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Alice Cooper -- Biloxi, MS -- April 29th, 2016
The Contortionist -- St Louis, MO -- April 29th, 2016
Boston -- Hollywood, FL -- April 29th, 2016
Municipal Waste -- Chicago, IL -- April 29th, 2016
Baroness -- Boston, MA -- April 29th, 2016

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Genre Day Festival Week

Genre Day Festival 1 Week 6 locations 6 weeks 1 week each same line up every week the days with bands who have more stage time start at 8-9 morning and end at 12 midnight

Week 1 Los Angeles

Week 2 Denver Colorado

Week 3 Phoenix Arizona

Week 4 Austin Texas

Week 5 Las Vegas Nevada

Week 6 Salt Lake Utah


Main Stage
Killswitch Engage-Headliner-1.5 hours
Bullet for my Valentine-1.5 hours
Shadows Fall-45 minutes
All That Remains-45 minutes
Trivium-45 minutes

Stage 2
Hatebreed-45 minutes
God Forbid-30 minutes
In This Moment-30 minutes
Machinemade God-25 minutes

Tuesday-Black Metal/Symphonic Black Metal

Main Stage
Venom-Headliner-1.5 hours
Dimmu Borgir-1.5 hours
Cradle of Filth-1 hour
Mayhem-45 minutes
Gorgoroth-45 minutes

Stage 2
Bathory-45 minutes
Marduk-30 minutes
Goatwhore-25 minutes
Dark Funeral-25 minutes

Wednesday-Death Metal

Main Stage
Death-Headliner-1.5 Hours
Cannibal Corpse-1.5 Hours
Deicide-1 hour
Morbid Angel-1 Hour
Behemoth-45 Minutes

Stage 2
Arch Enemy-45 minutes
Job for a Cowboy-30 minutes
Suffocation-25 minutes
Entombed-20 minutes


Main Stage-Glam
Kiss-2 Hours
Motley Crue-1.5 hours
Scorpions-1 hour
Poison-1 hour
Gun's N Rose's-1 hour

Stage 2
Whitechapel-45 minutes
Suicide Silence-35 minutes
Winds of Plague-35 minutes
The Black Dahlia Murder-30 minutes

Friday-Hard Rock/Metal

Main Stage
Alice Cooper-Headliner-2 Hours
Rob Zombie-1.5 Hours
Marilyn Manson-1 Hour
Godsmack-45 minutes
Five Finger Death Punch-45 minutes

Stage 2
Korn-45 minutes
Lamb of God-45 minutes
King Diamond-45 minutes
Danzig-35 minutes

Saturday-Heavy Metal

Main Stage
Black Sabbath-Co-Headliners-2 Hours
Led Zeppelin-Co-Headliners-2 Hours
Judas Priest-2 Hours
Iron Maiden-2 Hours
Motorhead-1 Hour
Deep Purple-45 minutes

No Second Stage

Sunday-Thrash Metal

Main Stage
Metallica-Headliner-2 Hours
Slayer-2 Hours
Exodus-1 hour
Megadeth-1 Hour
Anthrax-45 Minutes

Stage 2
Testament-45 minutes
Overkill-35 minutes
Death Angel-35 minutes
Kreator-30 minutes
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