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Steel Panther -- Raleigh, NC -- April 28th, 2016
It Lies Within -- Flint, MI -- April 29th, 2016
Rainbow Bar & Grill 44th Anniversary -- Hollywood, CA -- April 17th, 2016
Pearl Jam -- Philadelphia, PA -- April 29th, 2016
Amon Amarth -- Toronto, Ontario -- April 30th, 2016

Old 04-17-2014, 07:29 PM
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I was in Trader Joe's with my gf today, and walking passed the beer section I asked "Hey, maybe this is the beer from the last GoT."

"So yeah, monkey prostitution has happened."
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Old 04-18-2014, 06:12 PM
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Originally Posted by justinm4bama View Post
Anybody try the Game of Thrones red ale yet?
I did. I thought it was good, if not a stand-out.
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Old 04-19-2014, 03:49 PM
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Just drank an Old Rasputin Imperial Stout. Holy mother of fuck that was amazing. Definitely my favorite stout, if not up there in terms of overall favorite beers.
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Old 04-22-2014, 06:21 PM
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I'm about to go try a beer that is Dr Pepper flavored! I'm sure this will be my new favorite!
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Old 06-30-2014, 02:22 PM
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My Favorite beer is probably :

However I will usually prefer any local Dark beer at a local brewery.
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Old 09-20-2014, 11:28 AM
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I went to the States last weekend and bought some Yuengling because I thought I liked it...turns out I don't like it. I think I got mixed up with that Sam Adams Oktoberfest stuff.
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Old 09-24-2014, 09:41 AM
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I prefer IPAs like Lagunitas, Stone, etc... If it has "IPA" on the label I'll probably drink it. Craft brews are awesome and I'm partial to Lost Coast Brewery, Hangar 24. I also like cheap, mass produced, often referred to as "shitty" beer like Natural Light, Pabst, Coors. Actually if it has alcohol in it, I'll more than likely partake. Man...I'm an alcoholic!!
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Old 09-24-2014, 01:32 PM
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I tried Kasteel's pumpkin beer last weekend at Sharp Edge, it was like drinking a sweet potato. It was delicious but so strange.

Also if you have a Sharp Edge around you, definitely check it out! They have an amazing selection of beer! Brad who used to post here, I forget his username, recommended it to me!
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