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Alcest -- Toronto, Ontario -- January 21st, 2017
Mayhem -- Toronto, ON -- January 21st, 2017
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Ash Borer -- Vancouver, British Columbia -- January 20th, 2017
Joe Walsh -- Las Vegas, NV -- January 13th, 2017

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Old 12-07-2012, 11:24 AM
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Landmine Marathon -- Scottsdale, AZ -- December 5th, 2012

Arrived at the venue just in time to catch openers Biocidio. This is a great up and coming grind band from Phoenix. I've seen them play a bunch of times now, and they seem to get better every time. They also seem to have a different line up every time, with only the drummer and guitarist remaining constant. To the best of my knowledge, they have two demos out. Look them up if you're into old school grindcore in the vein of Terrorizer.

Next up was The Order, a new school hardcore band featuring the ex-vocalist of Where Eagles Dare and Red Son. I didn't catch much of their set, due to loading in gear, but what I saw was pretty good for this style. I'm more old-school when it comes to hardcore, not really into breakdowns that much, but these guys did it well and had a lot of energy on stage.

The first two bands unfortunately played to a sparse crowd, but the floor filled in quite nicely by the time we were up. I guess there was some pit action during Sorrower's set, but I couldn't tell because of the bright lights in my face. I hate stages, I'd much rather have no separation between band and crowd. Overall I thought we had another good set, and after 4 shows on vocals I'm starting to get a bit more used to it. This was our last show until February, we start recording in early January.

Sorrower setlist:

Turn To Stone
Self Inflicted
Died For Nothing
Endless Struggle
Head In the Sand
To the Bone
Walking Corpse
Untitled New Song
Bleeding Out
No Love Lost
Police Story (Black Flag cover)

Next up was another of my favorite AZ bands, the mighty Seas Will Rise. They played a lot of new material, plus a few choice cuts from their "Disease Is Our Refrain" LP. The new material is a bit heavier, with a definite sludge influence. Eric told me they have 9 new songs altogether and will be recording a new LP early next year. I can't wait, if you haven't seen or heard these guys, do yourself a favor! Fans of From Ashes Rise, Struck By Lightning, or Trap Them will enjoy these guys.

Seas Will Rise setlist:

A Sleeper's Cell
Oldest New Song*
Wash Out and Rust
Punk Banger*
Population Zero
Eviction Notice
Dread Whip*
Epic Song*

*taken off set list onstage, obviously working titles

After Seas Will Rise came Landmine Marathon, and the debut of new vocalist Krysta Martinez. Obviously Grace Perry left some large shoes to fill, but Krysta accomplished the job admirably. I'd seen her perform in Transient on numerous occasions, and couldn't think of a better choice for Landmine. This was one of the best performances I have ever seen from them. The new blood seemed to invigorate the rest of the band. The show was tight and energetic. The set was heavy on material from "Gallows" but they threw in a few from the previous two albums as well. No new material yet, but I know they are currently working on writing a new record.

Landmine Marathon setlist:

Three Snake Leaves
Shadows Fed To Tyrants
Bile Towers
Beaten and Left Blind
Dead Horses
Red Days

The onstage setlist that I got this from had a bit torn off it on the bottom, and there was another partial song title after Red Days, possibly Rise With the Tide, but I'm fairly sure they ended on Red Days. I was kinda hammered by that time though, so I could be mistaken. Either way, great show with a bunch of friends' bands. Good times were had by all.
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Pretty short for a headlining set. Nonetheless, it must have been badass. I wish they would cross the border someday.
8/6 - SubRosa

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Sounds like an awesome show! I was a big fan of Grace but I'm excited to see how they do with Krysta.
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landmine marathon, seas will rise, sorrower

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