes forever
black sabbath
perry mason
the ultimate sin
crazy babies
you cant kill rock in roll
rock and roll rebel
mama i'm comin home
i dont wanna stop
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In Search of Truth
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Alright, it's been a long time since I've done one of these. In light of the new album, I will do what I hope Evergrey plays on the upcoming tour (not that it'll likely hit the states anyway)
NOTE: This is a set of them supporting Torn, otherwise there would never be this many new songs on it.

1.Broken Wings
2.She Speaks to the Dead
3.In the Wake of the Weary
4.When Kingdoms Fall
5.Rulers of the Mind
7.Blackened Dawn
8.Harmless Wishes
9.In Remembrance
10.As I Lie Here Bleeding
11.Mark of the Triangle
15.I'm Sorry
16.For Every Tear That Falls
17.Recreation Day
18.A Touch of Blessing
19.Solitude Within
20.The Masterplan
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Here's my dream-meets-expectations set list for the upcoming Circle II Circle / Jon Oliva's Pain show:

Circle II Circle (hour and about 10 minutes)
1.Fatal Warning
3.Heal You
4.Dead of Dawn
5.The Wake of Magellan
6.Follow Me
10.All That Remains
11.Live As One
12.Watching in Silence
13.Tauning Cobras

Jon Oliva's Pain (a good 2 hours)
normal set:
1.Through the Eyes of the King
2.Before I Hang
3.Jesus Saves
4.Look at the World
5.Tonight He Grins Again
7.The Dark
8.Timeless Flight
9.When the Crowds are Gone
10.A Little too Far
11.Heal My Soul
joined by Zak Stevens:
14.Strange Wings
15.Ghost in the Ruins
16.Edge of Thorns
18.Gutter Ballet
19.Hall of the Mountain King
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In Search of Truth
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In the tradition of Savatage sets I've been doing lately:

Chris Caffery
1.Alass (Intro)
3.Fade Into the X
4.The Mold
5.Don't Talk to Me (Doctor Butcher)
7.The Wake of Magellan (Savatage)
8.Forever We'll Be
9.Old City Bar (Trans Siberian Orchestra)
10.Once Upon a Time
11.Music Man
14.The Time
15.So Far Today
17.Preludio/Guitar Solo
19.Pisses Me Off
20.Power of the Night (Savatage)
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Better Version
Burning Bright
Cry for Help
No More Love
Trade Yourself In
Second Chance
Left Out
Sound of Madness
If You Only Knew
Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide
Save Me
Sin With a Grin
Fly From the Inside


Eerie Inhabitants
Into the Pit
The Haunting
Practice What You Preach
Formation of Damnation
Burnt Offerings
Trial By Fire
Sins of Omission
More Than Meets the Eye
Apocalyptic City
The Preacher
Henchmen Ride
Raging Waters
Over the Wall
Alone in the Dark
Disciples of the Watch
Def Leppard/Styx- 9/25
Blind Guardian- 11/22
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canaryjones99 canaryjones99 is offline
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killswitch engage

1. daylight dies
2. bid farewell
3. eye of the storm
4. when darkness falls
5. my curse
6. unbroken
7. take this oath
8. fixation on the darkness
9. breathe life
10. element of one
11. arms of sorrow
12. numbered days
13. self revolution
14. this is absolution
15. this fire
16. life to lifeless
17. still beats your name
18. break the silence
19. vide infra
20. temple from within
21. end of heartache
22. holy diver
23. rose of sharyn
24. my last serenade
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Metal_Head Metal_Head is offline
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This is if each band were a headliner. (I'm keeping the sets reasonable as well.)

1. Ashes
2. The Devil's Own
3. Stranger Than Fiction
4. Salvation
5. A Place To Die
6. Can't Heal You
7. The Way Of The Fist
8. White Knuckles
9. Hate Me
10. Meet The Monster
11. Death Before Dishonor
12. Never Enough
13. The Bleeding

1. Perfect Insanity
2. Ten Thousand Fists
3. Liberate
4. The Game
5. Intoxication
6. Criminal
7. Divide
8. Stricken
9. Prayer
10. Voices
11. Divide
12. Guarded
13. Just Stop
14. Indestructible
15. Remember
16. Stupify
17. Inside The Fire
18. Land Of Confusion
19. Down With The Sickness

1. Clenching The Fists Of Dissent
2. Ten Ton Hammer
3. Days Turn Blue To Gray
4. Crashing Around You
5. The Burning Red
6. Aesthetics Of Hate
7. Seasons Wither
8. Now I Lay Thee Down
9. Imperium
10. Old
11. Davidian
12. Halo

1. Daylight Dies
2. A Bid Farewell
3. Numbered Days
4. Temple From The Within
5. Breathe Life
6. The Arms Of Sorrow
7. Fixation On The Darkness
8. When Darkness Falls
9. Unbroken
10. This Fire Burns
11. Take This Oath
12. My Last Serenade
13. The End Of Heartache
14. Desperate Times
15. My Curse
16. Rose Of Sharyn
17. Holy Diver

1. That Was Just Your Life
2. Ride The Lightning
3. Nothing Else Matters
4. Whiplash
5. The Memory Remains
6. Hit The Lights
7. The Day That Never Comes
8. Battery
9. No Leaf Clover
10. St. Anger
11. Harvester Of Sorrow
12. The Unforgiven
13. Sad But True
14. One
15. For Whom The Bell Tolls
16. Cyanide
17. Fade To Black
18. Master Of Puppets
19. Enter Sandman

1. Unanswered
2. The Price Of Beauty
3. In A Photograph
4. Eyes Sewn Shut
5. The Fallen
6. The Disease
7. Green Monster
8. Distorted Thought Of Addiction
9. Swarm
10. Bludgeoned To Death
11. Girl Of Glass
12. Hands Of A Killer
13. No Pity For A Coward
14. Destruction Of A Statue

1. Heroes Of Our Time
2. Revolution Deathsquad
3. My Spirit Will Go On
4. Valley Of The Damned
5. Cry For Eternity
6. The Fire Still Burns
7. Prepare For War
8. The Last Journey
9. Operation Ground And Pound
10. Fury Of The Storm
11. Through The Fire And Flames

1. The All Night Lights
2. Turns To Ashes
3. Workhorse
4. Felt Through A Phone Line
5. Slit Wrist Theory
6. Absent Are The Saints
7. Elysium
8. Bloodwork
9. At The End Of August
10. Northern November
11. Installing The Catheter
12. Aurora
13. Vast And Vague
14. We Gave It Hell
15. I'll Go Until My Heart Stops
16. The Tide And Its Takers

1. Film Critiques And Militia Men
2. Fixation On Plastics
3. Nihilist
4. Lay The Tarp
5. Dread Prevailed
6. Blue Line Cretin
7. It Runs In The Family
8. That Certain Special Ugly
9. Catalepsy
10. Send The Death Storm
11. Upper Decker
12. Tread On The Necks Of Kings
13. Black Santa
14. Midas Touch
15. Hospice Residence
16. Bone Needle
17. Antman
18. Dreaming In Dog Years

1. The Mirror's Truth
2. Whoracle
3. Jotun
4. Pinball Map
5. F(r)iend
6. Leeches
7. Insipid 2000
8. Cloud Connected
9. The Chosen Pessimist
10. Moonshield
11. Take This Life
12. Zombie Inc.
13. The Jester's Dance
14. Bullet Ride
15. Trigger
16. Alias
17. Episode 666

1. The Wolf Is Loose
2. Capillarian Crest
3. Blood And Thunder
4. Joseph Merrick
5. Sleeping Giant
6. Where Strides The Behemoth
7. Circle Of Cysquatch
8. Mother Puncher
9. Seabeast
10. I Am Ahab
11. Iron Tusk
12. This Mortal Soil
13. Megalodon
14. The Siberian Divide
15. March Of The Fire Ants
16. Crystal Skull
17. Aqua Dementia
18. Colony Of Birchmen

1. Attack
2. Cigaro
3. Innervision
4. Prison Song
5. Sugar
6. Hypnotize
7. War?
8. Aerials
9. Needles
10. Question
11. Fuck The System
12. Darts
13. Highway Song
14. Boom
15. Spiders
16. Soil
17. Chop Suey
18. Toxicity
19. BYOB

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In Flames

Bullet Ride
Artifacts of the Black Rain
Food for the Gods
Come Clarity
Embody the Invisible
Take this Life
Only for the Weak
Behind Space
Pinball Map
Episode 666
Def Leppard/Styx- 9/25
Blind Guardian- 11/22
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Changing my BTBAM setlist, as I've grown fonder of their entire catalog as of recently, and my ATR to include new songs...

Between the Buried and Me
All Bodies
Ad A Dglgmut
Backwards Marathon
Destructo Spin
Selkies: The Endless Obsession

All That Remains
Before the Damned
This Darkened Heart
We Stand
Do Not Obey
Two Weeks
For Salvation
Empty Inside
The Weak Willed
Focus Shall Not Fail
This Calling
Tattered on my Sleeve
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