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Symphony X -- New York, NY -- May 25th, 2007

I originally meant to review this show within 24 hours of the actual event but I was robbed of internet access and am only getting the chance to do so now. I realize that another review has been posted but I really enjoy doing this so I decided to do one myself.

So, this is an event I had been waiting for for quite a while now. I've been listening to Symphony X for a little over 3 years now and I hadn't seen them live before because I didn't want to see them as an opening act. I was thrilled when this show was announced, bought tickets shortly after they went on sale and then waited the painful wait to the show.
For the first time in my concert-attending history, my sister and I went to a show together with no other people. We also finally made the trip to NYC and back with no directions, an accomplishment for us since we usually take directions and get lost... but fortunately neither happened this time.
We got to BB King's around 3 PM and there were already a bunch of people in front of us which surprised me, being that we were there 3 hours before doors opened. The wait outside wasn't too unbearable, heat aside, being that we were in good company. The doors opened a little after 6 and then we waited a full 2 hours inside. BB King's has a very annoying policy of a 2 hour wait between doors and the band. Eventually, after an intro from Eddie Trunk, Symphony X took the stage a little after 8 PM.

The show:
The first thing that surprised me was that the band had no intro music or any sort of epic introduction. They merely walked on stage and after Russell Allen's "What's happening New York City!?" they launched directly into likely closer "Of Sins and Shadows". The first half of the show was merely a glorious blur for me. They played mostly all the songs I expected them to play, the highlight of them probably being "Communion and the Oracle", being that its my 2nd favorite Symphony X song (first is The Accolade). The atmosphere was quite excellent throughout as were the band's performances. The sound was absolutely excellent, probably one of the best I've experienced. I could hear every intsrument very well in the mix. All of the guys are extremely accurate live. I'd heard the live album before but seeing it right in front of me really floored me. Russell Allen is a truly first-class frontman. His voice was dead on and he showed a huge amount of charisma on stage. The band flew through their prog-power masterpieces as though they were hardly even trying. I was fairly upset with the selection of songs from Paradise Lost that they chose but hey, you can't have everything. I'm just hoping for better picks when I see them in Philly in August. After they closed their main set with the classic "Sea of Lies", the whole audience began chanting "OD-Y-SSEY". The break before encore was actually surprisingly long, but eventually they returned. Russell Allen said they only had one song, so they'd make it a "short and sweet" one... they then proceeded to perform The Odyssey in it's nearly 25 minutes of glory. I was thoroughly impressed. Russell Allen threw me a water bottle and after the show I was handed a set list.
We then filed up the stairs to buy merchandise. I purchased 2 different t-shirts (almost all the merch was Paradise Lost merch, one Odyssey shirt design as well), and I also purchased this very nice mug they were selling. I spent $65 on merch overall, but hey, this was a special evening for me.
The show was over by about 10, and we basically mosied around in the city for about an hour afterward, eventually leaving around 11:30, and getting home around 1 AM. I had a fantastic time, and I'm extremely happy I went, and can't wait to see them again in August.

Set List:
1.Of Sins and Shadows
4.Evolution (The Grand Design)
5.Communion and the Oracle
6.Smoke and Mirrors
7.Set the World on Fire (The Lie of Lies)
8.The Serpent's Kiss
9.King of Terrors
10.Sea of Lies
11.The Odyssey
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Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed View Post
No one will ever be more behind on reviews than me.
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I started the Odyssey chant.
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symphony x

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