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Accept -- Detroit, MI -- October 8th, 2012

The almighty Accept once again graced Detroit and Blondie's with their presence on this wonderful metal monday evening. We got to the venue and we were immediately approached by one of the local openers, that if they didn't sell any tickets they couldn't play. Who was i to be the one to deny Dark Avenger there chance to open for Accept.

We got there as one of the locals, Wulfhook were finishing. Their use of matching metal vests was quite wonderful. Borrowed Time (another local band) played after them. These guys were definately the perfect pick to be playing this show, as they played some serious catchy classic heavy metal. I don't know how the rest of the audience felt, but i was bouncing up and down with pure delight on the inside, as they played Black Demon (a Running Wild classic). Dark Avenger played after. They were a cover band, that covered only classic heavy metal. Tis a nice change to hear a cover band rather than a local opener. They were quite good and their set list was as follows.

1. Electric Eye (Judas Priest)
2. The Prisoner (Iron Maiden)
3. Metal Daze (Manowar)
4. Cold Sweat (Thin Lizzy)
5. Denim and Leather (Saxon)
6. Battle Hymns (Manowar)

Me and my friend were able to get to the front for Accept. Reading on facebook, the day before that they were sick, i was dreading they would cancel the show. But turned out to be more than untrue as they delivered 20 classic songs (old and new). The band was extremely lively especially Peter and Wolf. Wolf's guitar was drowning at the beginning, but as the set went on it was fixed. The only one complaint i have is that right before Accept went on, two bouncers came to the front, and sat on the stage facing the audience, which they remained pretty much the entire show. The stage is only a couple feet high max. So everyone was told to move back a bit. Apparently either Accept or the venue didn't want anyone too close or touching the band/equipment. But besides that it didn't take away from the experience.

I really liked how they are focusing on the newer material, while the classics are amazing, the new drive and fire that has been put into the band the last couple years is energizing to say the least. Also a fun diddy, being so close to a setlist (which i tried my best not to look at), i thought i saw from the corner of my eye Animal House. It turned out to be Aiming High (which i wasn't expecting them to play since they played it last time). Wolf handed me and my friend picks, and than were off on our merry way through the slums of detroit back to Canada. Here's the setlist:

1. Hung, Drawn and Quartered
2. Hellfire
3. Restless and Wild
4. Losers and Winners
5. Stalingrad
6. Breaker
7. Bucket Full of Hate
8. Monsterman
9. Shadow Soldiers
10. Neon Nights
11. Bulletproof
12. Aiming High
13. Princess of the Dawn
14. Up To The Limit
15. No Shelter
16. Pandemic
17. Fast As A Shark
18. Metal Heart
19. Teutonic Terror
20. Balls To The Wall

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Damn, they must really really like BotN if they're playing as many songs from it as Stalingrad! This is a cool setlist, but it's almost entirely repeated from their headlining tour last year with the obvious exception of the Stalingrad songs. Hopefully they change it up a bit on their next headlining tour, though I would probably still have a fun time regardless of a repeat setlist or not.
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How was the attendance for the show? I was trying to make it but work got in the way.
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there was....

Originally Posted by TiradesOfTruth View Post
How was the attendance for the show? I was trying to make it but work got in the way.
Not as many as last time they came by Blondies, but there was still a fair amount. Since i was upfront for the last opener, and Accept, i didn't really get a good look at how many people were behind. It couldn't of been more than a 100 though.

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Originally Posted by Slasherous View Post
8. Monsterman
12. Aiming High
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