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Apocalyptica -- London, England -- November 27th, 2015
Fozzy -- London, England -- November 26th, 2015
Dragonforce -- London, Ontario -- November 26th, 2015
Avatarium -- London, England -- November 22nd, 2015
Van Halen -- Mansfield, MA -- August 9th, 1995

Old 07-17-2007, 10:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Spiral_Slave View Post
Incorrect. That would either be Master Of The Rings, or Time Of The Oath.
Well to me, one pile of dogshit is very much the same as another pile of dogshit, and they both are disgusting and stink, so why should I bother to care much to distinguish between them?
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Old 07-18-2007, 01:35 AM
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Originally Posted by theclansman1114 View Post
Yeah, what? The one time Helloween got heavy and sounded like a real metal band is worthy of a decent live airing for me!

1/12 Judas Priest
3/12 Deep Purple
5/12 Dan Patlansky
11/12 Dead Daisies

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Old 08-08-2007, 12:21 AM
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In my setlist there will be no singing by Michael Kiske, I love his voice don't get me wrong, but the guy himself is now some godloving metalhating freak so I'll keep Andi Deris as singer and Kai Hansen is of course a very special guest at this concert.

* = Kai Hansen on vocals instead of Andi Deris

1 I'm alive
2 Kids of the century
3 Where the rain grows
4 You always walk alone
5 Sole survivor
6 The chance
7 Cant fight your desire
8 Shade in the shadows
9 Why
10 We got the right
11 Dont stop being crazy
12 Dont run for cover
13 Hey lord!
14 A game we shouldnt play
15 King for a 10000 years
16 if I could fly
17 Perfect gentleman
18 Never be a star
18 Time of the oath
19 Pleasure drone
20 Starlight*
21 Warrior*
22 Ride the sky*
23 Judas*
24 Victim of fate*
25 Guardians*
26 Eagle fly free

27 Power
28 Halloween
29 I want out

(luckily Kai took the vocals at some point cuz a stlist this long would be impossible to sing completely )
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Old 12-05-2007, 02:51 PM
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I cant belive I havent noticed this thread!!, anyway here is my set.

1)Ride The Sky
2)Victom Of Fate
3)Phantoms Of Death
5)How Many Tears
7)Future World
8)A Little Time
9)The King For 1000 Years
10)Where The Rain Grows
11)I'm Alive
12)If I Could Fly
14)Eagle Fly Free
15)Cry For Freedom
16)Keeper Of The Seven Keys
18)Metal Invaders
19)I Want Out

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Old 03-15-2009, 01:27 PM
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INTRO: Crack the Riddle
01. Kill It
02. Sole Survivor
03. Paint a New World
04. Mirror Mirror
05. Hell Was Made in Heaven
06. Keeper of the Seven Keys
07. If I Could Fly
08. Eagle Fly Free
09. The Bells of the 7 Hells
10. Mrs. God
11. March of Time
12. As Long As I Fall
13. Dr. Stein

14. Halloween
15. Power
16. Future World
17. I Want Out

I would die happy after a concert like this.
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Old 06-23-2009, 06:00 AM
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1. Kill it
2. Perfect gentleman
3. Mrs. God
4. Do you feel good?
5. I can
6. If I could fly
7. Never be a star
8. I.M.E.
9. Future world
10. Hey Lord
11. Mr. ego
12. Come alive
13. Just a little sign
14. Paint a new world
15. Halloween
16. I want out
17. Murderer
18. Eagle fly free
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Old 07-14-2009, 10:55 AM
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You know, I might be able to get behind the whole "Bring Michael Kiske back" thing if the guy wasn't such a complete assbag.

Initiation/I'm Alive
Dr. Stein
March Of Time
A Tale That Wasn't Right
Save Us
Phantoms Of Death
We Got The Right
Victim Of Fate
Future World
Eagle Fly Free
Keeper Of The Seven Keys
Ride The Sky
I Want Out
How Many Tears
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Old 07-18-2009, 05:49 PM
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2006 setlist with I Stole Your Love thrown in

The King For A 1000 Years
Eagle Fly Free
Hell Was Made In Heaven
Keeper of The Seven Keys
A Tale Wasn't Right
Occasion Avenue
Mr. Torture
If I Could Fly
I Stole Your Love
Future World
Invisible Man
Mrs. God

I Want Out
Dr. Stein
Ozzy/Slash 2-14
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Old 08-20-2010, 12:28 PM
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1. Crack The Ridle/Dreambound
2. A Little Time
3. Mirror Mirror
4. Final Fortune
5. March Of Time
6. Just a Little Sign
7. The Invisible Man
8. Gorgar
9. Power
10. Hell Was Made in Heaven
11. A Tale That Wasn't Right
12. Eagle Fly Free
13. The Dark Ride
14. Ride the Sky
15. The Keeper Trilogy
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Old 08-20-2010, 03:34 PM
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wtf most of these lists dont have rise and fall

2.Hey Lord!
5.Im Alive
6.I Can
7.I Want Out
9.Eagle Fly Free
10.Metal Invaders
11.We Got The Right
12.Heavy Metal(is The Law)
15.Rise And Fall
12/3-Lil B
12/10-Agnostic Front?
12/18-Code Orange?
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