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Random events from shows?

I don't think I've seen this thread before. Whether it's a stupid idea or not, I still decided to post this because why the fuck not. Someone will probably get a kick out of it...I hope.

Have you ever been to a show where something absolutely random has happened that you aren't likely to forget for a while? Something funny from the audience, something awesome from the band members, something going on with a hobo outside...? Anything, really. Even shit you heard from other people, as long as it relates to the show or the music.

One of my "favorite" moments would be when I offered a cigarette to Corpsegrinder (I didn't know he was so anti-smoking at the time) and he put it out with a water bottle from across the stage before saying "Smoking is for fucking retards!" into the microphone.

Not even a second later, someone shouted from the audience "Then I have Down syndrome!".

...TL;DR, post shit you found amusing from shows in this thread.
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The first time I saw Skeletonwitch, before they started getting big, they set up their kit in the middle of the floor for Within My Blood and we all circle pitted around them.

I got sexually assaulted at a local metalfest by a super hot, but super drunk chick.

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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post

The first time I saw Skeletonwitch, before they started getting big, they set up their kit in the middle of the floor for Within My Blood and we all circle pitted around them.

I got sexually assaulted at a local metalfest by a super hot, but super drunk chick.

She stuck her fist in your ass?
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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
I got sexually assaulted at a local metalfest by a super hot, but super drunk chick

I had that happen at the train station on the way back from seeing Forbidden/Gama Bomb. Well, except for the super hot part.
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Oh, man. I've had a lot of these happen to me. Need to try to remember all of them.

At my only Cannibal Corpse show, Corpsegrinder introduced 'The Time to Kill is Now' by asking the audience what time it was; some dude yelled out the time, and Corpsegrinder answered him with "no, fucker, it's time to kill!"

During COB's set at Graspop this year, all of the band except Janne (the keyboardist) left the stage, probably to get some water/towels. Janne spent about twenty seconds just awkwardly standing there, and then started playing 'I'm So Ronery' from Team America. When Laiho came back out and asked him why the fuck he was playing it, Janne said "...but you guys left."

The first time I saw Megadeth, a friend of mine crowdsurfed his way onto the actual stage (no idea how he managed to get over the gap in between the stage and the barrier), ending up right under Mustaine's mic stand. Mustaine just glared at him, and replaced the next line of whatever song it was he was playing at the moment with "why don't you get out of here?"

At some point during my first Dillinger Escape Plan show in 2010, Puciato threw his mic stand into the crowd, like he frequently does. However, some guy decided he wanted it as a souvenir and started running towards the exit with it. Puciato jumped down from the stage, chased him down, and came back with the stand merely seconds after throwing it.

During Suffocation's show this past March, a chick ran on stage and flashed the audience before jumping back into the crowd. A few seconds later, Bill Robinson (filling in for Muller) mimicked her, without the jumping part.

At a Public Enemy show I was at in 2010, Flava called onstage a member of the audience from the front row who had a sign with "can I freestyle with you" on it. A few songs after that duet, the band asked the audience for a drummer to jam with. A dude made his way up to the stage; Flava and Chuck then freestyled over melodies played by their bassist and the audience member drumming.

When I saw Deep Purple last year, their keyboardist played a 20-minute solo. Halfway through, I found a blank sheet of paper in my back pocket on which I wrote with a Sharpie "STOP FOR THE LOVE OF GOD". Gillan saw the makeshift sign and made a "what can I do?" gesture.

When I saw Fucked Up, halfway through their set Damian noticed an audience member's Down t-shirt and actually started a conversation about their favorite Down albums. Damian's was II, if I remember correctly.

Halfway through Maybeshewill's headlining set at last year's fall edition of Astral Festival, a couple in the front row broke up (I assume), and the chick left the venue. The dude looked a bit down, and Maybeshewill's lead guitarist said the 99 problems phrase

When I saw Bowling for Soup last October, I was the guy Jared kept asking how to say certain words in Russian.

During Animals as Leaders' opening set back at the BTBAM/AAL show I saw last September, someone screamed out "Tosin, I want your babies" making him laugh so hard he had to start the next song three times.

I'll post some more later if I can remember anything.
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I liked this.
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Here are a few weird/wtf moments from shows I've been to:

- I don't remember what show it was at, but at the Reverb in Toronto, we'd go outside in between bands for a smoke or to grab something to eat or whatever. Anyway, this one time there was this old eastern european guy yelling across the street about capitalism or some bullshit, getting really obnoxious, he was yelling for a good 15 minutes or so. So this one guy close to us gets up, goes into the convenience store across the street, comes out with a carton of milk and proceeds to dump it on the old dude's head. Needless to say, he shut up after that. I felt kind of bad for the guy since it was obvious he wasn't really all there, but it was funny anyway.

- At a Cannibal Corpse show, also at the Reverb, I was standing behind this chick who all of the sudden tossed her half empty cup of beer into the middle of the mosh pit, then took a pull of her smoke and tossed that into the middle of the mosh pit, and just walked out. It's probably not that crazy, but I've never seen anyone do that before or since. Just a dick move, imo.

- Yet another show at the Reverb, this one being The Haunted and Witchery, and it was the last show of the tour. At the end of The Haunted's set, all of the other bands came out to play the last song. Somehow, this big fat dude who used to be a fixture at most Toronto metal shows gets up on stage and sings along with them! You can see the band members kinda look at him funny and give each other strange looks, but they just keep on going. No one kicks him off stage or anything. And this guy was such a tool. He always seemed to be alone, always seemed to be shitfaced, and always seemed to be acting like an asshole, but he was huge (we called him Jim Neidhart) so nobody fucked with him.

- A couple years ago at an Overkill show at the Phoenix, my friend and I are about 4 or 5 rows back from the stage during Overkill's set, right in front of the mosh pit. This big middle-aged biker dude comes up with his wife/girlfriend and is getting visibly annoyed with the occasional bump from somebody moshing behind us. So he pipes up and goes "Anybody hurt my woman, I'll fucking kill them!" So my buddy goes "I think you've got her in the wrong place, man!" And the biker immediately steps up in my buddy's face and goes "Are you going to harm my woman?!" My buddy starts backtracking, trying to explain himself and the biker just keeps on getting angrier and angrier. And I'm thinking this is going to get real ugly. My buddy is like 6'7", but a strong wind could snap him in half and this biker dude was looking slightly insane. Then finally after being interrogated for the 10th time if he's going to hurt the guy's woman, my friend says "No! I don't want to hurt her!" The dude's face completely changes to a smile, puts his arm around my friend and says "Well alright then!" and just starts headbanging along to Overkill.
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- The second time I saw Asesino was on Cinco De Mayo (I think). The Mexicans were drunk as shit. At one point the pit got out of control, and one Mexican bumped into a white guy, causing the Mexican guy to take off his belt and wrap it around his fist. He was promptly ejected from the venue......

- At this years MDF, during Morbid Angel, a guy decided to climb up on the overpass next to the outdoor stages. The cops showed up and got him to return to the ground, but the cops didn't leave. They decided to stay, take pictures, watch the show, and throw us the horns. I believe someone started a "Kill a cop" chant, it would have been great for MA to bust into Radikult .

...I have more, but I just woke up and can't think
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All I can remember as of now is a guy at the free Magrudergrind show last year doing bear walks and frog leaps in the pit throughout the whole show. It was so bad yet so funny. And then Magrudergrind getting like everyone to stage dive at the end of their set (Reggies does not allow stage diving whatsoever).
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When I saw Watain for the first time, there was some guy next to my cutting his wrists with a razor blade

Archgoat decided it was a good idea to throw goat blood at the crowd. I smelled like shit for a few days
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