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Old 04-24-2014, 08:39 AM
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Ghost -- Boulder, CO -- April 23rd, 2014

So to start out: if you would have told me even 5 months ago I would be seeing Ghost live I would be laughing my ass off and calling you insane; back then all I thought Ghost as was a gimmick band that was just using their on stage image and shock value to make money so I avoided listening to them because it would justify my point. But I gave in and picked Year Zero off their new album thinking it would be good for laughs....and then I was hooked and discovered, hey they are a very good band

So to last night; Ghost played at the Boulder Theater in Boulder, CO which kind of surprised me but I kind of figured out why during the set when Papa told us that everyone back home (Sweden) knows about Colorado; I think you know what he is talking about The venue was very nice I think about 250/300 people where there it made for a cool atmosphere.

I arrived about when King Dude was finishing up; Reading the other reviews of the tour I can say about the same thing: King Dude weren't bad at all they did a good performance but their material was received as somewhat neutral by the audience: they clapped and were respectful but didn't really know what to think of it. I liked it but felt misplaced opening for Ghost, but if they come back on their own tour I'll consider seeing them again. I assume they played the same set as the other tour stops

Around 9:45 Ghost started and it was a hell of lot of fun. The band was enjoying themselves, the sound was awesome and the song jumped from song to song with a couple pauses for Papa to address the masses.

Per Aspera ad Inferi
Prime Mover
Jigolo Har Megiddo
Con Clavi Con Dio
Body and Blood
Death Knell
Here Comes the Sun (The Beatles cover)
Depth of Satan's Eyes
Stand by Him
Year Zero
If You Have Ghosts (Roky Erickson cover)

Ghuleh/Zombie Queen
Monstrance Clock

Highlights for me were Prime Mover, Elizabeth, Depth of Satan's eyes and the ever addicting Year Zero (you can't tell me it isn't fun to sing HAIL SATAN). The encore was awesome Ghuleh/Zombie Queen and Monstrance Clock I didn't think would be good encore songs but I was wrong. I picked up the face of Papa with the band members in his hand tour shirt (awesome design by the way)

Overall I had a great time; Ghost is a band if you don't take too seriously and just enjoy yourself, you will love it. I will see them again and again and while I understand the questions about why these guys are so popular and what not, go see them....like me 5 months ago, you may be surprised.
07/19-Rob Zombie/Korn
08/06-Weird Al
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Old 04-24-2014, 01:31 PM
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excellent review. i first heard of them a year ago and was them open for a7x/deftones last october, which was great, until a headlining show earlier this week. i will see these guys again and again as well. you are totally right about the encore. you would think it would be ritual or secular haze, but as is works out beautifully.
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Old 04-24-2014, 04:03 PM
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I wasn't really a fan until I saw them open for Mastodon in 2012. I haven't had the chance to see them again until now and I'll be seeing them 3 times this year. Although only once headlining.
6/17 - Meshuggah
6/28 - Iron Maiden - Bergen, Norway
6/29 - Blaze Bayley - Bergen, Norway
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10/31 - Fleetwood Mac
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Not my video but someone taped the whole show and has very good sound; love it when I can find shows I've attended

07/19-Rob Zombie/Korn
08/06-Weird Al
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Old 05-03-2014, 12:11 PM
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Going to the show in Orlando on Tuesday. I am surprised they are going on so early. Last year when i saw them in edmonton and calgary they did not go on till close to 11 pm.

I got the chance to meet them along with a buddy of mine - we were both seeing them in Europe last summer for festivals and opening for Iron maiden. They are nice dudes.
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ghost, king dude

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