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Old 07-29-2013, 11:36 PM
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Warped Tour -- St Petersburg, FL -- July 26th, 2013

This was my first year ever covering Warped Tour, so I was pretty excited, the park the show was at is right on the water, so there was a nice cool breeze and it was only around 86 degrees out which was a pleasant surprise. As soon as the gates opened we grabbed our press passes/tickets and headed inside and over to the press tent to pick out our interviews, we ended up doing 13 throughout the day with the likes of Silverstein, TBDM, STYG and many more. (You can find all of our interviews + more at thenewfury.com

The first band I got to watch were the UK band While She Sleeps, and apparently this was their first show in Florida ever, so we figured we'd watch them. These guys are very similar to bands like the Architects and Blessthefall, but a little better, I didn't love their set but I somewhat enjoyed it, they were very energetic and seemed to be grateful to be there, which was cool, overall a decent way to start the day off.

The next band I was able to watch were Tampa locals Reveal Renew. This was my 8th time seeing these guys and they seem to top themselves every time, they were very energetic like always, but they seemed very grateful and happy to be able to play the Warped Tour date, and are without a doubt the best band that played the Insidious stage that day, they are by far my favorite central Florida local band, and I'll continue supporting them and seeing them live whenever I can, if you're a fan of hardcore music I recommend you check out their EP.

Now it was time for the band I was mostly anticipating, The Black Dahlia Murder. I've been a fan of these guys ever since Deflorate came out around 4 ears ago, and I'd never been able to see them so I was beyond excited for their set. As soon as they came on stage and started into "In Hell Is Where She Waits For Me" it was chaos. It was pretty funny because half the crowd were obviously there specifically for TBDM, and the other half couldn't comprehend what they were hearing. And I was pleasantly surprised how incredibly tight this band are live, especially their vocalist Trevor, his vocals are better now than they've ever been, and I especially enjoyed when they had two guys dressed in ape costumes come out and fight during "Statutory Ape". All In All on of the 3 best bands on the entire tour, and for those of you who missed them, they will be back in the fall on a headlining tour.

Next band were The Wonder Years, they are probably my favorite pop punk band out there right now and I had never seen them so I made sure to check them out, and they did not disappoint. Dan Campbell is in my opinion the best vocalist in pop punk, and his short speech he gave in the middle of their set was great. TWY are absolutely flawless live, very energetic, crystal clear sounding and all while putting on an incredible performance, I'll definitely go see them whenever I get I get a chance too.

Now it was time for the ska masters Reel Big Fish. There are no words to describe just how fun this band are live, they do everything from interpreted dances to having the crowd square dance, to even using guttural vocals on one song, they even had a impressive sized mosh pit for a couple songs. Reel Big Fish are a must see band if you go to Warped tour this year, I've seen them three times now and they never get boring.

Next were the last band of the day for me, Letlive. There is really only one word to describe Letlive's live show, "perfect". Letlive's vocalist Jason Butler is without a doubt one of the best vocalists out there right now, he pulls up the harsh hardcore style vocals, and the beautifully dark melodies, not to mention this guys is absolutely nuts live. Jason Butler is incapable of not climbing something, or jumping off something high during their set, he jumped into the bay behind the stage towards the end of their set. Letlive are one of those bands you will never fully understand until you see them live, they are definitely (or at least should) going to win some sort of "best new band" or "best upcoming band" award at the end of the year, and their new album "The Blackest Beautiful" is a top 10 album of the year no question, so if you get the chance to see this band live, do NOT pas it up.

While She Sleeps setlist

1)Death Toll
2)Dead Behind The Eyes
3)Our Courage, Our Cancer
4)This Is The Six
5)Seven Hills

The Black Dahlia Murder

1)In Hell Is Where She Waits For Me
2)Goat Of Departure
3)Into The Everblack
4)Den Of The Picquerist
5)Statutory Ape
6)What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse
7)Funeral Thirst

The Wonder Years

1)Passing Through A Screen Door
2)Local Man Ruins Everything
3)Woke Up Older
4)Washing Square Park
5)Dismantling Summer
6)Don't Let Me Cave In
7)The Bastards, The Vultures, The Wolves
8)Logan Circle
9)Came Out Swinging

Reel Big Fish

1)Sell Out
2)Thank You For Not Moshing
3)Everyone Else Is An Asshole
4)Your Guts (I Hate Em')
5)Another F.U Song
6)She Has A Girlfriend Now feat. Beebz
7)Call Me Maybe (partial Carly Rae Jepson cover)
9)Take On Me (A-Ha cover)


1)Le Prologue
2)The Sick, Sick, 6.8 Billion
3)H. Ledger
4)Banshee (Ghost Fame)
6)27 Club
7)Renegade 86'

I also went to the Orlando date 2 days later, so I'm going to review it as well rather than make 2 pages. (again we did interviews so I only saw a few bands)

First band I saw were Texas In July, i only stayed for 2 songs and they were solid, not really a fan but they're definitely better than most of the metalcore garbage that's going around nowadays.

Next I saw half of Upon A Burning Body's set, and they absolutely killed it, I have to say before I saw them at Mayhem fest last year I thought they were a joke, but after seeing them I became a fan. UABB's vocalist is definitely one of the most talented deathcore vocalists ever. UABB are always a good time live, so go check them out if you get a chance.

Next band I saw were Silverstein, again I only saw half the set, and it was the first I had seen them in three years, and they have only gotten better, I love how even though they came up around with a lot of the awful post-hardcore bands they strayed away from breakdowns for the most part, and their vocalist Shane always sounds phenomenal, and now I really want to see a headlining set from them.

After a few interviews I caught the second half of Letlive's set and as before it was phenomenal, definitely go see them as soon as they come near you.

Next were round two for The Black Dahlia Murder, and as good as they were in St Pete they were 10x better this time, it also helped that they had a great crowd this time.

After a couple last interviews we went to watch The Architects (UK), and after two songs they shut down Warped tour because it started lightning, so we headed out, but what I did hear from the Architects was solid, nothing really special but it was pretty decent, very energetic.
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Old 07-30-2013, 11:17 AM
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Cool review and agree with dat letlive. love.
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We ended up interviewing the following bands, two of the interviews are already up on the website ( thenewfury.com ) and we're going to upload a couple every other day.

Stick To Your Guns (already up)
While She Sleeps (already up)
MC Lars
Reel Big Fish
The Wonder Years
Man Overboard
August Burns Red
Billy The Kid
The Indecent
We Came As Romans
The Amity Affliction
The Architects

3 others I'm forgetting
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letlive, reel big fish, the black dahlia murder, the wonder years, while she sleeps

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