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311 -- Lansing, MI -- July 9th, 2014

This was Lansing's annual Common Ground music festival. I went last year to see Sevendust & Know Lyfe, and I had a blast. When I saw that 311 would be there this year, I of course made plans to go. Plus, I always go to three shows every summer without fail: The MayhemFest, Ted Nugent, and 311. Since I cannot go see Ted Nugent this summer, I figured I may as well make up for that by seeing 311 twice. Makes sense, right? Actually, I would've gone to see 311 twice anyway.

The Wailers played first and put on another super fun set. Their guitarist rocked a Jamaica soccer jersey. They played "Could You Be Loved," which was excellent. Other highlights were "Stir It Up" & "One Love."

The Wailers setlist
Africa Unite
Is This Love
Stir It Up
Buffalo Soldier
Could You Be Loved
Three Little Birds
One Love

Next up was Violent Femmes. I had only heard 2 of their songs prior to last night ("Add It Up" & "Blister In The Sun"), so I had no idea what to expect. They were solid. What I liked most about their set, though, was the musical diversity that they added to the lineup. You may not think that they'd fit w/ 311 traditionally. I would much rather hear 3 different sounding bands at a show, though, than hear 3 bands that sound the same over & over. So, I thought they were excellent for this show.

311 headlined. I was front row center for their set. The cool thing was that all of the people standing right around me were HUGE 311 fans who had seen them many times like I have. We were talking about different shows from previous years. That was fun for a 311 nerd like me. I've never been to a 311 Day, though. I would LOVE to go, but sadly they've all been too far away to make a reasonable road trip (New Orleans, Memphis & Vegas). Maybe someday, I hope. I was curious how different this set would be from the Detroit show a few days ago. They mixed up the setlist a lot, which I am very fond of them doing. They played more of their hits than they typically play live, but that is totally understandable since it was at a festival. "Beautiful Disaster" was an excellent choice to open with. They also played a few songs that I haven't seen them play in many years ("Large In The Margin," "Who's Got The Herb," & "Love Song"). During "Come Original," Nick changed the lyrics to give shout outs to the other bands at the show. So instead of Black Eyed Peas & Roni Size, it was The Wailers & Violent Femmes who come in full range. That was cool. The woman standing next to me (who was at the show with her husband, BTW) told me, "I absolutely LOVE SA Martinez. He's my favorite. Who do you like?" I replied, "Um, Tim Mahoney, I guess." Let me be clear... I am not attracted to any of the members of 311 the way she is to SA Martinez. I do love Tim Mahoney as a guitar player, though, because aside from being a great guitar player, he has a sound that is completely recognizable as his own. Much like The Edge from U2, Eddie Van Halen, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, when you hear one of Tim Mahoney's riffs, you immediately recognize that it's a 311 song. It was kind of funny, though, that every time SA Martinez came right in front of us, that lady screamed like a pre-teen girl at a Justin Bieber concert. Her husband was a good sport about it, though. They played their happy slam dance song, "Do You Right." Another highlight was "Revelation Of The Year," which is a fantastic song off of their new CD. My one beef about this set is that they did not play their new song "Tranquility." I LOVE that song. I can't complain, though. This was yet another amazing 311 show. Before leaving the stage Nick Hexum said what he always says at the end of their shows: "Stay positive. Love your life." Simple wisdom to live by, if you ask me. I am assuming that most of the people at last night's show were seeing 311 for the first time since it was at a festival. Hopefully they enjoyed themselves and will go see 311 many more times. That's what happened to me. After I went and saw 311 for the first time I got hooked, and I'll go see them every chance I get. Until next summer's 311 tour, "Stay positive. Love your life."

311 setlist
Beautiful Disaster
Freeze Time
My Stoney Baby
Come Original
Revelation Of The Year
Large In The Margin
Boom Shanka
Applied Science (w/ drum jam)
Who's Got The Herb
Friday Afternoon
Don't Stay Home
Beyond The Grey Sky
Bass Solo
Do You Right
Love Song (The Cure cover)
You Wouldn't Believe
All Mixed Up
Creatures (For A While)
5/1 Contortionist
5/13 HB
7/12 311
7/29 Slipknot
8/12 Deftones
8/13 KsE
8/21 KoRn
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I've got 5 311 shows coming up, between July 18th and 25th. I can't wait!

You've got to get to a 3-11 Day. Make it happen.
I've been to the last 4, and they are a diehard's dream.

Thanks for the review.
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311, the wailers

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