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Mourning Beloveth - New Album

Information released 12 hours ago via Mourning Beloveth's Facebook.

"Itís been a while since an update, as (un)usual, and we have been quite busy. We played a good dirty set at The Burning Oak Festival in Cork with Triptykon and we have been working on a few gigs for next year as I am sure some of you will have noticed with the Roadburn announcement. And to mark the occasion of the 10 year anniversary of The Sullen Sulcus album we will be releasing it on vinyl for the first time and playing the whole album as our set in Roadburn, some of the songs have not been played since we recorded them so it should be an interesting night.

As for the album, well, we are crossing the ocean to Foel in Wales to record album 5 with a working title of Formless from October 15 to 25. The album should be released through Grau (along with a vinyl version) in January 2013. The album will be a double album and will have 6-7 songs with an approx running time of 75 minutes and there may even be an acoustic song to get your head around. Song titles include:

Disc 1
1.Theories of Old Bones
2 Ethics on the Precipice
3 Old Rope
4 Formless
5 Unnamed

Disc 2
1 Transmissions (working title)
2 Unnamed or unfinished

The album is loosely dealing with the grey matter of life we wade through each day, how there is no structure to anything anymore, nothing is defined and words are just words but have no meaning, be it in public or private life.
We have a new artist I am sure some of you are familiar with, Peter Rees, and for once I think the artwork will be finished around the same time as the album instead of having a six month struggle after the album is recorded to find something.

If we were to compare the new stuff with our previous album while ADFTA had an overall oppressive feel with repetitive riffs where each song could easily be part of any other song on the album Formless, while each song is part of the overall concept and the first 3 songs bleed into each other, each song will stand on itís own.

So hereís to the new year... be sure to wait slowly and donít be tempted to download or this could be our last..."

Source: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Mou...13101218776373
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Sweet. I enjoy A Disease For All Ages quite a bit.
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