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Phobia -- Tempe, AZ -- July 11th, 2014

Grindcore legends Phobia decided to do a warmup show for the LA Grindcore Festival right here in Arizona. It had been a couple years since Phobia played here, so anticipation was high. People came out of the woodwork and packed the Yucca Tap Room for a night of beer and blastbeats. The support lineup was handpicked by Shane the Pain, and featured some of the best grind Arizona has to offer.

First up was Biocidio, a Phoenix-based 3 piece playing old-school grind in the vein of Assuck. This band has been touring and playing out quite a bit lately, and it shows. This was possibly the tightest performance I've seen from these guys! They played a short set, about 15 minutes, that mostly consisted of new material and a couple tracks from their "Brutal Motivation" 7". These guys are gonna be doing some more touring soon, so check them out if you like short, brutal grindcore.

After them was GodAwfulNoise, playing their 2nd show back after a nearly 2 year hiatus due to lineup instability and guitarist Danny Ruiz's devastating back injury from a van accident. I saw their first show back, and they were on fire that night. This show, unfortunately, suffered from technical difficulties. There seemed to be some issues with their drummer's kick pedals that required constant fixing between songs and killed the momentum of their set. When they did play though, they sounded great. They played a few new tracks and some choice cuts from their split 7" and their "No Escape" CD. Another band that grind fans everywhere should check out!

After GodAwfulNoise came my band, Sorrower. We just got out of the studio recording our upcoming full length debut, so we took the opportunity to play all but one song from it. Some of these songs have been in our live set going back a few years now, so they're quite familiar to anyone who's seen us live since we pared down to a trio following our 2012 tour. Our set was ok. The stage monitor mix was kinda muddy, which caused a few missed cues for our drummer, but we recovered nicely. Overall, it was a fun set.

Sorrower setlist:

1. CTD
2. To the Bone
3. Bleeding Out
4. Red State
5. Self Inflicted
6. No Love
7. Endless
8. Head in the Sand
9. Walking Corpse
10. The Crowbar Transition
11. Threat
12. Died For Nothing

After we were done, the stage was cleared for Phobia. Joining Shane the Pain for this performance were longtime bassist Calum McKenzie, guitarist Cece Loessin, and Murder Construct/Intronaut drummer Danny Walker, filling in for Bryan Fajardo. This was something like my 17th time seeing Phobia, and it was one of the best performances I've seen from them. Any chance to see Danny play drums is awesome, the guy is one of the best around right now. Shane was on top of his game, one of the best frontmen in grindcore. The set was pretty heavy on the two albums that Danny played on, 2006's "Cruel" and 2008's "22 Random Acts of Violence," but also featured some newer material and a few classic tracks from 1998's "Means of Existence." Overall, it was a killer set. Great to see so many great bands and friends all jammed into a sweet bar on a Friday night.

Phobia setlist:

1. Bring the War
2. So Full of Hate
3. Fuck What You Think
4. Drunken Spree of Violence
5. Ultimate Suffering
6. Blind Arrogance
7. Rape Theft Murder
8. Rehashed
9. Death to False Punks
10. Beer Brake
11. Rise Up
12. Contradiction
13. Submission Hold
14. Means of Existence
15. Dying For Who?
16. Selfish Minds
17. Sick Life
18. I Reject
19. Cruel
20. Get Up and Kill
21. Blood Sport
22. If You Used to Be Punk, Then You Never Were
23. Private War(Final Conflict cover)
24. Beer, Bitches, and Bulletbelts
25. Contest to Amend
26. Savannah's Assault
2/17-At the Gates
2/18-At the Gates
3/26-Melvins/Napalm Death
3/27-Napalm Death
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Danny Walker "Metals New Go To Drummer"
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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
Danny Walker "Metals New Go To Drummer"
Pretty much!
2/17-At the Gates
2/18-At the Gates
3/26-Melvins/Napalm Death
3/27-Napalm Death
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Saw the first part of their set at Grindcore. I'll post a review tomorrow. They were great!
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phobia, sorrower

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