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Biohazard - Reborn In Defiance

Metalsetlists.com's resident Biohazard fanboy has to do his review of their new album :lol.

Just got my first couple listens of Biohazard's Reborn In Defiance. No matter how much I liked it, I was just thrilled to see them finally put an album out. I really dug the tracks they released before the entire album, so I knew what to expect for the most part. I just wasn't expecting the couple "soft" songs they threw at us. To put it in a sentence : The songs that are good are great, but there are a few stinkers. A couple tunes have some real lack of hardcore, which is a shame. Overall, there is a lack of pure aggression throughout the album. Too much "singing". It was obvious Biohazard wasn't trying to do another Urban Discipline or Kill Or Be Killed. More like a State of The World Address and New World Disorder combo.

BUT, all the negative is out of the way. May be tough to believe but one of the words I think of when I just think of the title is "solos". Seriously. There are some really, really solid solos on this album. Not saying Bobby Hambel is gonna end up on anyone's list of top guitarists, but there are some killer solos on this album. Some really heavy, typical Biohazard tunes that sound great both live and on the CD. Plenty of what Biohazard is known for. However, despite my negative opinions on certain tracks, I still tip my hat to Biohazard to trying something different in a few of the tracks. They've never been a straight up hardcore band like Hatebreed, Terror, etc, and they've always mixed metal, hardcore, rap, punk, hardcore punk, so I guess they'll live and learn.

1) Intro - Not big on intros, but this one is pretty cool. It has bits and pieces of some previous songs, mixed around, played backwards and shit. It definately works. 8.5/10

2) Vengeance Is Mine - A really solid, really heavy hardcore song. Just great overall, nothing more needs to be said. 9.5/10

3) Decay - A suprising song. A slow eerie riff, reminds me of a 20 year old Punishment re-written . Not a shitty re-hashing, but a similar overall sound. 8.5/10

4) Reborn - A real punky, fast song w/ a very cool slowish bridge. Overall it reminds me of Biohazard's first album, sans the clean guitar during said bridge. 8/10

5) Killing Me - Still feeling this one out. Some cool, heavy parts, especially the chorus. But the verses are some of Evan's gay singing. Don't really dig that. Not a bad tune, but one that I will probably skip. 4.5/10

6) Countdown Doom - Typical Biohazard sounding. Basic heavy metal w/ hardcore undertones. Decent. One of the aformentioned great solos. 7/10

7) Come Alive - Probably the most straight-up hardcore tune on the album. A heavy, juicy track all the way through. 9/10

8) Vows of Redemption - A very different kind of tune. Has some great parts that remind of Urban Discipline. Verse is rap-ish over a slide guitar. Sounds weird, but it actually sounds kinda cool. But again, Evan's gay singing in the chorus sucks. That part drags this down, big time. 4/10

9) Waste Away - Another typical Biohazard sounding tune. Great breakdown in this one. 7/10

10) You Were Wrong - Biohazard's worst song. Seriously. Evan threw his pimp hand down on this one. There's really nothing hardcore about this tune. Lot's of singing by Evan . I read another review describing this song as "self indulgent". That's a good way to put it. Maybe they were trying to recreate the intro of Lost. Yeah, they came nowhere that. This song flat out sucks 1/10

11) Skullcrusher - Lot's of trademark gang shouting on this one. Overall it reminds me a lot of Shades of Gray. Great vocal trade off by Billy and Evan, much like Vengeance Is Mine. Solid track. 8/10

12) Never Give In - Typical Biohazard, solid track. 7/10

13) Season In The Sky - Very questionable track here. It's a short instrumental. Some cool riffs in it, but it just doesn't fit as an album closer. 4/10

Overall : 7/10
To sum everything up quickly, there are some absolutely awesome songs on this album. Also, some great variation. I would probably rank it 8-8.5 if it weren't for the 3 stinkers.


Vengeance Is Mine
Come Alive

Killing Me
You Were Wrong

I hope you're well. Go to hell.
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