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W.A.S.P. -- Varberg, Sweden -- October 6th, 2012


Varberg, SWE - Sparbankshallen

Opening bands: Badmouth, Engel

This was my last time seeing this band, Blackie wonīt screw me out of my money anymore. Out of the promised 2 hour-extravaganza celebrating the bandīs 30 years we got the standard shitty 80-minute set. (I donīt call two full intros + a drumsolo celebrating any bands heritage...).

The first three songs were actually quite nice, but then - as always - here come the prerecorded vocals. Most of the remaining songs
had between 30% and 100% prerecordings. Forever free does not have one single livesung note. Very very sad.

Goodbye Blackie. I love what you were, I loathe what you have become. Your lack of respect for your longtime fans is mindboggling.

FIRST SET (first four albums only - 40 minutes but supposed to be 1 hour)
01. Intro
02. On your knees (partial)
03. The torture never stops (partial)
04. The real me
05. L.O.V.E. machine
06. Wild child
07. Sleeping (in the fire) (first half)
08. Forever free (second half) / Martin Luther King speech
09. The headless children
10. I wanna be somebody

SECOND SET (The Crimson Idol)
11. Titanic overture
12. The crimson idol medley
13. The idol
14. The great misconceptions of me / Spinal Tap advertisement spoof

THIRD SET (supposed to be newer songs, old songs, classics and everything in between - you be the judge)
15. Drum solo
16. Heavenīs hung in black
17. Blind in Texas
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No surprise that he dropped The Heretic, but then again if he's not gonna play the whole thing he might as well not play it.
I rate this thread: hidden dildog out of 10.
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