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Old 02-03-2014, 10:02 PM
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Dark Tranquillity -- New York, NY -- February 3rd, 2014

Haven't seen the boys since BB Kings like 5 or 6 years ago. VERY excited to catch them live again. And seeing them tonight, reminded me of how angry beyond belief I am that these guys, still waving the flag of that true Gothenburg sound, are not as big as chumps like In Flames who sold out. Anyway, they were awesome.

Got there as OG were finishing up. Never heard of them before tonight. They were good from the 2 songs i heard. They looked like a corny group of dudes, but they could play. I esp, liked their use of keyboards on their final song. Crowd was def. into them.

Turnout was solid despite the legit snow we got today. Luckily it finished up around 6, so people were able to get into the city with little issue. Stage 48 is a relativity new venue on 48th & 11th near the West Side Highway. It's in a very common area of Manhattan used for nightclubs. I am not sure if this was ever a club under a different name in the past, but I feel like it was. Either way, it was very nice & new looking inside. The R&B station I work at has used the venue for a few concerts (Joe, Jaheim, Super Bowl party last night) but i hadn't been there before. It fits maybe 1000? Maybe a bit more?

DT came on at 9:45 & played till 11:15/11:20. Much longer than expected, and I was very pleased. Sound was really bad at first, as the sound guy was trying to correct some issues with the cymbal mics. There was alot of feedback every team they were being hit, and it sounded like crap. By the 4th or 5th song , he hit the sweet spot & everything was as clear as a metal band in a small venue is gonna be. Good job!

Setlist (I think there may be a mistake or two):

- The Science of Noise
- White Noise/Black Silence
- Monochromatic Stains
- Lost To Apathy
- The Fatalist
- The Silence In Between
- Zero Distance
- The Mundane & The Magic [female vox piped in]
- Punish My Heaven
- Wonders At Your Feet
- What Only You Know
- Iridium
- Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)
- State of Trust
- Therein
- Final Resistance
- Lethe
- Endtime Hearts
- Misery's Crown (Mikael stage dove a bit here and it was awesome)

Super positive vibe coming from the band all night, as usual. Especially Mikael of course. That guy has a big grin on his face the whole time. Seems like such a grateful & genuine guy.

See this show if it comes through your town.
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