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Agalloch -- Oakland, CA -- September 14th, 2013

I got to the venue pretty early. One of the only other dudes in line started chatting to me, and we discussed all kinds of metal and stuff. Turned out to be datjazzfusion. Thought it was funny we met without organizing anything. He was a chill dude. My friends got to the venue not soon after I got in line and it was cool to see them again. At about 8 doors opened and we went in. Most the merch Agalloch had was stuff they had last go around in 2012. Worm had t-shirt, CDs for the self-titled and Come the Thaw and Come The Thaw on vinyl. I went up to the stage and chatted with my bros 'til 'bout 9 when the show started

First band of the night were bay area funeral doomsters, Lycus. This was my second time seeing them and I'm still very impressed with the band. I almost feel they kind of stole the show. They get really good tones live and the music just sounds amazing. Only bummer was that none of the vocals were really audible from right up front. They just played Tempest in it's entirety and brought out a violinist for the title-track. That was a really cool addition. Overall Lycus put on a great opening set.

Coma Burn

Next up was Worm Ouroboros. I was pretty excited to see them again and glad I got to see them before Stella Natura, because if there are some time conflicts with groups I really like seeing Worm now makes up for it if I have to miss them at Stella Natura. The band sounded really great. They mainly stuck to material from Come The Thaw and ended the set with a new tune. Right before the set one of the dudes from Lycus gave the band a bottle of wine, so the front women from Worm were sipping on wine from plastic cups between songs . During the first song I couldn't hear the guitarist's vocals but they fixed that problem after that so it was mostly smooth sailing sound wise for their set. The band puts on a really great set and sets up a great atmosphere with all the light they put on the mic stands and the candles they got around the stage. Makes for a very intimate feel. Although I would've liked them to play a jam from the self-titled, I was really pleased with Worm and am hoping to see them again at Stella Natura

Worm Ouroboros
Ruined Ground
When We Are Gold
new song

Last up were Agalloch. Since Worm and Agalloch share drummers the set up time inbetween bands was only like 20 minutes or so. Most of that time was spent with John Haughm setting up tree stumps and incense all over the front of the stage. The band started with Limbs which is always a treat. But from the start there was something a bit off with the sound. It could be because I was right up front, but the bass was way to loud and frankly the dude's tone didn't fit with the music. It sounded like a mix between a picked punk rock tone and kind of slap bass thing. Way too much presence in his tone. It cut into being able to hear Don. Other than that the band sounded pretty good, but I was disappointed that they didn't play any material from The Mantle. That's recently become my favorite from them so I was hoping to hear to something form that. Also, people need to stop thinking it's a good idea to mosh to Agalloch. It's not. Stop it. Other than that, I did enjoy the show quite a bit and it was awesome to hear favorites from Ashes and such, but this was probably my least favorite time seeing them. My pal talked to John and Don after the show and they said something about going into the studio in December, so we may be getting some new Agalloch material in 2014!

Ghosts of Midwinter Fires
Falling Snow
Watcher's Monolith
Hallways of Enchanted Ebony
The Melancholy Spirit
Into the Painted Grey
Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor
1/14 High on Fire
1/24 Ash Borer
2/4 BlackStorm Fest ft. Uada, Horrid, +more
2/8 Necrot
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You were pretty chill yourself.
Lycus was great for the first time I heard them. I only wish the vocals (throughout) and the violin (for the last song) were audible.
Worm was solid.
Agalloch - First time seeing them so I thought they were great. I do think the bass players tone was too "rawk" and overly dominant. John's vocals were soft but I believe the biggest complaint was the bass. He needs to work on tone, volume, and presence.

Overall rough scoring would be:
Lycus 7/10 (higher if the vocals and violin were more audible)
Worm Ouroboros 7/10
Agalloch 8/10
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agalloch, lycus, worm ouroboros

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