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Killswitch Engage -- Birch Run, MI -- August 9th, 2014

This was my 3rd time attending the annual DirtFest. The first time I went was in 2003. Factory 81 headlined that show at Flint Local 432, which holds about 400 people. Since then it's grown and is now played at the Birch Run Expo Center. I went in 2008 and saw Darkest Hour, Parkway Drive, Arsiis, Misery Signals, After The Burial, Sea Of Treachery, Winds Of Plague, Stick To Your Guns, etc. On with the review of this year's DirtFest:

Arcanium - This was my 3rd time seeing them. They're heavy as hell, but a little too cliche with all that phony anger for my taste. They're a good live band, though.

It Lies Within - They were one of the main bands I went to see. They're a local band from Flint. It was amazing to see them play in front of such a massive crowd, and they killed it! During "Redefined Identity" they did a big wall of death. Their new songs sounded killer, too. Remember to check these guys out. They are fantastic.

It Lies Within setlist
The Watcher
new song
Home Is Where The Heart Is
Redefined Identity
Thoughts of Nevaeh
new song

Through The Ashes - I saw these guys at Rockapalooza last summer w/ Taproot. They're a solid metal band from Kalamazoo.

Tantric - I've liked these guys since college but never got around to seeing them. They're just a good rock band. They played a solid set.

Chimaira - They may have been the best band of the day. They had the pit going throughout their entire set. I was also super-psyched that they ended w/ "Severed."

Chimaira setlist
The Flame
Kings Of The Shadow World
Power Trip
The Dehumanizing Process
Pure Hatred
All That's Left Is Blood

Battlecross - The hometown boys came up next and thrashed as usual. During "Kaleb" their singer brought his son out on stage. "Flesh & Bone" is such a rockin' song as well. As they were leaving the stage they said that they're going to South America with a band called Killswitch Engage and then in October they're going on tour with Machine Head, but that tour is, "Not coming to Michigan. Sorry." Ouch! Talk about salt in the wounds.

Battlecross setlist
Push Pull Destroy
Force Fed Lies
My Vaccine
Flesh & Bone
War Ensemble (Slayer cover)

Nothing More - I saw these guys open for Sevendust last summer. An excellent live band.

Gemini Syndrome - Likewise, I saw these guys open for Sevendust just 5 days ago. They're worth a listen.

Know Lyfe - They tore it up as always. I'm going to see them play a show w/ Norma Jean tomorrow. Can't wait!

Know Lyfe setlist
Building An Empire
Death Kiss (new song)
Moxie (new song)
Dixie Cup Dean
Rose Casket Diary (new song)

Nonpoint - They played in front of an enormous crowd. That's not surprising, though. I mean, besides being one of the best live bands around, it seems like they play at The Machine Shop in Flint twice a year, so they have quite a following in this area. Before playing "Hands Off" Elias said they were going to apply the Nonpoint rule that if someone isn't jumping, you grab them by their Justin Bieber concert t-shirt & make them jump. They played their new single "Breaking Skin," which was excellent, and I always love hearing "The Truth." Nonpoint is one of those live bands that everyone should check out. They're incredible live, and that's how they've stuck around in a genre where many of their contemporaries faded out years ago.

Nonpoint setlist
I Said It
That Day
Left For You
Hands Off
Breaking Skin (new song)
What A Day
The Truth
Alive & Kicking
Bullet With A Name

Hail To The King - This was my 3rd time seeing them. They played on one of the side stages to a small, but rowdy crowd. Unfortunately they had to play at the same time as one of the headliners, Powerman 5000. They really bring the heaviness, though.

Powerman 5000 - I was able to catch their last 3 songs following Hail To The King. I had seen them 6 or 7x in the past, but that was over a decade ago. They have retired the matching space suits. I remember them being an excellent live band... not so much anymore. Now, I did only catch a few songs, but what I saw of their set was really bland. Their last 3 songs were "Bombshell," "Supernova Goes Pop" and "When Worlds Collide."

Killswitch Engage - After a long day they finally hit the stage to close the show. Normally at these all day shows the last band kinda drags on. That wasn't the case here. KsE absolutely nailed it! Their intro music was Kool & The Gang's "Celebration," which included Adam D dancing around like a goofball. As soon as KsE came about, everyone held up their phones to take crappy video of the show. I know I complain about that a lot, but man, I just don't get it. It's almost like you'd rather take grainy, shaky, poor quality video to prove to people on facebook that you were there instead of actually enjoying the show. I mean, do they THINK anyone wants to waste their time on youtube watching that crap? Good God! Put your stupid phone away and enjoy yourself! It makes me embarrassed to be human. I normally don't sing along at shows, but at KsE shows I sing along like a total nerd. I don't care, though, because I love their music & their message. Their setlist was pretty standard, but it was an excellent show. They capped off a long day of music perfectly.

Killswitch Engage setlist
Fixation On The Darkness
This Is Absolution
Beyond The Flames
Arms Of Sorrow
Life To Lifeless
Rose Of Sheryn
No End In Sight
A Tribute To The Fallen
Numbered Days
A Bid Farewell
The New Awakening
My Last Serenade
In Due Time
My Curse
The End Of Heartache
2/18 For Today
2/20 & 23 ATB/Erra
2/27 & 3/31 Conquer Divide
4/1 Gideon
4/5 Maiden
4/8 & 9 UO
4/22 & 23 Spoken
5/1 Contortionist
5/24 7d
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