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Rosetta -- Montreal, Quebec -- March 2nd, 2012

Venue: Casa Del Popolo
Opening bands: USA out of Vietnam, Le Kraken, Restorations

It was my first time at this venue; a small hipster bar/restaurant with another really small concert room connected to it. At first, I had trouble finding the entrance (a small door in the corner of the bar) and when I got in the place was packed as hell. The atmosphere was kinda cool (the place was only lighted by a few light bulbs and candles), but it was tremendously hot in there. I can't imagine what it's like on summer days.

The show was already supposed to start a bit late (9:15) and the first band, USA out of Vietnam, had problems with their bass amp. When they finally managed to fix it, they were almost 30 minutes late and they only got to play one (long, though) song. From what I remember, it was sludge with post-rock and Tool influences. Throughout the show, bands had problems setting up, because there was no backstage and there were people all over the place, so moving drum parts and amps was a perillous task. Because of that, the bands got more and more late, and they all had to cut from their set, including Rosetta.

The next band was another local one: Le Kraken. They played sludge with hardcore and post-rock influences. I really liked their stuff; it was heavy and hard hitting, yet filled with melodic/emotional moments. I would have moshed for them, but you know, hipster crowds are boring.

After that, it was time for the touring bands to play. The first one was Restorations. I had never heard of them before and they surprised me. Their music consisted in heavy indie rock with post-rock and (pop) punk influences. A cool thing about them is that they had a mellotron on stage, and another one is that they had tons of energy. They were really entertaining and I liked the lead singer's voice. However, I didn't enjoy all their riffs, imo half of them weren't that good.

Then came the band I was waiting for: Rosetta. I had seen them open for Kylesa more than a year ago and I wasn't satisfied: the sound mix was crap and they had only played 3 songs. They were supposed to play here in August with Braveyoung, but they were coming back from an european tour and their gear had got lost by the flight company, so they had to cancel the tour, but they promised they would set another tour soo. Finally, it wasn't that soon, but they did come back and, although I would have liked to hear 1 or 2 more songs, they played a much better performance that with Kylesa. This time, the sound was perfect and the crowd was into them. It's going to sound wierd, but their music felt like a cleansing energy and made me feel like I was light like a feather. Like if I could just float in the air, and then crash down during the heavy parts. Also, their singer is a great live performer: he gives every ounce of energy he has, he is very charismatic and his vocals are incredibly powerful. During "Revolve" he gave me the microphone so I could sing the chorus. I had a blast, but at the end of the set, I still wanted more. If they had played "Wake" (my favourite song by them), it would have been perfect, but it was still one of the best performances I have witnessed.


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I would LOVE to see Rosetta live. Tement Noise is my fav track from them though.
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