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KoRn -- Detroit, MI -- October 3rd, 2015
Revocation-- Allston, MA-- October 3rd, 2015
Nocturnus -- Chicago, IL -- October 3rd, 2015
Origin -- Toronto, Ontario -- October 3rd, 2015
Atreyu -- Pontiac, MI -- October 2nd, 2015

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2011 In Live Music

Links to most setlists here


Originally posted at the beginning of the year - "No way I top 2010," and I didn't. Still haven't counted but fell short by about 30 shows. Metalhead Andrew and probably a lot of people who live DTLA/Echo Park/Silver Lake saw more than me.

Surprised it ended up being so many as I was really lazy this year, more often when given the choice, I would just stay home. Regardless of what shows I would plan on seeing, usually anything free or real close would automatically be the priority.

Biggest disappointments - missing Help! with special guest vocalist David Yow sometime this spring. Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss doing at least a dozen 2 set shows downtown over the summer and fall but being way too tired from rockin' all weekend that I am usually out by 9 or 10 on Sundays. Just couldn't force myself to do it too many times.

Black Flamingo, Machine Fang and Kill Pills are my favorite bands of 2011!

Best show? All 4 days of Culture Collide with CSS at the Echoplex being one of the top 5 of all time.

To any friends who think I didn't see go see you play enough times, I still saw you more than I saw The Rolling Stones or The Ramones.

1/3/11 Vietnambla/Summer Twins/Mock Duck @ Pehrspace

1/5/11 Paul Di'Anno/Icarus Witch @ Key Club

1/7/11 In Color @ Pershing Square

1/9/11 The Hi Z's/Brainspoon/Stitched Lips @ Redwood

1/12/11 Kill Pills/The Studiofix/Bon Bombs @ Five Star Bar

1/16/11 Bloody Brains/Tonya Watts/Brian Hogan/Dick Deluxe @ Viva Cantina

1/17/11 The Pierces/Great Northern @ Bardot

1/18/11 The Pierces @ Hotel Cafe

1/20/11 Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss/Simon Stokes/Bob Forrest @ Bootleg Theatre

1/22/11 The Bloody Brains @ Little Cave

1/22/11 Kevin L. & The Hollywood All Stars/Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders/Crazy Squeeze/Barrio Tiger @ Redwood

1/28/11 The Humpers, Throw Rag, Electric Frankenstein, Bourbon Saints @ Alex's Bar

1/29/11 The Zeros, The Humpers, The Dragons, The Ringleaders @ Alex's Bar

2/5/11 The Muffs, John Wicks & the Records, Ari Shine @ Spaceland

2/14/11 Lucinda Williams @ Bardot

2/15/11 New Rome Quartet, Swords Of Fatima, Sylvia Juncosa (2 songs) @ Redwood

2/19/11 L.A. Guns Acoustic Gypsy **/Stiletto Ghetto @ Hotel Cafe

2/19/11 Love Me Nots @ Bullet Club

2/20/11 Messaround 1 Year Anniversary with The Hangmen, The Gears, Simon Stokes, Troy Walker, Groovy Rednecks, Messaround House Band

2/22/11 Vivian Girls, Austra, Catwalk, Cold Showers @ The Smell

2/22/11 Kevin Seconds @ Redwood

2/25/11 Texas Terri Bomb/A Pretty Mess/Million Kids @ Redwood

2/26/11 Death/RTX/Sic Alps @ Echoplex

2/27/11 T.S.'.L./Sin 34/A Pretty Mess/Yeastie Boys/Kalifornia Taliban @ Project Infest Warehouse

3/3/11 Eddie Spaghetti, Blag Dahlia, Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss, Bad Time Charlie, Nick Oliveri @ The Echo

3/5/11 Mike Watt & Secondmen, Backbiter, Sassafras @ Redwood

3/7/11 Lykke Li @ Amoeba

3/7/11 Spirit Vine, Stone Darling, Silent Comedy @ The Echo

3/9/11 Exene Cervenka @ Redwood

3/9/11 Susan James @ Taix (last 2 songs)

3/11/11 Lightnin' Woodcock/Stab City/Peter Pants/Kill Pills/Laura Denison @ Old Towne Pub

3/12/11 A Pretty Mess @ Michael's Pub

3/12/11 Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders @ Redwood Bar (came in during 2nd song)

3/13/11 Street Chant @ La Cita

3/16/11 Kill Pills, Matt Sonic & The High Times, Hallowed Engine, ?? @ Redwood

3/17/11 Lightnin' Woodcock/Black Beverly Heels/Barrio Tiger @ Down 'W' Out

3/20/11 Del Casher/Dave Driver/Skip Heller Trio/The Ingrates/Messaround House Band @ Viva Cantina

3/22/11 A Pretty Mess/Brainspoon/Poop/Death Party/The Fagz @ Redwood

3/26/11 Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders/The Superbees/Donovan's Fairies/Neurotics @ Redwood

3/31/11 The Hi-Z's/Long Neck Goose/Sin Alley @ Down 'W' Out

4/1/11 Zoobombs/The Volcanics/Black Tibetans @ Redwood

4/2/11 Zoobombs @ Redwood

4/3/11 Sugar Sugar Sugar, Barrio Tiger, Love Of Ivy @ Redwood

4/4/11 Amanda Jo Williams/Simon Stokes/John Carpenter @ The ECho

4/5/11 A Pretty Mess, Skin Flick, Jughead's Revenge @ Redwood

4/8/11 Roger Miret & The Disasters/Chelsea Arms @ Slidebar

4/12/11 A Pretty Mess/Dead Day Afternoon @ Redwood

4/19/11 A Pretty Mess/Inazuma/Million Kids/Piss W Blood @ Redwood

4/22/11 Prince/Mint Condition @ The Forum

4/23/11 Johnny Thunders Tribute @ Redwood
(Kevin L/Pearl Schwartz/Chinese Rocks/Crazy Squeeze/Dirty Eyes)

4/26/11 A Pretty Mess/White Flag Down/Trash Monsters @ Redwood

4/30/11 The Mormons/Dangeroscoe @ Silver Lake Lounge

4/30/11 Charley Horse/Phil Alvin - Eddie Nichols - James Intveld/Big Sandy & The Flyrite Boys/Rosie Flores @ Redwood

5/1/11 T.S.'.L./The Crowd/The Hated/Yeastie Boys/Love Canal (very end) @ Grand Romance Riverboat

5/1/11 Mudhoney/The Adolescents/White Flag @ Echoplex

5/2/11 Lanie Lane @ Redwood

5/3/11 Lanie Lane/Maia Sharp @ Hotel Cafe

5/6/11 Cave Country @ Taix

5/7/11 Chapin Sisters @ Elysian Park Elementary School (5pm)

5/7/11 Also Ran Circle Jerk ("comedy") @ Silver Lake Lounge (6:30pm)

5/7/11 Batwings Catwings @ The Smell (9:45pm)

5/7/11 Eddie & The Hot Rods/Prima Donna/Crazy Squeeze @ Redwood (10:30pm) (as much as I would love to see a band called The Perverts, it's been too long since I have seen Batwings Catwings)

5/8/11 45 Grave/Death Party (with Richie Ramone on 1 song!!!!) @ The Echo

5/10/11 Long Neck Goose/Them Crooked Bones @ Redwood

5/12/11 The Cars @ Hollywood Palladium

5/15/11 Chapin Sisters/Incan Abraham/Sarah of The Happy Hollows @ Echoplex

5/15/11 Crystelles/Brainspoon/Electric Children (partial) @ Redwood

5/20/11 Rammstein/Combichrist @ The Forum

5/21/11 Silver Lake Jubilee - Jail Weddings, Black Flamingo, Stab City, Rainbow Arabia, The Finches, Audacity, Holy Rollers (partial), Marvelous Toy (partial), Pangian (partial)

5/24/11 Brainspoon/Black Beverly Heels @ Redwood

5/24/11 The Hi-Z's @ La Cita

5/26/11 Black Flamingo/Spirit Vine (partial) @ Space 1520

5/27/11 Thelonious Monster @ Rhino Records

5/28/11 Lightnin' Woodcock/Arthur Alexander/Deathsquad Demongods/Lufts Gods/Doghouse Lords (partial) @ Redwood

(Tragedy strikes - all shows cancelled)

6/10/11 The Motels/Susan James @ Rhino Records

6/11/11 The Waldos/Symbol Six/Dirty Eyes @ Redwood (early show, too burned to go to late show)

(still not feeling it, blow off a bunch more shows)

6/18/11 Make Music Pasadena, in order: La Sera, Carla Morrison (partial), Faro (partial), Hello Seahorse!, Jamila Ford, Best Coast, The Lonely Wild (joined in progress, caught most of it), Tommy Santee Klaws, Jenny ', Kisses, Zola Jesus. (Didn't want to go but had been too excited about it too long to skip it - had a good time after all)

6/19/11 Messaround with House Band (Dick Deluxe), Mighty Mojo Prophets, Dick And Jane Family Orchestra

6/24/11 Throw Rag/Simon Stokes/Lightnin' Woodcock @ Redwood

6/27/11 Dante vs Zombies/Crystelles/Black Flamingo/Enochian Keys (1 song) @ The Echo

6/28/11 The Hookers/Black Wizard/Simon Stokes/Black Beverly Heels (JIP) @ Redwood

6/30/11 Nikki Corvette (with The Little Girls & Kevin Preston of Prima Donna)/Crazy Squeeze/Dirty Eyes @ Redwood

7/5/11 The Mormons/Manhatten Murder Mystery/Remake Remodel @ Redwood

7/9/11 Best Coast @ The Getty

7/10/11 Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss @ Bar 107

7/11/11 Queen Kwong @ Silver Lake Lounge

7/12/11 Brian Auger's Oblivion Express @ Hollywood & Highland Center

7/12/11 The Mormons/Lightnin' Woodcock/Dangeroscoe @ Redwood

7/14/11 The Bangles @ Santa Monica Pier

7/15/11 Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 @ Grand Performances @ California Center

7/15/11 Brainspoon and partial sets by Dirty Eyes & Million Kids @ Down W Out

7/16/11 A Flock Of Seagulls/Little Red Radio @ Pershing Square

7/17/11 The Messaround with Evie Sands, Del Casher, Simon Stokes (Bryan Small & Lightnin' Woodcock on guitar), The Bloody Brains and Dick Deluxe @ Viva Cantina

7/19/11 The Mormons/Fuckass And The Grease Patrol/Tune To This (partial) @ Redwood (and a partial set by The Change @ La Cita)

7/21/11 No Age/No Flag/Ceremony @ MacArthur Park

7/22/11 Inger Lorre/Arthur Alexander/Paper Hearts/Vice Five @ Redwood

7/23/11 Meklit Hadero @ Amoeba

7/23/11 Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss @ The Standard

7/23/11 The Romantics/Suddyn @ Pershing Square

7/23/11 Vicky & The Vengents/Groovy Rednecks/Johnny Angel @ Redwood

7/24/11 Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss @ Bar 107

7/24/11 Sin 34 @ Redwood (last 8 mins)

7/26/11 The Mormons/Sassafras/Dharma Bums/Uzi Rash/Unnatural Helpers @ Redwood

7/27/11 Sutekh Hexen @ Vacation Vinyl

7/29/11 Stab City/Telle Eyed Specs @ The Smell

7/30/11 LA Rising - Rage Against The Machine/Muse/Rise Against @ LA Memorial Coliseum

8/2/11 Mariachi El Bronx @ Amoeba

8/6/11 The Untouchables/Zoot Suit Revue @ Pershing Square

8/6/11 Long Neck Goose/The Blessings @ Casey's

8/7/11 Eddie Money/Frank Stallone @ Starlight Bowl (ran into a friend who gave me a ride downtown for..)

8/7/11 Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss @ Bar 107

8/13/11 Stan Ridgway/Michelle Shocked @ Pershing Square

8/13/11 Long Neck Goose/Black Monday @ Redwood

8/15/11 Wilderness Of Manitoba @ Origami Vinyl

8/18/11 Black Flamingo @ Pershing Square

8/18/11 Jonny Polonsky @ Silver Lake Lounge

8/18/11 Kill Pills/Team Vendetta @ Five Stars Bar

8/20/11 Sunset Strip Music Festival with Motley Crue/Public Enemy/Bush/Matt & Kim/Escape The Fate/Dirty Heads/She Wants Revenge

8/20/11 Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders @ Casey's

8/21/11 Truckit Presents Gourmet Music Carnival with The Hangmen, Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss, Walking Sleep, Mad Planet, Broken Numbers Band, Mad Planet, The Country (1 song), Francisco The Man @ LA State Historic Park

8/21/11 Rose's Pawn Shop @ Grand Ol' Echo (Joined In Progress, probably caught most of it)

8/21/11 Black Flamingo @ The Echo (all Cocteau Twins)

8/26/11 Devo @ Canyon Club

8/27/11 Piratepalooza @ Redwood - in order of appearance: Electric Children, White Flag Down, Demerit, Inazuma, Threeway, The Hi-Z's, Raul, Dirty Eyes, A Pretty Mess, Brainspoon, Barrio Tiger, Million Kids, Gary 84, Sassafras, Caustic Cause, Symbol Six

then off in search of coffee and a second wind, ended up at California Center where there was some multi-act world music show, caught brief sets by members of Hiroshima and Tyko (?)

then back to the Redwood for Long Neck Goose, Crazy Squeeze, Mugen Hoso and 1 song by Tony Snow & The Change before I decided to pack it in for the night.

8/29/11 John Doe @ Vacation Vinyl

9/2/11 Batwings Catwings @ The Mime

9/3/11 Shane Williams Tribute, in order of appearance: Telephone Lovers, Del Rottens, The Gypz, Sassafras, Dirty Eyes, Simon Stokes, Lightnin' Woodcock, Lisafer & Ames, Symbol Six, Neurotics

9/8/11 Ernie Watts Quartet @ Farmers Market

9/9/11 Latebirds @ Amoeba

9/9/11 Web Of Spider (Whitey Kirst), Freakstar, Simon Stokes, Vice Five @ Redwood

9/10/11 Repulsion, Murphy's Law, Cerebral Ballzy @ The Roxy (Scion Metal Matinee)

9/12/11 Cool Moms, Writer, Kissing Cousins, Wet & Reckless, Machine Fang @ The Echo

9/15/11 Alice Cooper @ Whisky A Go Go

9/16/11 Eddie Spaghetti, Sweet Justice, The Blackerbys @ Redwood

9/17/11 Machine Fang, The Zermatts @ Anejo Duddery

9/23/11 Cheap Trick @ Greek Theatre

9/25/11 Paper Slang @ Katzen Kultur Klub

9/27/11 Dum Dum Girls @ Amoeba

9/28/11 Kill Pills/Aftergloam/Sunshine Factory @ Mezz Bar

10/1/11 Kill Pills (Led Zeppelin)/Spanish Castle Magic (various covers)/The Zoo (ELO) @ Five Stars Bar

10/2/11 The Chapin Sisters/Jen Chapin @ McCabe's

10/4/11 Zola Jesus @ Amoeba

10/4/11 Lanie Lane @ The Mint

10/5/11 Lanie Lane @ Silver Lake Lounge

10/6/11 Culture Collide # 1 in order of appearance: Electra @ Origami Vinyl, Black Box Revelation @ Co-Op, Los Hollywood @ Co-Op, V For Volume @ Co-Op, Handshakes @ The Echo, Ximena Sarinana @ Co-Op, Guineafowl (2 songs only) @ The Echo, Rainbow Arabia @ The Echo, Liam Finn @ The Echo

10/7/11 Culture Collide # 2 in order of appearance: Paula i Karol @ Taix 321 Lounge, Paula i Karol @ Origami Vinyl, Guineafowl @ Origami Vinyl, Dogcatcher @ United Methodist Church (joined in progress, probably caught most), Gingi @ United Methodist Church (left after 25 mins for...), Black Box Revelation @ Taix 321 Lounge, The Gift @ Echoplex, La Sera @ The Echo (last 2 songs), Morning After Girls @ Echoplex (left after 35 mins for...), Jason Falkner @ 826LA, The Asteroid Galaxy Tour @ Echoplex (1.5 songs), Yacht @ Echoplex

10/8/11 Bex Fest @ Angel City Brewery - Peg Leg Love, Lightnin' Woodcock, Backseat Bingo, Machine Fang then off to

10/8/11 Culture Collide #3 - For A Minor Reflection @ Echo Park United Methodist Church (first 20 minutes only), Paula i Karol @ 826LA, the rest @ Echoplex front row - Descartes A Kant, Yellow Dogs, Young Liars, CSS

10/9/11 Culture Collide #4, Toyota Up The Antics Block Party: The Analog Girl (inside Taix 321 Lounge, the rest outside), The Tender Box (partial), Chad Van Gaalen, MEN, Rainbow Arabia, Avi Buffalo (background - I wandered), The Asteroid Galaxy Tour, Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah, Datarock (background - wanted a good spot for...), CSS

10/12/11 Prima Donna @ Viper Room

10/17/11 Jail Weddings/Swahili Blonde @ The Echo

10/19/11 Machine Fang/Halloween Swim Team @ Five Stars Bar

10/20/11 Michael Monroe & 15 mins of some crummy pay to play opener @ Whisky A Go Go

10/22/11 Black Flamingo @ Space 1520

10/22/11 Love Me Nots/Woolly Bandits/Magic Christian @ El Cid

10/29/11 Black Flamingo/Strangers Family Band/Gardens @ The Smell

10/30/11 Bret Michaels @ LA Live Nokia Plaza

10/30/11 Gary84, Million Kids, Threeway, Throphies (1 song) @ Silver Lake Lounge

10/31/11 Danzig Legacy @ Gibson Amphitheatre

11/3/11 Kill Pills, Lightnin' Woodcock, Backseat Bingo @ Five Stars Bar

11/5/11 Backbiter 20th Anniversary, Sacharrine Trust, Dagons, Motorcycle Black Madonnas, Biblical Proof Of UFO's @ Redwood

11/6/11 A Pretty Mess, Piss W Blood (partial), The Fagz (last song) @ Redwood

11/8/11 Mates Of State @ El Rey Theatre

11/12/11 Experience NoHo with Prima Donna, Taylor Locke & The Roughs, Emanuela Bellezza

11/15/11 They Might Be Giants @ Amoeba Music

11/17/11 Batwings Catwings @ Origami Vinyl

11/19/11 Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders, Simon Stokes, The Blessings, Blackerbys (1 song) @ Redwood

11/20/11 Messaround with Dick Deluxe and Leaking Pigs @ Viva Cantina

11/25/11 Lightnin' Woodcock/Sweet Justice/Amadans @ Redwood

12/1/11 Iggy & The Stooges/Le Butcherettes/Web Of Spider @ Hollywood Palladium

12/3/11 Festivus with Gary84, Million Kids, Brainspoon, It's OK, Deadbeat Vultures, The Neurotics @ Silver Lake Lounge

12/3/11 Web Of Spider/Black Widows/Black Boots/Tee Pee @ Redwood

12/9/11 Lightnin' Woodcock/Barrio Tiger/Sweet Justice/Backseat Bingo @ Down W Out

12/13/11 Black Flamingo/Kind Hearts And Coronets @ The Echo

12/16/11 The Hangmen/Inger Lorre/Santa Sabbath/Brainspoon/Carnage Asada @ Redwood

12/17/11 Bad Religion/T.S.'.L./Youth Brigade/Sin34/The Grim/A Pretty Mess @ Santa Monica Civic

12/18/11 The Descendents/"Black Flag"/The Vandals/The Dickies/Ill Repute/Shattered Faith/Love Canal @ Santa Monica Civic

12/18/11 Dog Teeth (partial) @ Five Stars Bar

12/20/11 A Pretty Mess/Ruins/Broken Patron Saints @ Dragonfly

12/27/11 Hanin Elias/Violent Vickie/Miata @ Pehrspace

12/30/11 South Bay Surfers/Thee Cormans/The Bloody Brains/Kids Of Widney High/Tee Pees @ Viva Cantina

12/31/11 Wanda Jackson/Dusty 45's/Best Coast @ Club Nokia
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I'll reply once this gets moved to the right place

4/10 Annihilator
13/10 Wolf
27/10 Joanne Shaw Taylor
29/10 Carcass
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