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Old 04-19-2014, 03:47 AM
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Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze 2 -- Oakland, CA -- April 18th, 2014

This was day one of the three day awesomefest known as Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze. It's a punk/thrash/death metal show put on by Scotty Heath, owner of Tankcrimes Records. Tankcrimes is a small indie label based in Oakland, and all their releases as radasfuck.

Got to kick it with many friends at the show, some of whom I'd known for years, others that I had met as recently as a few days ago. A few of them would play a set this night and others will play on day two, and others would be hanging in the crowd having fun. The people in this scene are probably some of the nicest, most down to earth folks I have ever met, and this show was a gathering of some of my favorite individuals up north.

First band up was Fucktard. Their set was a whole concept story thing, which incorporated country/folk songs and hardcore punk. There was a whole storyline with the lead singer, "the fucktard," being imprisoned by the police and going on a murderous freedom rampage. Or something. It was actually really cool and a good bit of fun.

Next up was BAT. I hadn't listened to the demo, so I went in completely fresh. Long story short, this band was like if Motorhead circa 1979 and Raven had an American baby. I am not even kidding, like imagine the music video to Ace of Spades but it lasted thirty minutes. It was awesome. Tons of energy and badass NWOBHM swagger. Ryan's voice isn't super compelling at the moment, but I think he'll find a cool sound as he clocks in more time behind the mike. The guitarist was practically the reincarnation of Fast Eddie Clarke. Like, he was doing the shock of hair, open button up shirt, Strat look perfectly. But yeah, the band is basically like really energetic classic metal and they ruled.

1. BAT
2. Rule of the Beast
3. Cruel Discipline
4. Primitive Age
5. Speedfreak (Motorhead cover)
6. Master of the Skies
7. Into the Crypts of Rays (Celtic Frost cover)
8. Code Rude

Next was Iron Reagan. Once again, they played an amazing set. Not much else to report beyond what I already mentioned in my last gig review for them. Badass songs and incredible energy- one of the best bands in metal right now. This time they added the song Your Kids an Asshole. It was only like 3 seconds long, so they said they'd play it again if the pit went bananas. So for 3 seconds, the pit exploded for the song and then it stopped. It was a weird sight to say the least.

01. Mini Lights
02. Drop The Gun
03. Insanity Plea(se)?
04. Walking Out
05. Pay Check
06. Snake Chopper
07. Rats In A Cage
08. Tongue Tied
09. The Living Skull
10. Zero Gain
11. Spoiled Identity
12. The Hungry Male (Of Wall St.)
13. Cycle Of Violence
14. Slightly Out Of Focus
15. A Joke A Fraud A Fake
16. Eyes Piss Tears
17. Your Kids An Asshole
18. Your Kids An Asshole
19. I Ripped That Testament A New Asshole
20. Skull Full Of Maggots (Cannibal Corpse cover)
21. Eat Shit And Live

Next was Final Conflict, an old hardcore punk band led by Shane Mclachlan of Phobia. This band was tight with a capital T. They burned through all of their first album, Ashes to Ashes, plus a couple others that I didn't really know. But yeah, these guys were a well oiled machine and put out zero-bullshit in their set. Quite badass.

Cannabis Corpse was after them. First time listening for me. I definitely wasn't expecting total old-school Morbid Angel worship given their name. The band was enjoyable I guess, but I wasn't too into them. I'd definitely take them over all the shitty local openers that LA has though.

Ghoul finished it off. The set was even better than the one in LA because I think the hometown crowd kicked up just a little bit of extra energy into these guys. This was also guitarist Dan Randall's final show with the band, so for the encore they "unmasked" him and they played the encore with him without the hood on. It was actually kinda emotional in an odd way. But yeah, the kids went ballistic. Lots of pitting and stagediving.

01. The Midnight Ride Of The Cannibals MC
02. Inner Sanctum
03. Sewer Chewer
04. The Mark Of Voodoo
05. Brain Jerk
06. Maniaxe
07. Blow Up The Embassy
08. Rise, Killbot, Rise!!!
09. Destructor
10. Spill Your Guts
11. Gutbucket Blues
12. As Your Casket Closes
13. Metallicus Ex Mortis
14. Numbskull
15. Americanized (GWAR cover)

Round two begins in less than twelve hours. Onioner out.

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Old 04-19-2014, 10:09 AM
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Why couldn't this be NEMHF?
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bat, cannabis corpse, final conflict, fucktard, ghoul, iron reagan

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