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Roxy Music -- Toronto, Ontario -- July 16th, 2001

Roxy Music
Support: Rufus Wainwright
Date: July 16th, 2001
Venue: the Air Canada Center in Toronto, Ontario

I went to this show with my dad. It was WAY out of my budget at the time (as I was unemployed) but Roxy Music have been his favorite band for close to forty years (thirty at the time of this concert) so it was akin to my son going with me to see Mr. Bungle in twenty years. If they ever get back together.

Rufus Wainwright is a popular Canadian pop artist who never really broke out. Iím sure he has his fans but heís stayed off the radar for most of his career and hasnít ďbrokenĒ into the mainstream just yet. I doubt he ever will. He is actually pretty good but I like his interviews better then his music. He seems like a pretty nice guy. My dad seemed to think his dad was an artist from the 1970ís. Further investigation informs that he is but Iím not familiar with his father or his music. According to setlist.fm one of the songs he played (One Man Guy) is a cover of one of his fathers songs. And my dad recognized that. I remember enjoying Rufusí set but it was a little long for an opener.

Rufus Wainwright
1. Complainte de la Butte 

2. Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk 

3. Grey Gardens 

4. Poses 

5. April Fools 

6. One Man Guy
7. Greek Song 

8. In My Arms 

9. California

This show was HUGE for my dad since it was the first time Roxy Music had gotten back together with four of the original members in over twenty years. The big highlight was Brian Ferry, Andy Mackay (saxophone) and Phil Manzanera (guitar). But little mention was made that their original drummer Paul Thompson was in the band as well and something is sticking in my head that the bass player at this show was a guy from one of their earlier albums too (they never had a steady bass player). Noticeably absent was Brian Eno. I never loved Roxy Music as much as my dad, I donít think thatís possible, but I really enjoyed their first couple of albums. So I thought it was cool that they started the show off with three really good songs from those albums. Then the concert hit a huge snag for me: ten songs in a row that Iíd never heard in my life and wasnít too impressed with. I was really bored during that part of the show until the John Lennon cover Jealous Guy. Then they finally played something Iíd heard (Editions of You, which I don't even really like but was just glad I knew) and I was happy the show was back on track. But I knew it was almost over. Which it was. Thankfully, the encore was mint. Iíd never heard Love is the Drug but I thought it was pretty cool and I like Do the Strand. But For Your Pleasure is one of my favorite songs from any band. I didnít think theyíd play that and was so happy they did. In the end, there were a lot of songs off the first three albums I really wouldíve liked to hear but Iím sure a lot of people who listened to them in the 1970s and early 1980s were really happy with the whole set, including that ten song lull. My dad loved the show. Imagine if your favorite band got back together after twenty years and put on a great show. That was this for him. I think he said heíd seen them in Toronto in 1974 and a couple other times. And Iím pretty sure he went with my mom to see them a couple years after this. Iím not sure what kept me from going, because Iíd see them again. Ten song lull or not. For Your Pleasure is worth it alone.

Roxy Music
1. Re-Make/Re-Model 

2. Street Life 

3. Ladytron 

4. While My Heart Is Still Beating 

5. Out of the Blue 

6. A Song for Europe 

7. My Only Love 

8. Oh Yeah 

9. Both Ends Burning 

10. Tara 

11. Avalon 

12. Dance Away 

13. Jealous Guy
14. Editions of You 

15. Virginia Plain 

16. Love Is the Drug 

17. Do the Strand 

18. For Your Pleasure
01/07 -- Slave to the Grind Festival
01/21 -- Alcest

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