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Dog Fashion Disco -- Westland, MI -- April 19th, 2015
Prurient -- Brooklyn, NY -- April 18th, 2015
Electric Wizard -- West Hollywood, CA -- April 19th, 2015
Godspeed You! Black Emperor -- Dublin, Ireland -- April 18th, 2015
Between the Buried and Me -- Portland, ME -- April 18th, 2015

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Well, of course this is a ridiculous thread where the ideas in the posts have no chance of happening whatsoever, but since the damn thing exists...

I guess I would say that an ultimate wet dream of mine would be to see Isis get back together and play all five of their studio albums (in chronological order) with 15- to 20-minute intermissions between albums so I could pause to change my pants a few times.
8/1 SummersLaughter
8/10 Boris / Atlas Moth / SubRosa
9/8 Man or Astro-Man?
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Iron Maiden

1. Caught Somewhere in Time
2. Two Minutes to Midnight
3. Killers
4. Ghost of the Navigator
5. Man on the Edge
6. Dance of Death
7. 22 Acacia Avenue
8. Wasted Years
9. Still Life
10. Rime of the Ancient Mariner
11. Moonchild
12. Infinite Dreams
13. Can I Play with Madness
14. The Evil That Men Do
15. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
16. The Prophecy
17. The Clairvoyant
18. Only the Good Die Young
19. Wickerman
20. The Trooper
21. El Dorado
22. Afraid to Shoot Strangers
23. Tailgunner
24. Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
25. Brave New World
26. Powerslave
27. Aces High
28. Paschendale
29. Sea of Madness
30. Blood Brothers
31. Children of the Dammed
32. The Clansman
33. Alexander the Great
34. Where Eagles Dare
35. Stranger in a Strange Land
36. Fear of the Dark
37. Number of the Beast
38. Run to the Hills
39. Hallowed Be Thy Name
40. Iron Maiden
07/05-Slayer/King Diamond
08/19-Slipknot/Lamb of God
08/23-Weird Al
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1.Nine Lives
2.Eat The Rich
3.Back In The Saddle
4.Make It
5.Big Ten Inch Record
7.Nobody's Fault
8.Heart's Done Time
9.What It Takes
10.Kings And Queens
11.S.O.S. (Too Bad)
12.No Surprise
14.Rag Doll
15.Toys In The Attic
16.Let The Music Do The Talking
17.Same Old Song And Dance
18.Love In An Elevator
19.Permanent Vacation
20.No More No More
21.Sick As A Dog
22.Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
23.Uncle Salty
24.Deuces Are Wild
25.Seasons Of Wither
26.Janie's Got A Gun
27.Get The Lead Out
28.Lick And A Promise
29.Girls Of Summer
30.Livin' On The Edge
31.Mama Kin
32.The Other Side
34.Walk This Way
35.Sweet Emotion
Encore: 2
37.Dream On
38.Train Kept A-Rollin'
8/16 - Motley Crue/Alice Cooper
9/27 - Styx
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Judas Priest

1. Hellion/Electric Eye
2. Riding On The Wind
3. Metal Gods
4. Jawbreaker
5. Delivering The Goods
6. Heading Out To The Highway
7. The Sinner
8. Judas Rising
9. The Prophecy
10. A Touch Of Evil
11. Never Satisfied
12. Visions
13. The Ripper
14. Burn In Hell
15. Island Of Domination
16. Starbreaker
17. Nightcrawler
18. Reckless
19. Dissident Aggressor
20. Stained Class
21. Beyond The Realms Of Death
22. The Sentinel
23. Heavy Metal
24. Desert Plains
25. Savage
26. Subterfuge
27. Between The Hammer & The Anvil
28. Diamonds & Rust
29. Turbo Lover
30. Hellrider
31. Ram It Down
32. Freewheel Burning
33. Exciter
34. Painkiller
35. Breaking The Law
36. Victim Of Changes
37. Tyrant
38. Living After Midnight
39. The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown)
40. You've Got Another Thing Comin'
41. United
42. Hell Bent For Leather

Nothing off of Redeemer Of Souls as i've hardly played it at all yet. Missing Running Wild & Hard As Iron. Something off every album though.....

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^ Good to see Reckless in there, my favorite tune from Turbo. Desert Plains is great too.
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Old 08-12-2014, 10:50 PM
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For some reason I'm on a Korn fix right now: so here is a mega set in their prime (IMO): 1994-2003

1. Right Now
2. Twist
3. A.D.I.D.A.S.
4. Good God
5. No Place to Hide
6. Embrace
7. Dead Bodies Everywhere
8. Counting on Me
9. Trash
10. Falling Away From Me
11. Ball Tongue
12. Here to Stay
13. Did my Time
14. Clown
15. Hey Daddy
16. Somebody Someone
17. Need to
18. Lies
19. Thoughtless
20. Bottled Up Inside
21. Let's Do This Now
22. Beg For Me
23. Helmet in the Brush
24. No One's There
25. Freak on a Leash
26. Kill You
25. It's On!
26. One More Time
27. Shoots and Ladders
28. My Gift to You
29. Blind
30. Got the Life
31. Y'all Want a Single
07/05-Slayer/King Diamond
08/19-Slipknot/Lamb of God
08/23-Weird Al
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Lets try...


1. 1985 (intro)
2. Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System
3. Pedigree Butchery
4. Carnal Forge
5. The Master Butcher's Apron
6. Noncompliance to ASTM F 899-12 Standard
7. Swarming Vulgar Mass of Infected Virulency
8. Buried Dreams
9. Carbonized Eyesockets
10. Cadaveric Incubator of Endoparasites
11. Embodiment
12. Incarnated Solvent Abuse
13. Captive Bolt Pistol
14. Feast on Dismembered Carnage
15. Ruptured in Purulence
16. Carneous Cacoffiny
17. Tools of the Trade
18. Pyosified (Still Rotten to the Gore)
19. The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills
20. Excoriating Abdominal Emanation
21. Blind Bleeding the Blind
22. Rot 'n roll
23. Maggot Colony
24. Suppuration
25. Inpropagation
26. Unfit for Human Consumption
27. Go to Hell
28. Arbeit Macht Fleisch
29. Forensic Clinicism / The Sanguine Article

30. Genital Grinder
31. Corporal Jigsore Quandary
32. Heartwork

33. Tomorrow Belongs to Nobody
34. Exhume to Consume
35. Death Certificate
36. (and best for the last) Hepatic Tissue Fermentation II

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With Joey Belladonna

1. Be All, End All
2. Metal Thrashing Mad
3. Armed and Dangerous
4. Among The Living
5. Skeleton In The Closet
6. Antisocial (Trust Cover)
7. Time
8. Got The Time (Joe Jackson Cover)
9. Earth On Hell
10. The Devil You Know
11. A.I.R.
12. Schism
13. I'm Alive
14. Crawl
15. N.F.L.
16. A Skeleton In The Closet
17. Keep It In The Family
18. The Giant
19. In The End
20. One World
Short set with John Bush
21. Crush
22. What Doesn't Die
23. Hy Pro Glo
24. Safe Home
25. Only
Joey Belladonna Returns
26. Judas Priest
27. Belly Of The Beast
28. The Constant
29. Caught In A Mosh
30. Indians w/ Heaven and Hell Interlude
31. Madhouse
32. I Am The Law
33. Anthem (Rush Cover)
34. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Black Sabbath Cover)
35. TNT (AC/DC Cover)
36. Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy Cover)
37. Smokin' (Boston Cover)
38. I'm Eighteen (Alice Cooper Cover)
39. Neon Knights (Black Sabbath Cover)
40. Bring The Noise feat. Public Enemy
41. I'm The Man
16/04 - Black Sabbath
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One for Motley Crue........

In The Beginning
1.Red Hot
2.Shout At The Devil
3.Wild Side
4.Saints Of Los Angelas
5.City Boy Blues
6.Piece Of Your Action
7.Anarchy In The U.K. (Sex Pistols cover)
8.Rattlesnake Shake
9.Too Fast For Love
10.Knock 'Em Dead Kid
11.Drum Solo
12.Use It Or Lose It
13.Dancing On Glass
14.On With Show
15.Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
16.Looks That Kill
17.Face Down In The Dirt
18.Bad Boy Boogie
19.Tonight (We Need A Lover)
20.Public Enemy #1
21.Same 'Ol Situation (S.O.S)
23.Dr. Feelgood
24.Too Young To Fall In Love
25.Guitar Solo
26.Toast Of The Town
27.Take Me To The Top
28.Jailhouse Rock (Elvis cover)
29.Time For Change
30.Kickstart My Heart
31.Down At The Whiskey
32.Home Sweet Home
33.Girls, Girls, Girls
34.Live Wire
8/16 - Motley Crue/Alice Cooper
9/27 - Styx
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