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Alcest -- Toronto, Ontario -- January 21st, 2017
Mayhem -- Toronto, ON -- January 21st, 2017
The Pretty Reckless -- London, England -- January 21st, 2017
Ash Borer -- Vancouver, British Columbia -- January 20th, 2017
Joe Walsh -- Las Vegas, NV -- January 13th, 2017

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Unearth -- Lake Worth, FL -- November 12th, 2012

The Contortionist

4)Geocentric Confusion

Born of Osiris

1)Empires Erased
4)Follow the Signs
5)Two Worlds Of Designs
7)Abstract Art
9)Bow Down
10)Now Arise


1)The Great Dividers
2)Watch It Burn
3)Arise the War Cry
4)This Lying World
5)Shadows In The Light
6)This Glorious Nightmare
8)Zombie Autopilot
10)Black hearts now Reign
11)My Will be Done

Okay so this was my first concert going completely alone, I was gonna go with my friends but they pulled some dick moves and ditched me. I considered not going but I missed Unearth the last 2 times they were here and I wasn't taking another chance, especially in such a small venue. So my dad took me to the venue and dropped me off around 5 (it was a 10-15 minute drive). Venue told me doors won't open for another hour so me and my dad just walked around the town for a bit. When it turned 6, I got my ticket and went in and my dad went home. Wasn't so packed but you could tell it would be soon enough.
First band came on, local, Omissions. Still possibly the worst band I've heard in my life, completely serious.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/p84Z512KR6I" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
I know there are worse but fuck is it boring/awful. No redeeming qualities. Awful.
Then came the next band Wolves At The Gate. God awful as well, boring, had some energy but their music wasn't my thing. Ultimately forgettable, haven't got much to say except I do remember their 10 minute bible quoting. Never again.
Next was Obey the Brave, they were better than the past two but thats not saying much. They did have energy for what it's worth, but I wasn't into their type of "hardcore". Just not my thing I guess.
Finally came one of the bands I wanted to see The Contortionist. I don't like their new album much, but Exoplanet is fucking awesome so I was excited to hear stuff off it. As I guessed, the calm was boring during their new stuff which they opened up with. It was calm and not bad by any means, just boring. The first two songs were like that they went into Flourish everyone went nuts and they sounded awesome. The energy picked up from there and continued, sadly though it wasn't for too long since their set was so short. It was unfortunate but they did impress me regardless of time. Though it may seem like a stupid complaint, they seem to try to hard to be the next BTBAM.
I wasn't looking forward to Born of Osiris much since I heard so many bad things about them at Warped, but I did like their new album so I was slightly excited to see them. It was also obvious they were the main attraction, the venue sold out at this point packed with kids who acted like it's their first concert. Seriously some kid put his arms out in the middle of the crowd, not cause there was a pit but because he wanted breathing room, kinda a dick thing in a packed bar with no air conditioning. The band opened up with dubstep which already scared me, but thankfully when they got up on stage my fears went away, they were great. The vocals sounded just like on record and everything sounded awesome. I wasn't a huge fan but they did impress me. They put on a great show. Also I don't know if I wasn't paying attention but their keyboardist wasn't there...?
After almost 3 hours of complete shit and 2 of decent stuff, it was finally time for Unearth. A lot of the kids left and the bigger hardcore/metal heads came out and filled up the venue decently. I stood dead center where Trevor would come out and after 30 minutes of agony, they finally did. He just walked up and told us to go nuts. From there they blasted into The Great Dividers. Headbanging and singing along came with mass chaos. Trevor would constantly grab my head and yell over me then headbang with me to make up for being annoying to me at time. I didn't care I was loving it. During the song, during the initial breakdown half way through, it got nuts. Everyone was going crazy, punching, moshing, pushing, everything. I got so caught up in the chaos I got knocked in the mouth to the point where blood was spilling out my mouth and I thought I had lost a tooth. I asked the chick next to me if I lost a tooth, she managed to tell me it was just lots of blood. So I decided to forget and continue with the song cause adrenaline was bursting out of me(I've been having a few rough weeks so all my aggression and anger was exploding out of me). Then came the build up to the breakdown(still on the Great Dividers, I'm basically giving a play by play at this point ) But the greatest thing happened to me, because as soon as it began I put my foot on stage and instead of pointing me the mic, Trevor pulls me up, puts his arm around me, faces the crowd and we switch on and off yelled "Take over the world... Does hate mean freedom?... divide our home.... etc" The whole way through and helped me stage dive into a crowd and land on my feet. In which everyone exploded. It was probably the greatest concert moment of my life, I felt like the center of everything and it felt awesome. After the song, I quickly ran to the bathroom, spit all the blood out, cleaned my mouth out a bit, etc. Then ran back about 1 minute in Watch it Burn, I just chilled, headbanged, and yelled the words from there. I was afraid of actually losing my teeth if I get hit again. I stayed there for Arise the War Cry, never been big on the song but it was awesome live. Then This Lying World came on, first note jumped on stage and stood dead center as the song was building up. Ken was to my left and Trevor to my right. Trevor gave me a nod of approval and a fist bump and told people to come closer, as he yelled "OH" setting off the song I jumped into the crowd and crowd surfed a good while then landed on my feet. I continued going nuts but not as much through Shadows in the Light and This Glorious Nightmare. Then went nuts again during Endless, stage dove again and just went nuts. After Trevor looked at the set, which said Giles(one of my all time favorites). He talked with the band and said he was supposed to switch the setlist around but instead they'll just play an extra song. With that they burst into Zombie Autopilot After it was finally Giles, which I think I burst a lung too and again stage dived more too. After Giles was Black Hearts Now Reign, in which I stage dove one last time and chilled till the end. During the breakdown of Black Hearts, the drummer burst into a drum solo, right before it. This lasted over a minute and was very impressive, he did awesome and I don't know if it was done before cause the whole band seemed a bit lost and he kept going. They then played My Will be Done, which sounded awesome and they killed it. After the show Trevor thanked me and I thanked him back and gave the whole band fist bumps and the drummer gave me his stick, which was sweet.
Overall, the line up wasn't that great but Unearth made it worth all the wait by putting on the best show of the year.
Also 3 days later, I have a punch of cuts all in my mouth due to getting punched, it's a bitch.
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Sounds like a great time and I'm jelly that you got to see This Glorious Nightmare, Probably my favorite song that I haven't heard them play live. Unearth shows are always crazy and a shitload of fun. No matter what the lineup they always make it worth it (Although I do like this lineup save for Obey the Brave and Wolves at the Gate).
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Fucking sick review, dude! Unearth are always so good live
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Wow, that sounds really awesome, dude! Makes me really want to see Unearth again. I thought they were kinda boring when I saw them three years ago and I don't really remember the first time I saw them at Ozzfest '06.

Also, I hope BOO's keyboardist left the band or something. He is like the worst part of their live performance. He just comes off as a major douchebag.
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Sweet review! Sounds awesome. Every time Ive seen Unearth I sang into the mic cuz I crowdsurfed and Trevor came into the crowd. Such a fun band live!
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Originally Posted by mastodon421 View Post
(Although I do like this lineup save for Obey the Brave and Wolves at the Gate).
I like The Contortionist a lot more, but OBT were better live by a lot, they completely surprised me.
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Originally Posted by TheNobleFaceHumper View Post
I like The Contortionist a lot more, but OBT were better live by a lot, they completely surprised me.
I disagree. I saw Obey the Brave at NEMHF earlier this year and they were just alright. They reminded me of a much weaker version of The Ghost Inside.
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born of osiris, the contortionist, unearth

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