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Intronaut -- Ybor City, FL -- June 26th, 2013

Venue - The Orpheum
Date - June 26th, 2013

I had been awaiting this night since the tour was announced, I've been a big fan of all 3 bands for a while, so I knew there was no way I could miss it, even though up until 2 hours before I got to the venue I had no ride or way there, cut it a little close but I made it.

I was originally suppose to interview Intronaut but we never got the contact info in the email (also have a STS email interview), but I was still on both guests lists so my friend and I just walked in to find there were less than 20 people in the building (not including bands/crews) which was pathetic, the crowd got big for STS but it pisses me off when people won't come early and check out the locals. I ended up running into Sasha from Intronaut and mentioned who I worked with and what happened with the email and contact info, he apologized and offered to do an email interview, so at least we're still getting one, which was nice of him to do.

There were two locals playing the show (both are instrumental bands), and after a short wait the first band Auto!Automatic!! took the stage. This band are in the same vein as Scale The Summit, but they use a lot of guitar and pedal effects to create a sometimes spacy sound, they're definitely one of the better Tampa local bands out there, go check them out if you haven't.

Up next were the other locals Set And Setting, these guys happy people's attentions from the second they loaded the second drum set onto the stage. This band sort of reminded me of Sounds Of Animals Fighting in a way, their two drummers were melodizing just as well as the two guitarists, together it made for a spacy, ambient and melodic wave of sound, also I should mention this was the first show for the band having a second guitarist, so props to him for pulling it off. Never has a local band I've previously never heard of impressed me so much, definitely going to have to pick up their album when I can.

And now it was time for the band I was most exited for, MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT. I discovered this band nearly two years ago and in those two years they never once played Florida, so I was beyond excited about seeing this band. MOTA are one of those rare bands nowadays that put their absolute everything into their playing, which made for a more intense performance, their musicianship is some of the best I've ever heard or seen live and I encourage everyone who has never heard of this band to go check out their album "Quietly". My absolute and only complaint was they only had a 4 song set, it was still worth coming out to see, but I hope I can catch a longer set of theirs in the future.

Once they took down all of MOTA's equipment they began setting up for the band people were obviously mainly there to see, Scale The Summit. I was glad to see this band were on the bill because I have missed seeing them live 4 times in the last years so it was a great bonus to an already incredible lineup. Scale The Summit showed that they are amongst the best when it comes to musicianship and technicality, their set was at times intense and heavy, others it was almost soothing. Also I haven't seen two guitarists melodize as well as they did in quite a while, they deserve much more recognition than they get. If you haven't seen them live and you're even remotely a fan of their music I highly recommend you go see them next time they come through your city.

Once Scale the Summit ended I'd say a third of the entire audience left the venue, apparently this has been happening almost every night of the tour, which is absurd, because Intronaut are one of the extremely few bands I can say are absolute perfection live, there are very few bands I've seen live that were as tight and on queue which each other. I was mostly excited to hear music off their latest release Habitual Levitations, which most "hardcore" Intronaut fans weren't happy with due to the lack of guttural vocals, but personally I think it's a better album than Valley Of Smoke, although I do enjoy everything they've ever released. They also had a cool light/laser show going on which I assume is a direct influence from opening for Tool earlier this year. The thing I loved most about the new album was when Sasha and Dave would harmonize, and as great as it is on album, it's 10x better live, there are very few who can harmonize as well as the two, both with vocals and on guitar. I personally feel Intronaut are one of the essential must see live bands for any metal fan, plain and simple.


1)Killing Birds With Stones
2)Milk Leg
3)The Welding
4)Core Relations
6)Sore Sight For Eyes
9)The Literal Black Cloud

Scale The Summit

1)The Dark Horse
2)Age Of The Tide
5)Atlas Novus
6)The Great Plains
7)The Olive Tree
8)The Traveler

Mouth Of The Architect

2)Sharpen Your Eyes
3)Hate And Heartache
4)How This Will End
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