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Convictions -- Toledo, OH -- December 3rd, 2016
Blind Guardian -- Worcester, MA -- September 16th, 2016
It Lies Within -- Toledo, OH -- December 2nd, 2016
Dark Tranquillity -- Mesa, AZ -- December 3rd, 2016
Spoken -- Westland, MI -- November 30th, 2016

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Bolt Thrower -- Austin, TX -- May 31st, 2013

Magic Circle (missing one or two)
Scream Evil
Conquering Nocternity
Winter Light

Fallen in Disease
Convocation of Crawling Chaos
Thrones Turned to Rust
Deathless Ascension
Rotten Flesh Crucifix
* new song *

Bolt Thrower (missing one or two)
The IVth Crusade
When Glory Beckons *dedicated to Jeff Hanneman*
Anti-Tank (Dead Armour)
Where Next To Conquer
...For Victory
World Eater
No Guts, No Glory
In Battle There Is No Law
Powder Burns

This was the lineup of Chaos In Tejas this year that I was most looking forward to, finally a chance to see the almighty Bolt Thrower. And from all accounts of the past week this was set to be a show of epic proportions. With Mammoth Grinder set to play at 6:30 they opened the doors at 6 while a line of us had been in the baking Texas sun for about 45 minutes. But luckily I had hydrated well with beer and water at nearby bar for a couple hours before hopping in line. The venue was a big hangar type room with an outdoor area with merch and food, it's a place that they only have open for sxsw sometimes. I got there early, not only to see music, but to get through the Bolt Thrower merch line. However BT’s merch wasn’t set up until a couple hours later. I went to the outside area and grabbed a Cruciamentum tour shirt and waited in line for a Magic Circle shirt while Mammoth Grinder started inside. I got in to catch their last couple songs and they sounded great. Up next was Magic Circle, whose first LP that came out this year is excellent and performance at CiT last year was captivating. This year was no different. Being familiar with the material made the set even more satisfying. They were the most mellow band of the night, but their Dio/Sabbath heavy metal vibes were undeniably awesome.

We went back outside after Magic Circle and at some point saw people coming out with Bolt Thrower shirts and went in to find that they had opened to BT merch booth inside. So I ended up spending about 20 minutes in line while Imprecation played, which worked out well because it was just to the left side of the stage. With my two BT shirts in hand we made our way to the middle and watched Imprecation close out their black/death set with a call of “death to hipsters and crusties”! After they finished my friend realized he lost his smokes, so we went around the corner to a gas station and I grabbed a much needed gatorade. It had to be close to 100 degrees in the venue with almost no ventilation and extremely humid. I was sweating just imagining what it was going to be like during BT.

When we got back Iron Lung was playing and we caught a couple songs. They sounded pretty good for a two piece band. I hadn’t listened to them before, but they were good enough that I want to check out their material. Next was one of the other sets I was really looking forward to, Cruciamentum’s final US performance. Their set of death metal sounded great even though their vocalist’s voice was a little shot. The brutal slow chug of Rotten Flesh Crucifix was the highlight of their set personally. 2013 might be the end of their live performances, but I am glad they will record more especially since the new song they played sounded very strong.

After Cruciamentum finished the metalheads made their way outside for some air while the crusties crammed in for Tragedy. I don’t care much for them so we sat outside and saved our feet for Bolt Thrower. After chatting about past shows and whatnot for a while Tragedy wrapped up and we saw the stream of punks coming back outside, so we went in and got a spot in the center about halfway between the stage and sound booth. As more and more people took their spots it got warmer and sweatier as the minutes passed. They got all soundchecked and Bolt Thrower actually started their set about 5 minutes before scheduled kicking off with The IVth Crusade. Since security is kind of nonexistent at Chaos In Tejas there were just constant stage divers throughout Bolt Thrower’s set. All of the stellar reports of the previous shows set the bar high, but BT had no problem surpassing any expectations I could have had. I had to step outside for a song in the middle to get some air and use my phone for a moment (no signal inside) so I missed a song or maybe two. At the end I felt like I was back in high school being blown away by a metal show for one of the first times.
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Damn this was a great lineup and sounds like a great time! How much did the ticket for this show cost? If ever i suddenly get rich or something, I'd love to do the MDF-CiT trip!
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Sounds like an epic time! I'm also glad that Bolt Thrower got a decent set time with no restrictions like they had at MDF.
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Originally Posted by xa123 View Post
Damn this was a great lineup and sounds like a great time! How much did the ticket for this show cost? If ever i suddenly get rich or something, I'd love to do the MDF-CiT trip!
This show was $30. You can usually do all the metal at Chaos for under $100.
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Nice. I would love to see Magic Circle live.
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bolt thrower, cruciamentum, magic circle

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