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Sevendust -- Flint, MI -- June 26th, 2014

This was one of the final shows of Sevendust's acoustic tour. Yes, I already went to this tour in Royal Oak back in April, but they've been my favorite band for 15 years. I've seriously only skipped seeing them in my town twice in that time... once when I lived in Chicago & I was too broke to buy a ticket in 2007 & once when I was too sick to go see them at Harpos in Detroit about 3 years ago. Sevendust is one of those bands that unfortunately does not mix up their setlists at all on the same tour. So, I knew exactly what they were going to play. That didn't matter, though, because I knew it was still going to be a fantastic show. I've seen them over 50x now, and it's almost always fantastic. I've only seen them play two shows that I didn't think were great... Toledo in 2002 on their tour w/ Nonpoint & Mad at Gravity (they got in an argument w/ a fan who eventually got tossed out, but it killed the vibe) and at Harpos in Detroit on their tour w/ Manga Fi & Bobaflex circa 2005 right after Clint quit the band. That was the tour that John 5 filled in on guitar, and it just wasn't a very good show. However, the other 48-50+ times I've seen Sevendust, they've killed it. The point is, I love Sevendust and will always go see them. This is especially true when they play at The Machine Shop. That's probably my favorite place to see a show, other than Pine Knob. On with the show review... "Under It All" was one of the early highlights. I've never been a huge fan of "Skeleton Song," but the live acoustic version is excellent. Toward the end of the first set the band goofed around a bit by jamming parts of "Sweet Child O' Mine," "Eye of the Tiger," and the band Free's "All Right Now." That was fun. The ended the first set w/ "Gone," which is one of the best songs on their new acoustic CD. The 2nd set opened with "Come Down" and then their cover of "Hurt." Before playing "Hurt" LJ said when he was a kid growing up in Nashville he & his family used to drive past Johnny Cash's mansion all the time. He always said to himself, "When I grow up, I wanna live in that mansion, I wanna drive that big Cadillac that he has, and I wanna play music for a living." He said he doesn't have the mansion or that Cadillac, but he does get to live his dream by playing music for a living, so that's pretty awesome. The highlight of the night was unquestionably "Angel's Son." I've seen them play that song at least 40x, and of course I know it's the song they wrote for their friend Lynn Strait from the band Snot who died in a car accident in 1998. LJ told a much more detailed story of that song, though. He said that the picture in the CD booklet for STRAIGHT UP of him w/ Lynn was taken in Michigan. He said that Clint wrote the music & the chorus, they recorded it, and then a few weeks later LJ was going to do his vocals foe the verses in Phoenix. He listened to that song over & over for weeks, but he couldn't come up with anything to write. Since he'd never had to deal w/ the death of a loved one he had no idea how to put it into words. He said they got to Phoenix to record his vocals, and he felt like he had let everyone down because he didn't really have any lyrics. Then he was sitting in his recording room w/ candles lit and the song playing. Lynn's bandmates from Snot were standing in front of him & crying, and LJ said he felt like Lynn was in the room w/ them, and his lyrics just came about. It was a sad, yet beautiful story at the same time. As they were playing that song, LJ was crying. They've probably played that song in concert over 1,000x. I wonder how many times that's happened. I had never seen that before. It was special. Another incredible Sevendust show, and they announced that they'll be back at The Machine Shop in August. I'll be there! Setlist:

Set One
Xmas Day
Under It All
Skeleton Song
The Wait
Rumble Fish
Covers Medley

Set Two
Come Down
Hurt (Nine Inch Nails cover)
Got a Feeling
Angel's Son
1/11 ABR
1/24 np
2/18 Silent Planet
2/23 ATB
3/1 ETID
3/17 BOO
4/1 BYD
4/7 & 8 KsE
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