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Haste The Day -- Indianapolis, IN -- May 2nd, 2014

I made the road trip back to the Egyptian Room in Indianapolis to see Haste The Day & Still Remains. Last time I was there was in March of 2011 for Haste The Day's farewell show (coincidentally, also with Still Remains). I was really looking forward to this show since I hadn't seen Haste The Day in 3 years, and neither had anyone else, for that matter. I also hadn't seen them w/ Jimmy Ryan singing since the first time I ever saw Haste The Day (circa 2002 when I saw them open for Living Sacrifice, Stavesacre, and Spoken in Elgin, IL). I was also really psyched to hear a bunch of their older songs performed live. I was talking to people in the line before the show, and people came from all over (TN, MI, TX, WI, IL, etc). Jimmy Ryan walked through the line before doors opened thanking everyone for coming. That was really cool. At their farewell show 3 years ago Still Remains (who had been disbanded for a few years at that point) got back together to play that one show w/ their boys in Haste The Day. That lead to Still Remains playing more shows and even releasing a new record. I'm hoping this show has a similar effect on Haste The Day. Even if they cannot be a full time touring band anymore, maybe they can work on some new tunes & play a few more shows occasionally. Here's hoping. On with the review...

A band from Indianapolis called Abolisher played first. I liked 'em. They were really heavy.

Next up wall Still Remains. Their new record is fantastic, so I was psyched to hear some new songs live. Unfortunately the show was running behind, so their set got cut short. They were great, though. The set was short, but sweet. They're playing a headlining show in Grand Rapids on 5/17, and this set made me that much more excited for it. I can't wait!

Still Remains setlist
White Walls
Close To The Grave
The Worst Is Yet To Come

Haste The Day headlined. The lights went out for the show to start, and it seemed like half the crowd began holding up their cell phones to record it. People are free to do that, I suppose. I can't stand seeing people do that, though. I mean, most of the people there have been waiting for years to see Haste The Day play live again, and they're missing it so they can record a crappy video and post it on Youtube. Put your stupid phone away & enjoy the show! Besides, those Youtube videos are always awful quality anyway. I dunno, maybe I'm just old fashioned (or you can drop the word "fashioned" as well). As soon as Haste The Day busted into "Blue 42" it seemed like the crowd had been sitting on their hands for 3 years just waiting for this, because the place just EXPLODED. The volume of the crowd singing along was louder than any show I've ever been to. It was incredible. The crowd was singing loud all night, but especially during "Blue 42" and "American Love." A few songs into the set Jimmy said, "This song is called Fallen." That made my night. I had never heard them play that song before. I could've left after that song and been perfectly happy. The surprise of the evening was that they brought out Stephen Keech (their other previous lead singer) to sing "Stitches." That was awesome! They were supposed to only play songs from their first 3 releases, so that was very much unexpected. I loved it. Then they played the full band version of "Autumn" off of their first EP. That was the highlight of the night. It was beautiful. They ended their regular set with the fan favorite "Substance." The crowd was chanting "ONE MORE SONG," and Jimmy came out and said they'd do two more, but that's it because they literally didn't know any other songs. They closed with "When Everything Falls," and Stephen Keech joined them for that one as well. Stephen & Jimmy sang that one together, alternating lines on the verses. I had no voice after this show from singing along w/ Still Remains & Haste The Day all night. I'm a big dork, I know, but I was so psyched for this show, and it did not disappoint. It was well worth the trip. Jimmy said during the show that the best part about preparing for this show was getting to hang out with his best friends again. He said they first just joked about playing another show. They didn't know if anyone would want to come out & see them again. Well, it was a packed house. I don't know what number this show would be on my top 10 list, but it's definitely one of my top 10 concerts I've ever been to. If I have to go to Indianapolis every few years to see these guys, I'd have no problem with that. Wow, what a night!

Haste The Day setlist
Blue 42
The Closest Thing To Closure
Ros King
Walk On
For a Lifetime
Stitches (w/ Stephen Keech)
The Perfect Night
Walls & Fear
Breaking My Own Heart
American Love
When Everything Falls (w/ Stephen Keech)
12/4 It Lies Within
12/11 & 15 For Today
12/16 WCAR
12/18 I Prevail
1/11 ABR

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