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The Decemberists -- Milwaukee, WI -- March 25th, 2015
The Ghost Inside -- Lansing, MI -- March 23rd, 2015
The Skull -- Kansas City, MO -- March 23rd, 2015
Natefest -- Howell, NJ -- March 21st, 2015
Pig Destroyer -- Santa Ana, CA -- March 20th, 2015

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Finntroll -- Frederick, MD -- December 9th, 2013

Full review

My friend got setlists, BUT I think metsatoll played less songs (at Empire my notes indicate 10-11 songs, but this setlist had 12?)- i can't confirm unfortunately as I am not super familiar with them

Last stop of the tour! We hit up the first stop and now we hit up the final stop of the North American tour.

the venue was tiny, and the energy was higher than at Empire, but the sound and performances were tighter and crisper there.

Demiz- more solid than last time, but vox a bit buried
March to Victory- heavier than last time, death metals
Blackguard- about the same as last time, but perhaps a bit more inebriated
Metsatoll- I watched their set from afar, so I didn't get into it, but the crowd was digging it
Finntroll- nice tour ending performance, the crowd was PUMPED, wall of death and all that

Demiz (7:45-~8:05?)
  • ?
  • (amon amrthy song)
  • ?
  • ?

March to Victory (8:15- 8:35)
  • Deadly Venom
  • Funeral Blizzard Beast
  • Consumption
  • Soulless
  • Philosopher (Death Cover)

Metsatöll (8:51- 9:30?? ) (pic of setlist)
  • Küü
  • Kivine Maa
  • Roju
  • Kui Meid Sõtta Sõrmitie
  • Sõjahunt
  • Minu Kodu
  • Äio
  • Muhu õud
  • Vaid Vaprust
  • Saaremaa Vägimees
  • Sajatus
  • Metsaviha 2

Blackguard ( 9:52-10:34)
  • ?
  • Wastelands
  • Northern Storm
  • Tephra
  • Firefight
  • Scarlet to Snow
  • This Round's on me
  • Dying Season

Fintroll ( 10:56- 12:15) (pic of setlist)
  • Intorr
  • Blodsvept
  • Solsagan
  • Mordminnen
  • Ett Folk Förbannat
  • Dråp
  • Slaget vid Blodsälv
  • En Mäktig Här
  • Intro
  • Svartberg
  • När Jättar Marschera
  • Under Bergets Rot
  • Nedgång
  • Skövlarens Död
  • Skogsdotter
  • Häxbrygd
  • Jaktens Tid
  • Nattfödd
  • Trollhammaren
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blackguard, demiz, finntroll, march to victory, metsatoll

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