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The Black Dahlia Murder -- Lawrence, KS -- November 29th, 2015
Ed Kowalczyk -- Uncasville, CT -- November 29th, 2015
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August Burns Red -- Worcester, MA -- November 28th, 2015
After The Burial -- Pontiac, MI -- November 24th, 2015

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Old 07-29-2014, 10:29 AM
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Judas Priest -- Salt Lake City, UT -- November 12th, 1990

With the upcoming Priest tour being recently announced, I thought for fun I would go to the wayback machine to what still stands up as perhaps the best concert I have ever seen. As if Priest at the end of their prime wasn't enough, Megadeth and Testament were the openers. With a lineup like that, I had no problem talking two friends of mine into taking the two hour drive to go to this show. Testament were touring for Souls of Black, not one of their stronger albums but started things off well enough. I don't remember a whole lot about them except that I thought their shirt was the coolest looking so that was the one I bought from this concert, a big mistake considering how awesome the following groups were. I will take setlist.fm's word that this was what Testament played.

Disciples of the Watch
Sins of Omission
Practice What You Preach
Souls of Black
The Legacy
Face in the Sky

Next up was Megadeth touring for Rust In Peace. It was every bit as awesome as you might think. Very little talking from Dave as he hadn't gone crazy yet and a fantastic setlist, except for the Anarchy cover I was never that fond of. My first ever mosh pit and I remember breaking a toe during Peace Sells but it was all worth it. Fantastic performance with all the songs played at a faster, more hyped up tempo than the CD. It was like speed metal on speed and I'm glad I got to see Megadeth in their prime.

Wake Up Dead
Hook in Mouth
Hangar 18
The Conjuring
In My Darkest Hour
Take No Prisoners
Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
Peace Sells
Anarchy in the U.K.

Next up was the mighty Judas Priest. Painkiller was a comeback album of sorts as the previous two albums Turbo and Ram It Down had too many synthesizers for many people's tastes at the time and Ram It Down especially sounded commercial in places.

Old people like myself might remember that starting in '86 Priest and Maiden among others started experimenting with synthesizers as the '80s was nothing if not the decade of the synthesizer so it was a matter of time until it leaked into metal. I think Maiden made it work, Priest not so much.

I am guessing Priest must have thought this as well since they ignored both Turbo and Ram It Down entirely with far more '70s goodness in the set than I was expecting going in. Beyond the Realms of Death was an unexpected highlight of the show in particular.

Hell Bent for Leather
The Hellion
Electric Eye
All Guns Blazing
The Sentinel
Metal Gods
Night Crawler
The Ripper
Beyond the Realms of Death
Better By You Better Than Me * - apparently not played, my mind is playing tricks on me
Riding on the Wind
Drum Solo
A Touch of Evil
Victim of Changes
The Green Manalishi (With the Two Pronged Crown)

Breaking the Law
Living After Midnight
You've Got Another Thing Comin'

I am quite sure Better By You Better Than Me was played although not listed on setlist.fm. If memory serves, that was the song that allegedly had the subliminal "Do it" message that of course meant kill yourself so somebody's parents who killed themselves sued the band and it was a big court case back in the day, thankfully Priest was exonerated and I believe they made a point of playing this song on this tour but setlist disagrees and Rob even made a speech about it introducing the song. EDIT: see below, apparently this song was not played and I am remembering it from the bootleg.

From the opening motorcycle entrance to the sing along in You Got Another Thing Coming, Priest put on an awesome show with all the pyro, crane lifting and fireworks you would expect and the performance was fantastic as well. Rob hit all the high notes and the twin guitar solos were really cool to see in person. There is a good bootleg of the industry preview show of this tour in Los Angeles that is worth tracking down even though it only has about half the show.

It's a crime that Priest made their '80s live VHS/CD from the Turbo tour and not this one as this was far superior, I would love to have a soundboard of the full concert. Great show and a night I will never forget, it could have been better if we had gone to an after show party we were invited to instead of driving two hours back to college but that is a story I will never know.
3-08 Nightwish
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9-11 Black Sabbath

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Great review I would have LOVED to see those bands, especially Megadeth during that time; I was 4 at the time so no go
02/23/16-Black Sabbath
04/13/16-Iron Maiden
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I saw this show when it came through Oakland. One of the best metal shows I've ever seen.

Priest didn't play Better By You, Better Than Me (at my show, at least).

01/07 - Queensr˙che
01/19 - Europe
02/12 - Guster
02/13 - Guster
04/15 - Iron Maiden
05/26 - The Cure
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Originally Posted by DisposableJustice View Post
Great review I would have LOVED to see those bands, especially Megadeth during that time; I was 4 at the time so no go
Damn kids! Oh wait I was 6...
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Originally Posted by Wrecking Crew View Post
The Conjuring
12/5 - Phantom
12/17 - Havok
12/23 - TSO
1/13 - Enforcer, Warbringer, Cauldron, Exmortus
2/27 - Sacrifice
3/4 - Voivod, Vektor
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I agree with The Ghost at Number One. I am pretty sure I have never seen them play Better By You, Better than Me and I saw this tour as well (Chicago area Rosemont Horizon/Allstate Arena)

I think the speech Rob made that you described was before Beyond the Realms of Death as it also comes from Stained Class and I vaguely remembering that for a while I thought that was the song that was the focus of the trial and the
"Do It" lyrics as I was still relatively new to Priest at the time having only seen them first on Ram it Down.

Megadeth was truly unbelievable on that tour. As noted the Rust in Peace era Megadeth was as good as it got... hearing Dave sing Rust in Peace songs today half the time his vocals are barely audible. Thank god he can still play guitar as the guitar work is what matters to me most from Rust songs (and Megadeth in general)
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Old 07-29-2014, 01:44 PM
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Apparently my senility is kicking in as the evidence is against me and they must not have played Better By You Better Than Me on this tour except for the very first preview show in LA. I must have listened to that bootleg one too many times where I know they did play it and it collided with my memory of the actual show. I remember hearing Rob's speech about the court case but it must have been before Beyond the Realms of Death as dimmudan says.

Don't get old, kids!
3-08 Nightwish
4-13 Iron Maiden
9-11 Black Sabbath
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In terms of accuracy, your senility, however frail, is way more correct than setlist.fm. I have seen so many setlists on that site that are flat-out wrong. It said Tarja was playing Slaying The Dreamer and Sacrament of Wilderness on her current tour when if you watch the video of the show nothing of the sort happens.

So they probably did play Better By You Better Than Me.
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I saw this show in NM in 1990. Soooo great!!!
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Buddies of mine were working security so we ended up getting right up front row. Awesome totally awesome.

Cant wait for the show on 14th November at the Pearl Theatre in Vegas.
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judas priest, megadeth, testament

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