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Metallica -- Shanghai, China -- January 15th, 2017
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Leftöver Crack -- Inglewood, CA -- July 7th, 2012

This show was at the Black Castle in Inglewood and the source is me. I've been to this venue two times before and have always hated going there. In fact, most people agree that they hate the venue but will go there because there are no other places to go sometimes. This venue is in such a bad spot, that I don't pregame here cause I want my cop in the view of cops in case something happens Well my friends and I got to Inglewood about 730pm and the first thing we see when we get off the freeway is a Popeyes with a giant ad for Newports in front of it We knew it would be a good night! haha I found parking about 100 feet from the door and went in right away. There was nothing going on, so it gave plenty of time for my friends to grab some beers from the bar and judge all the crusty kids around us haha I hadn't been to one of these types of shows in a long time so I forgot how ridiculous people get. I was loving every second.

Around 830, the first band went on. They were called P47. They were a local hardcore band and put on an awesome show. I was digging what I heard. I don't think I'll every download any of their music, but I'll definitely check them out if they play on a show I'm going to. Sin Remedio went on next and I was blown away! It was a three piece band with a girl drummer and girl guitarist. They reminded me of LOC meets grind and super chunty music haha I really liked them and will definitely look them up soon. Up next was a psychobilly band called Los Rafutos or something like that. I wasn't digging them so I went outside for a bit. I went back inside to find my friend passed out in the back. I sat down for a bit against the wall just cause I was tired. When I went to get up, I felt a sharp pain in my back. I scream out in pain and kind of jumped and the pain spread a little bit. One of my friends was confused by what happened and rubbed his hand on the wall I was leaning against and cut his hand open on a nail that was sticking out of the wall. We both panicked cause we instantly worried about all the diseases that could be on that. I had my friend check my back and I was just scratched, so no bleeding, but my friend had a bad cut. He went and washed it and stopped the bleeding but it was a buzz kill. We went and hung outside during Against Empire cause I don't care about them.

At 11:50, Leftöver Crack took the stage. The day before, I had heard Ezra wasn't in the band anymore. I found out the old bassist from Intro5pect was filling in on guitar for him. I thought this would be weird because LOC must have Ezra in my opinion. I had already had it set in stone I would be there, so I decided to see how it would be. I expected them to open with Homeo Apathy, but no. Brad walked up to the mic and said "We are Leftöver Crack, this is Stop the Insanity" I was completely thrown off by the fact they would open with that song. Its a great song and everything, but LOC should'nt open with songs other than Homeo Apathy or Clear Channel Fuck Off. I once saw them open with Babypunchers and it was terrible as well. Stza came out to do his verse and I noticed he had a broken arm, but was still pulling it off. They went on to play a typical LOC set and everyone was going crazy! They seriously had one of the best pits I have seen in a LONG time! The room was filled with 200 or so people and there were at least 60 or 80 people moshing around in that little venue and those not moshing were all singing along. There was so much energy in the venue and it was awesome! I've been to a lot of shows and none of the recent shows I've been to could compare to this one. The only thing that sucked was how fast it ended. Everyone was having an amazing time and then out of nowhere, they cut it. We all begged for one more and got Crack Rock Steady. I really felt disappointed with the short set. It felt like they really didn't care about being there cause they knew they would make money. This was my sixth time seeing LOC and they have always played for an hour or so. They barely played 40 minutes tonight. I also noticed they don't play any Morning Glory songs anymore cause Ezra isn't with them anymore. I know I'm going to keep seeing them everytime they come through just cause they're in my top 5 my favorite bands, but I'm disappointed for now. I'm more looking forward to new Morning Glory than new LOC now, but we'll see...

Stop the Insanity
Life is Pain
One Dead Cop
500 Channels
Atheist Anthem
Gay Rude Boys
Ya Can't Go Home
Rock the 40oz
Born to Die
Crack Rock Steady
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Sorry to hear about yo back, feel better mate. Glad nothing severe happened
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer
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