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Old 08-03-2012, 11:00 AM
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A Homemade Compilation/Mix Thread

Because of an upcoming surgery, I wanted to post the track list of a mix of songs I made to be played going under for surgery, during my surgery, and/or in recovery. I even burned a copy for my surgeon as a keepsake. I called it Heavy Metal Anastomosis.

Time What is Time, by Blind Guardian
I am Legend/Out for Blood, by Arch Enemy
Overkill, by Motorhead
Winter's Wolves, by The Sword
Kick The Chair, by Megadeth
Hate Worldwide, by Slayer
Pure Hatred, by Chimaira
Powersurge, by Overkill
Creeping Death, by Metallica
Esoteric Surgery, by Gojira
All Hope is Gone, by Slipknot
In The Court of General Zod, by Gama Bomb
K.I.N.G, by Satyricon
Crownless, by Nightwish
Anthem (We are the Fire), by Trivium
Victory Will Come, by Kreator
Beyond the Realms of Death, by Judas Priest

This is in the tradition of the last CD I made for my cancer surgery two years ago (and cancer free until my next scan). Details can be found here.

Regardless of your reason, post your homemade mix tracklistings, detailing as little or as much as to why you created it. I realize the playlist is way of things now; this is about the more finite restrictions of the 80 minute CD or the more antiquated 90 minute cassette tape.
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Old 08-03-2012, 12:58 PM
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Good luck with your surgery dude!

Here's a playlist I made just in case I won MPF's radio show contest (he used to have contest where he would pick someone to choose the whole playlist for his radio show). I kept it in my itunes cause I like the playlist.

GWAR - Horror of Yig
Primus - Sgt. Baker
Bad Brains - Re-ignition
Sigh - Lucid Nightmares II: Somniphobia
Carnivore - Inner Conflict
Strapping Young Lad - Aaa
Mr. Bungle - My Ass is on Fire
Faith No More - King For A Day
Star Fucking Hipsters - Only Sleep
Dead Kennedys - We've Got a Bigger Problem Now
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yeah best of luck with your surgery

I have a 5 cd carousel so I made this a few years ago for when I BBQ outside with friends:

(max 2 songs\band except Maiden who has 3)

front cover

track listing:

01. War Pigs (live) (Black Sabbath) 02. Welcome To Hell (Venom) 03. Creeping Death (Metallica) 04. Freak (Bruce Dickinson) 05. The Final Product (Nevermore) 06. Caught In A Mosh (Anthrax) 07. The Hunt (Sepultura) 08. Room A Thousand Years Wide (Soundgarden) 09. The Goatriders Hordes (3 Inches Of Blood) 10. As I Am (Dream Theater) 11. Travel In Stygian (live) (Iced Earth) 12. Snaggletooth (Motörhead) 13. Painkiller (Judas Priest) 14. Ain't Talking 'Bout Love (live) (Van Halen) 15. Would? (Alice In Chains)

01. Hell Awaits (live) (Slayer) 02. Where Eagles Dare (Iron Maiden) 03. Hangar 18 (Megadeth) 04. Enemy Of God (Kreator) 05. Walk (Pantera) 06. Born Dead, Buried Alive (Hypocrisy) 07. Sad Statue (System Of A Down) 08. Bark At The Moon (Ozzy Osbourne) 09. Bed Of Razors (Children Of Bodom) 10. Balls To The Wall (Accept) 11. Among The Weirdkong (Sodom) 12. Sacred Heart (Dio) 13. Du Hast (live) (Rammstein) 14. Metal Health (Bang Your Head) (Quiet Riot) 15. Tearing Yourself To Pieces (B L A Z E)

01. Once (Pearl Jam) 02. Deliverance (Opeth) 03. A Song For You (live) (Paul Di'Anno) 04. Kashmir (Led Zeppelin) 05. Countdown To Extinction (Megadeth) 06. Township Rebellion (Rage Against The Machine) 07. Paradise City (Guns And Roses) 08. Looks That Kill (Mötley Crüe) 09. Love Child (Accept) 10.Vs. The World (Amon Amarth) 11. Dirt (Alice In Chains) 12. Diary (live) (Iced Earth) 13. Stargazer (Rainbow)

01. The Hellion \ 02. Electric Eye (Judas Priest) 03. Phobia (live) (Kreator) 04. Ratamahatta (Sepultura) 05. Fire In The Head (The Tea Party) 06. In Your Face (live) (Children Of Bodom) 07. Sober (Tool) 08. Mr. Crowley (Ozzy Osbourne) 09. Sweet Dreams (Marilyn Manson) 10. The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg (Iron Maiden) 11. Plush (Stone Temple Pilots) 12. Ace Of Spades (Motörhead) 13. Sodomy & Lust (Sodom) 14.Hells Bells (AC \ DC) 15. Bright Eyes (Blind Guardian) 16.Remember Tomorrow (live) (Paul Di'Anno) 17. Strange Death In Paradise (Bruce Dickinson)

01. We Rock (Dio) 02. Disciple (Slayer) 03. Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin) 04. Rock You Like A Hurricane (Scorpions) 05. Reborn (Hypocrisy) 06. Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple) 07. Into The Void (Black Sabbath) 08. The Fate Of Norns (Amon Amarth) 09. Identity (live) (B L A Z E ) 10. Highway To Hell (AC \ DC) 11. For Whom The Bell Tolls (Metallica) 12. Strength Beyond Strength (Pantera) 13. Killing In The Name (Rage Against The Machine) 14.Warhead (Venom) 15.Toxicity (System Of A Down) 16. 2112 (Overture\Temple Of Syrinx) (Rush) 17. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden)

Cheers !
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Old 08-20-2012, 03:57 AM
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Made a mix a few weeks ago for going to Kuma's Corner in Chicago and based all the songs/bands off of their menu.

1. Mastodon - Blood and Thunder
2. Led Zeppelin - Kashmir
3. Metallica - Disposable Heroes
4. Slayer - Skeletons of Society
5. High on Fire - Death is This Communion
6. Lair of the Minotaur - Let's Kill These Motherfuckers
7. Black Sabbath - Fairies Wear Boots
8. Pig Destroyer - Loathsome
9. Iron Maiden - Moonchild
10. YOB - Prepare the Ground
11. Megadeth - Good Mourning / Black Friday
12. Pantera - The Sleep
13. Absu - Never Blow Out the Eastern Candle (Live)
1/22 Artificial Brain ?
1/27 Koffin Kats ?
2/10 Marduk
2/14 Death Angel ?
2/17 Overkill
2/18 Deterioration
2/23 Immolation ?
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Originally Posted by kalfitegrdan View Post
Kuma's Corner in Chicago
That joint is great.
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