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Lita Ford -- Uncasville, CT -- November 27th, 2015
Apocalyptica -- London, England -- November 27th, 2015
Fozzy -- London, England -- November 26th, 2015
Dragonforce -- London, Ontario -- November 26th, 2015
Avatarium -- London, England -- November 22nd, 2015

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Norma Jean -- Lansing, MI -- August 11th, 2014

I got there at about 9pm and Know Lyfe was the first band I saw. Their original drummer was filling in for them, and he definitely held it down. The hometown crowd went bananas for these guys. I've probably seen them live over 15x now, and this was definitely one of the best shows I've seen them play.

Know Lyfe setlist
Building An Empire
Veins & Vines
Moxie (new song)
Rose Casket Diary (new song)
Dixie Cup Dean
The Dreamer

Next was a band I'd never heard of called Night Verses. I texted a friend of mine after their set & said, "I have just seen musical greatness, and their name is Night Verses." These guys were unbelievable! They had great live energy & were excellent musicians. From what I can see, they are influenced by bands like At The Drive In and Glassjaw, but they kept their own sound & style. You gotta check these guys out. They totally stole the show!

Norma Jean played next. I've seen them about a dozen times, but this was just my 2nd time seeing them headline. I was excited, but at the same time they had to follow Night Verses (good luck with that). After seeing Night Verses my expectations for Norma Jean were a bit faded. Boy, was I ever wrong! I don't know that I've ever seen a crowd that crazy at a show... ever! Their set was crazy from the opening note, culminating with their usual closer "Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste" which pretty much laid the crowd to waste. Sorry, I couldn't help but be cheesy there. My one beef about Norma Jean shows is that a lot of times they play bits & pieces of their older songs. I don't really understand that. I mean, if you don't want to play your older songs, that's fine. They have 6 albums now, so they have plenty of material. Why play a few lines of certain songs? To me that doesn't make sense. However, their set was so good that I don't really mind. I often get asked by friends & family why I go to so many concerts. Well, it's nights like this one that are the reason why. This is why you go see live music. The crowd and the bands were on point the entire night. Off the top of my head, this was the best show I've been to so far this year. Originally I was planning on going to this tour in Windsor, Ontario on Sunday night, but then they announced a Lansing show for Monday night. Now I'm kicking myself for not going to the Windsor date as well. Wow, what a great show!

Norma Jean setlist
Disconnecktie: The Faithful Vampire (partial)
The Anthem Of The Angry Brides
If You Got It At Five, You Got It At Fifty
The Potter Has No Hands
Dillemachine: Coalition; Hoax
Murderodica: An Avalanche In D Minor
I Used To Hate Cell Phones, But Now I Hate Car Accidents (partial)
The End Of All Things Will Be Televised (partial)
Creating Something Out Of Nothing, Only To Destroy It (partial)
Leaderless And Self Enlisted
Sword In Mouth, Fire Eyes
Hive Minds
A Small Spark vs. A Great Forest
Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste
11/20 MH
12/5 Texas In July
12/12 Heartsick
12/19 np
4/5 Maiden
4/8 & 9 UO
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Wish they would play Bayonetwork again
11/24 - COC
11/29- TBDM
11/30 - GUK
12/01 - E
12/02 - B
12/04 - H
12/07 - TQ's
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Wanna see them again badly. Saw them last year in Pontiac, it ruled.
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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
Wish they would play Bayonetwork again
Agree.. and Liarsenic is probably my favorite.. I haven't seen them in quite a few years though I'll have to check them out if they come through Philly again
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know lyfe, norma jean

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