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Fantomas -- Toronto, Ontario -- December 7th, 1999

Support: Kid 606
Date: December 7th, 1999
Venue: the Opera House in Toronto, Ontario
Source: http://bbs.bunglefever.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=525471

Iíd seen Mr. Bungle about a month before this show. And like I said in that review it was the best show Iíve ever seen in my life and started a Mike Patton love affair that lasted until Tomahawks second album. I donít even know if Iíd heard the entire Fantomas album at this point but I knew Patton was in this band, and I knew that Dave Lombardo was in it and Buzz from the Melvins, all bands I liked so I figured why not go.

The opener was a dude with a laptop called Kid606 who was signed to Pattonís Ipecac records at the time. His music was like a more broken sounding Aphex Twin. Just heavily distorted and spastic techno. It really didnít go over very well with the crowd. But I give the guy credit for having the balls to go up there all by himself in front of a crowd who wanted nothing to do with him and play music he enjoyed.

I know Buzz came out to do his own sound check, and I think Dave and Trevor may have too. Patton obviously didnít.

This show was an awesome and totally different experience from Mr. Bungle a month earlier. Instead of the circus of Mr. Bungle this was more akin to any metal show in a small club, just with some really famous people playing it. I somehow ended up right at the rail in front of Patton and it was pretty painful, but I wasnít fucking moving. He was very odd, to say the least. He had this miniature cat on his keyboard and he kept petting it and saying ďkittyĒ in the very creepy voice. But I donít think he was doing it for effect or for the crowd or anything. Some girl even jumped on stage at one point and tried to pet the kitty and he slapped her hand away and scolded her.

I have no idea why they played the whole album in order except the last four songs, and why they wouldn't have played Page 30. The Slayer medley got the crowd insane. I think they played segments and riffs from Criminally Insane, Angel of Death, Postmortem, Altar of Sacrifice and Necrophobic.

1. Page 01
2. Page 02
3. Page 03
4. Page 04
5. Page 05
6. Page 06
7. Page 08
8. Page 09
9. Page 10
10. Page 12/Page13
11. Simply Beautiful
12. Page 14
13. Page 15
14. Page 16
15. Page 17
16. Page 18
17. Page 19
18. Page 20
19. Page 22
20. Page 23
21. Page 24
22. Page 26
23. Page 27
24. Page 28
25. Page 29
26. Page 11
27. Page 25
28. Page 21
29. Page 07
30. Chariot Choogle

31. Slayer Medley
01/07 -- Slave to the Grind Festival
01/21 -- Alcest

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I'm jealous you got to see Mike Patton in his prime several times. I missed the FNM reunion, i'm hoping they do a Tomahawk tour sometime soon.
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fantomas, kid606

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