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Old 02-12-2013, 07:18 AM
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Uli Jon Roth -- Whitemarsh, MD -- February 7th, 2013

Full Review

I went to see Uli Jon Roth the other night up in Whitemarsh
(My initial setlist was a bit off in the above review, but after some updates the below is more accurate). about 100 people showed up, maybe a little less. I expected a way bigger turnout based on the Schenker show a few months ago.

This tour was billed as 2 hrs of old ass Scorpions songs (and I assumed Hendrix stuff too as is his want). Gojira was the same night in my area, but I figured Gojira would be back and Uli may die before he comes around again AND when else are you going to hear these Scorpions songs LIVE again!?

Uli sounded fantastic and played straight from his heart. Eyes closed for the most part, rarely if ever looking down. Mostly his gaze was over the crowd at the dozens of adoring fans, mesmerized by the living legend. Good lord that guy plays beautifully.

I was about 10 ft from Uli for the most part, and the vocals when he sang sounded horrible. The Faux Russell Allen that he had singing sounded OK, but a bit muddled. At least up front. The guitars, however, sounded great- so I didn't really mind. He had a young 16 yr old British scene-looking kid (ewok sideswept bangs, v neck shirt, skinny jeans, argh), who looks like a tool but played great- so I can't complain too much. I am curious as to where that kid is going in the future! On stage with Uli, playing toe to toe... (he had lead vox and guitar on Purple Haz)... wow.

Highlights for me were '..Charon' and 'Pictured Life.' So great hearing these old songs. HOWEVER I think there is still some ambiguity cause there were a couple songs I had to look up and maybe one more that I thought may have been an extended solo/intro/outro. SORRY.

Uli sounded much better standing in the back of the venue, a lot clearer vocals, but the time I walked to the back, he had shredded past what I assume was his bedtime, and then *I* was the one who had to take a seat.

TLDR; If you like old Scorpions or great guitarists, you NEED to see this show

(10:37- 12:49)
  • All Night Long(Scorpions song)
  • Longing for Fire(Scorpions song)
  • Crying Days(Scorpions song)
  • They Need a Million(Scorpions song)
  • Evening Wind(Scorpions song)
  • The Sails of Charon(Scorpions song)
  • Hell Cat(Scorpions song) (Uli sings)
  • We'll Burn the Sky(Scorpions song)
  • In Trance(Scorpions song)
  • I've Got to Be Free(Scorpions song)
  • (Unknown) (May have been another song here)
  • Polar Nights(Scorpions song) (may have been before Dark Lady, not positive)
  • Dark Lady(Scorpions song)
  • Pictured Life(Scorpions song)
  • Catch Your Train(Scorpions song)
  • All Along the Watchtower(Bob Dylan cover)
  • If 6 Was 9(The Jimi Hendrix Experience cover)
  • Little Wing(Jimi Hendrix cover)
  • Purple Haze(The Jimi Hendrix Experience cover) (other guitarist sang)
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