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Old 08-13-2013, 09:20 AM
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Original narrated version of SAVATAGE'S 'Streets' in September

So apparently as well as the standard version everyone knows, they did a narrated version intended for the Broadway production, which has since been bootlegged to hell.

They're now releasing it, with bonus material.

Interesting... although I'm pretty sure the only thing on it really worth caring about is the unreleased track 'Larry Elbows'.

And what the hell is bonus audio content doing on a DVD? When will labels realise no one puts a DVD on to listen to audio!?

"earMUSIC is happy to announce the long-awaited final chapter of the successful Savatage re-issues series. Previously unreleased and originally only intended for the Broadway rendition, “Streets: A Rock Opera” - the groundbreaking album by Savatage – is now released including its original narration parts.
To complete this extraordinary release and to award the many fans who have shown dedication and love for Savatage’s legacy, the final chapter of this reissue series will feature the band’s favourite videos. Released for the first time on DVD and restored from the original tapes, the video collection spans from Savatage’s 1987’s video ‘Hall Of The Mountain King’ until 1996’s ‘One Child’.

As on all previous chapters of the Savatage re-issues series, the album includes newly-written liner notes by Jon Oliva, who is sharing his memories about all Savatage videos.
Fans looking for unreleased and rare bonus tracks will be happy to discover a lot of extra audio content on the DVD: ‘Shotgun Innocence’, ‘Forever After’, one instrumental acoustic version of ‘Voyage’, live versions of ‘Stare Into The Sun’ and ‘Conversation Piece’ recorded in Japan (but NOT included on the official live CD) and the piano version of ‘Sleep’. The bonus track ‘Larry Elbows’ deserves a special mention: this previously unreleased song didn’t make it on the original “Streets: A Rock Opera” album due to time limits and is finally available to all the fans that never forgot the creativity and the energy of this extraordinary band.

“I’m really excited for this version of īStreetsī to finally be released" – says Jon Oliva – “It was something different, an idea that Paul O’Neill had to take the progressive rock opera format to a bigger and better place than anything we had done, and anything I had heard anyone else doing before. This version of the album has only been floating around on bootlegs.”

Pre-order now! Click here!


CD Streets: A Rock Opera: Narrated Version

1. Streets
2. Narration to “Jesus”
3. Jesus Saves (Original Version)
4. Narration to “Tonight He Grins Again”
5. Tonight He Grins Again
6. Narration to “Strange Reality”
7. Strange Reality
8. Narration to “A Little Too Far”
9. A Little Too Far
10. Narration to “You’re Alive”
11. You’re Alive
12. Narration to “Sammy And Tex”
13. Sammy And Tex
14. Narration to “St. Patrick’s”
15. St. Patrick’s
16. Narration to “Can You Hear Me Now”
17. Can You Hear Me Now
18. Narration to “New York City Don’t Mean Nothing”
19. New York City Don’t Mean Nothing
20. Narration to “Ghost In The Ruins”
21. Ghost In The Ruins
22. Narration to “If I Go Away”
23. If I Go Away
24. Narration to “Agony And Ecstasy”
25. Agony And Ecstasy
26. Narration to “Heal My Soul”
27. Heal My Soul
28. Narration to “Somewhere In Time
29. Somewhere In Time
30. Believe
Bonus Track
31. Larry Elbows (previously unreleased)

DVD The Video Collection

1. Hall Of The Mountain King
2. 24 Hrs. Ago
3. Gutter Ballet
4. When The Crowds Are Gone
5. Jesus Saves
6. Edge Of Thorns
7. Sleep
8. Handful Of Rain
9. One Child

Bonus Audio Tracks
1. Sleep (piano version)
2. Stare Into The Sun (Live In Japan)
3. Conversation Piece (Live In Japan)
4. Voyage (Al Pitrelli acoustic instrumental)
5. Shotgun Innocence
6. Forever After"

3/2 Helloween
21/2 Inglorious
4/3 Wednesday 13
5/3 Wednesday 13
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Old 08-13-2013, 10:15 AM
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That's pretty intriguing.
2/24 - The Foundry
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Old 08-13-2013, 09:17 PM
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I used to see Savatage cd's all over pawnshops a few years back, never actually gave them a listen.
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