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Metallica -- Shanghai, China -- January 15th, 2017
August Burns Red -- Detroit, MI -- January 11th, 2017
Avenged Sevenfold -- Newcastle, England -- January 12th, 2017
Metallica -- Seoul, South Korea -- January 11th, 2017
False -- Minneapolis, MN -- January 7th, 2017

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All Shall Perish -- Toledo, OH -- August 5th, 2013

The 1st band was a local band from Bowling Green, OH called Affairs. I saw them open for Mychildren Mybride a few weeks ago. They're really cool. Check em out.

Betrayal played next. I saw them twice a few years ago on their tour w/ Bury Your Dead, For the Fallen Dreams, and Evergreen Terrace. Once again, they were really solid. They have a fill-in vocalist on this tour.

Reflections was next. I had heard of them but never heard their music. They only played about 4 songs, but they may have been the best band of the night. Tons of energy, and catchy heavy songs.

Obey The Brave came up next. Sadly, I missed their set on their tour earlier this year w/ Unearth & Whitechapel. Thankfully I got to see them here, and they killed it!

I've seen Within The Ruins a ton of times now, and they're starting to grow on me. I love that song "Feeding Frenzy."

I've seen Oceano 4 or 5x now. To quote Homer Simpson, "BORING!" Their music & their live show does absolutely nothing for me. On top of that, their singer kept bitching at the crowd for not moving enough. I don't understand why some bands think the audience exists to give the band a false sense of excellence. Newsflash, Mr. lead singer, your band is not very good. I do not like them, Sam I am.

All Shall Perish headlined. Every time I've seen them they've been fantastic. This show was good, but not nearly as killer as they usually are. I think a lot of that had to do w/ the small crowd. The venue probably holds 700, and there were MAYBE 120 people there. They're an amazing band, though, and this was a great lineup of bands. Here are some of the songs they played (missing a few and totally out of order, sorry):

My Retaliation
Stabbing to Purge Dissimulation
There Is No Business To Be Done On a Dead Planet
Herding the Brainwashed
There Is Nothing Left
1/11 ABR
1/24 np
2/18 Silent Planet
2/23 ATB
3/1 ETID
3/17 BOO
4/1 BYD
4/7 & 8 KsE
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