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Ozzfest -- Seattle, WA -- August 1st, 2005

well nothing out of the ordinary, ozzfest 2005 kicked ass, I tried to remember as many setlists as I could but, unfortunetely I smoke too much weed, so my apoligies.

Arch Enemy : Missed their set!!!!! they started as people were getting let in. But the last 2 songs were Nemesis and closed with we will rise.

Trivium : Watched them didnt care too much, dont know all their songs names
1. rain
2 . ?????
3 .Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation
4. Like Light To Flies
5 .Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr

Black Dahlia Murder : kicked fuckin ass, nothin better than death metal and blast beats at 10:30am!

1. built for sin
2. Im charming
3. contagion
4. A vulgar picture
5. miasma
6. Funeral Thirst

The Haunted :Easlily the best fucking band on the 2nd stage that day! no band compared! unfortunately I don't know many song names, all I know is that they played "99" 1st or 2nd, and closed with "all against all"

Bury Your Dead : Hate them didnt even bother to listen from afar

Wicked Wisdom : they were a no show at seattle...and it probaly was a good thing

Gizmachi : dont like em & didnt watch 'em

It Dies Today : didn't really care for them either.

Soilwork : good preformance, great sound never heard many of their songs.
played, stabbing the drama, nerve, rejection role, as we speak, not in that order but thats all i could remember.

A Dozen Furies : never heard them until they took stage, nothing really speacial, singer was off key, drummer blast beats were lacking and the double kick wasn't solid.

Mastadon : 2nd best preformance on the 2nd stage. absolutely amazing. Best drummer by far on that tour.

1. Iron Tusk
2. March of the Fire Ants
3. Where Strides The Behemoth
4. Mother Puncher
5. Aqua Dementia
6. Megalodon
7. Blood and Thunder

As I lay Dying : Good band, good preformance, their sound wasn't too good but good preformance.

1. Meaning In Tragedy
2. 94 Hours
3. Falling Upon Deaf Ears
4. Empty Hearts
5. Undefined
6. Elegy
7. Forever

Killswitch Engage : same as the last two times i saw them with slayer and then slipknot. basically the same setlist as the time i saw them with slayer and then slipknot. Just look at their 1st ozzfest opeing setlist and that was basically it, maybe in a different order but those songs.

Rob Zombie : Pretty fucking sweet. Super loud,& super cool pretty funny guy too. Best sound on that stage and great overall preformance

2.Super Charger Heaven
3.Living Dead Girl
4.More Human Than Human
5.Demonoid Phenomenon
6.Nver Gonna Stop Now
7.Demon Speeding
9.Thunder Kiss '65
10. Sweet Home Alabama

Main Stage :

In Flames : A band I love and listen to alot, but probaly had the worst live sound I have ever heard! terrible sound. If the sound was better they would have ripped it. Even though I thought Their setlist sucked. Only one song I liked that they played. And it was what they opened with.

1.Cloud Connected
2.Pinball Map
3.A Touch Of Red
4.The Quiet Place
5.My Sweet Shadow

Black Label Society : Its Zakk Wylde what else can I say? they were fucking kick ass. black label shredded for a good 30 minute set

1.Stoned and Drunk
2. Destruction Over Drive
3.Whats In You
4.Suicide Messiah
5. Fire It Up

Shadows Fall : Absolutely fucking unreal!, they blew me away! totally dominated ozzfest ( except maiden & sabbath of course) great sound, insane guitar solos on every song fast intense double kick 18th note chops in every song. they totally destroyed that stage.

1. Destroyer Of Senses
2. Enlightened By The Cold
3. The Power Of I And I
4. Eternity Is Within
5. The Light That Blinds
6. Stepping Outside The Circle
7. Inspiration On Demand
8. Thoughts Without Words
9. What Drives Th Weak

Mudvayne : fucking can't stand those morons. The only band on that stage that doesnt solo. Boring dull songs, Couldn't tell the difference between the 1st song to the 4th song to the last song. sounds all the same to me. shit!
I was ready to stab myself..... but i wanted to see maiden and sabbath. So I walked around for an hour.

Iron Maiden : .......I went to church that night. Phenominal. Unbeliveable. The most amazing band I have ever seen live. I was like in a trance when they were playing. bruce was just screaming his balls off, great eddis cameo's and justy an Amazing set. Definetley more than i imagined.

1. Idles
2. Murders In The Rue Morgue
3. The Trooper
4. Revelations
5. Run To The Hills
6. Number of the Beast
7. Hallowed Be Thy Name
8. Iron Maiden
9. Running Free
10. Sanctuary

Black Sabbath : Considering all the cancellations and postpones. I was kinda iffy about sabbath..well ozzy mainly. when they took the stage ozzy looked 10 years younger and healther. running around hitting al the notes perfect until dirty women. you could see his face getting tense as his voice was cracking. eventualy he slammed his mic down and left the stage. I didnt know what to think. it was either shows done, or maybe JUST MAYBE BRUCE WOULD COVER! but the band finished the song and ozzy the trooper with so much heart came out and apoligized, and finished the show flawlessly

dont remeber exact set but heres a rough idea what they played int he order i think they played.
1. Nib
2.After Forever
3.War Pigs
4.Dirty Women
( dont remeber exact set after the mic incident)
iron man , sabbath medley, into the void, paranoid, children of the grave. plus way more i cant remeber it was great over all. definetely goin next year
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Didn't you post the exact same thing before?
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Maybe he/she smoked too much weed and forgot.
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as i lay dying, black label society, black sabbath, in flames, iron maiden, mastodon, rob zombie, shadows fall, the black dahlia murder, trivium

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