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AC/DC -- Denver, CO -- February 8th, 2016
Y&T -- Phoenix, AZ -- February 6th, 2016
Europe -- Atlanta, GA -- February 6th, 2016
Voivod -- Providence, RI -- February 6th, 2016
Metallica -- San Francisco, CA -- February 6th, 2016

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Immolation -- Santiago, Chile -- July 1st, 2012

Just... wow.
  1. Close to a World Below
  2. Swarm of Terror
  3. Dawn of Possession
  4. What They Bring
  5. Passion Kill
  6. Once Ordained
  7. Power and Shame
  8. Den of Thieves
  9. Still Lost
  10. Father, You're Not a Father
  11. A Glorious Epoch
  12. Unholy Cult
  13. Under the Supreme
  14. No Jesus, No Beast
  15. Illumination
  16. Sinful Nature
  17. Harnessing Ruin
  18. Into Everlasting Fire
  19. World Agony
  20. Majesty and Decay
  21. Immolation

Ride the wings of death.
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What in the FUCK
http://nucleus.bandcamp.com/album/hegemony - 2015 available for download (name your price)
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1/27 - Sleep
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Holy shit that's a sick set.
7/14 The Body/Thou
7/18 Warped Tour
8/06 Summer Slaughter
8/9 Boris
8/30 Morbid Saint/Vektor
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Agreed with everyone here, this is brilliance.
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Originally Posted by treghet View Post

Edit: Apparently I don't know how to quote lists and keep the numbers correct. =[
'Weeping over this crooked cross
Lying face down in the blood of saints
Just write me out of this play' -Psychotic Waltz
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I would lose my fucking mind if I saw them play this. I don't think I've ever seen them do a set that long.
11/11-J Mascis
11/12-Judas Priest
11/13-Excruciating Terror
12/5-Despise You
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Holy shit that's incredible.
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