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Seether -- Chicago, IL -- May 18th, 2014

Here's another show review I just got around to doing now. This is the only website I'm a member of where it's appropriate to post concert reviews, hence not all of my reviews being of metal bands. I'm a member of setlist.fm and I post the sets there, but it's not the format for concert reviews. So once again, bear with me if you think it's an artist that doesn't totally fit the format and I'm sorry if any of these bands I'm reviewing irritate you, I really don't have anywhere else to post them...

the House Of Blues in Chicago is probably my least favorite concert venues out of all the ones I've been to. I'm not a floor guy, but the floor is TINY, the bar stools behind the pit are $50 per stool, and any seat in the balcony is at least $100 a piece. Before the show, I purchased standing tickets for behind the seats in the balcony online. But, when my mom and I got there we upgraded to box seats in the second balcony (and dished out the ridiculously pricy $200) because it was very apparent that on that particular night my mom was not going to be able to stand through all three bands and their set changes. Anyhow, onto the show review itself...

Redlight King (8:01-8:34)-
Built To Last
Drum Solo
Devil's Dance
Born To Rise
Times Are Hard
Bullet In My Hand

^ I knew none of Redlight King's music going in but I was impressed by them and enjoyed their performance very much. They kind of had a Rise Against vibe to them, who I'm a big fan of. The singer dedicated "Times Are Hard" to his dad who is currently battling cancer. The aforementioned song was definitely a highlight of their set. i bought their newest album Irons In The Fire on CD from the merch booth at the show. Oh, and in case anybody's wondering I figured out the setlist based on notes I took at the show as the songs were played, same with the next band...

Black Stone Cherry (8:57-9:43)-
Maybe Someday
Me And Mary Jane
Yeah Man
In My Blood
Blind Man
Fiesta Del Fuego
White Trash Millionaire
Blame It On The Boom Boom
Lonely Train

^ Like the previous band, I hadn't heard any of Black Stone Cherry's music before the show. Let's just say I was pretty shocked when they came on and discovered they are essentially a modern southern-rock band! Now, normally that music isn't my cup of tea and I wouldn't go see them headline on their own, but they played a decent opening set. Although, my mom totally hated them haha. I didn't think most of the songs were bad (although Blame It On The Boom Boom was a standout as the worst they played), but the singer's banter with the audience in between songs was a bit obnoxious. I obtained their album Folklore And Superstition a few weeks after the show for a cheap price. They played one song off it ("Blind Man") at the show, To be fair, it sounded better on the album and I enjoyed their music more overall listening to the CD.

Seether (10:13-11:36)-
Fine Again
Driven Under
Drum Solo
Change (In The House Of Flies) [Deftones cover]
Rise Above This
Words As Weapons (new song)
Country Song
The Gift
Fake It

^ I've loved Seether for quite a while now. This was my second time seeing them live, my first time seeing them headline. The first time I saw them was in 2012 as the second of three opening bands for Nickelback in Milwaukee. They were my favorite band of the night back then, although I do like Nickelback (sorry, I guess they are a guilty pleasure of mine lol). Compared to 2012, Seether are now a four-piece live as they added a supplementary guitarist who seemed to fit in with the band well. "Driven Under" was definitely a highlight of the show for me, as they didn't get to play it the first time I saw them. Shaun Morgan did a raw emotion-filled version of "The Gift" on his own towards the end of the set which was great. What really blew me away though was their cover of Deftones "Change (In The House Of Flies)". I love Deftones and have seen them live twice, albeit as openers both times, someday I want to see them do a headline show. But anyway, Seether's version of their song was unexpectedly just as good live as Deftones versions. I couldn't picture Shaun's voice fitting a song with Chino's unique sound, but he completely pulled it off with the band accompanying him at full blast. I wish Seether would have played "No Jesus Christ" as it's one of my favorite songs of theirs which I haven't seen live yet, but despite that it was still my favorite show of 2014 thus far!
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